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  • Speranda62@aol.com
    May 16, 2001
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      This is a change of subject obviously oblivious to ongoing discussions and disagreements.

      I have read and studied on the Eucharist and the nature of the Consecrated Host, transubstantiation, consubstantiation..etc..etc.

      I would like to see some discussion from those who hold that the Bread and Wine become the Actual body and blood of Christ. Maybe I am not even wording it correctly here, but, basically how are we to think that the elements of matter used are truly transformed into the body and blood of Christ?

      I heard it stated today that If any part of the elements remain as "bread and wine", that this is not transubstantiation and will either fall under Lutheran's "consubstantiation", or Zwingli's symbolic presence only. Either way, if any part of the matter remains it is not a valid Eucharistic meal.

      I know that Catholics certainly maintain the actual transformation of the Host into the Body and Blood of Christ through the sacramental consecration by the Priest.

      Can someone help me understand these ideas?

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