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Tracy's August newsletter.

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    TRACY GRAMMER MUSIC August 2009 Newsletter Web / MySpace / Facebook ... Well, what a party we had in July! There was the Green River Festival with all my pals
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      August 2009 Newsletter
      Web / MySpace / Facebook

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      Well, what a party we had in July! There was the Green River Festival with all my pals from the Signature Sounds roster, a special in-the-round with Kris Delmhorst, Peter Mulvey, Jim Henry and Jeffrey Foucault up in Maine, and maybe best of all: a tornado-free Falcon Ridge Folk Festival! Woohoo!

      I woke up in Maine on July 19, the seventh anniversary of Dave Carter's death. I was staying with Jim Henry and his kids in a lovely, rustic cabin courtesy of the Stone Mountain Arts Center, where we'd played the night before. While the Henry clan slept, I stepped out onto the porch to survey the brightening woods and listen to the birds summoning the sun. I took a deep breath in and noticed that Maine woods don't smell like Massachusetts woods. Drier somehow, more pungent, more piney. Different.

      As I let that deep breath out, some little hoppy thing caught my eye, and I bent over to find a tiny black-green frog in the garden, no bigger than that last part of your thumb and nearly as dark as the still-moist soil. I thought to myself: Lucky day!

      And you gotta know what happened next, if you know me at all: I caught the frog and I kissed it. I thanked it for not peeing on me like his friend in Florida did a couple years back. And then I opened a flat palm to the ground and wished it well. It's all part of the magic and mystery of this particular day, the day I'm most likely to believe that any new friends I meet -- small amphibians included -- might have a lineage of lifetimes, and some good karma to share.

      Kooky? Probably. But you never know.

      Come celebrate Dave Carter's songwriting (and his August birthday) at the annual (but first east coast) DC Memorial Writer's Round-up on Sunday 8/16 at Club Passim. Brush up on your Dave Carter tunes because between sets by the brilliant Richard Shindell and Grammy-winning songwriter Gretchen Peters, audience members will be drawn from a hat and invited on stage to play their favorite DC song. The concert is always a benefit; this year, the dough goes to the Passim School of Music. Details below. Frogs admitted for free.

      And one more special event, this one featuring my talented partner, Jim Henry: "Slide Sessions" hosted by Abbie Gardner (Red Molly) at the Black Moon Lounge, Belchertown, Mass. on 8/13. In addition to Abbie and JH, the show features Brooks Williams and Cliff Eberhardt. As the name suggests, they'll be playing all kinds of slide guitars. It's going to be very fun, and there's no cover!

      My only real news: the Flower of Avalon Songbooks are done! And so are new D&T Eden and Tracy Grammer T-shirts! Songbooks are on the web and ready to order now and I'm working on getting T-shirts up in the next couple days. Please visit the merchandise page to order.

      Blessings as the summer ends, my friends, and thanks as always for your support.
      I'll see you soon,


      Updated weekly at http://www.tracygrammer.com
      * duo show with Jim Henry

      08/07, Fremont Abbey Arts Center, Seattle, WA
      08/08, Astoria Performing Arts Center-KMUN Benefit, Astoria, OR
      08/09, River Ridge House Concerts, West Linn, OR
      08/16, Dave Carter Memorial Writer's Round-up w/Richard Shindell, Gretchen Peters, Club Passim, Cambridge, MA
      09/24, Club Passim (Pastures of Plenty show w/Alastair Moock, Jim Henry, more), Cambridge, MA
      09/25, The Minstrel, Morristown, NJ
      09/26, Concerts at the Crossing, Titusville, NJ
      09/27, House Concert, Sandy Hook, CT
      10/03, Linden Tree, Wakefield, MA (with Jim Henry, who also opens)*
      10/23, Blue Chair Cafe, Edmonton, AB
      10/24, Nickelodeon Music Club, Calgary, AB
      11/06, Unison Arts Center, New Paltz, NY
      11/07, Cornell Folk Song Society, Ithaca, NY
      11/08, Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs, NY
      11/19, Music on Four, New York, NY
      12/04, Music for a Change, University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT
      12/05, House Concert, Harrisville, NH
      12/10, European Street Cafe, Jacksonville, FL
      12/11, Craftsman House Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
      12/12, Labyrinth Cafe, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
      12/31, First Night Northampton, Northampton, MA*

      Shipping/handling not included. Most orders shipped within 24 hours.
      Priority Mail delivery on orders over $25.

      American Noel CD (2007, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) 8 songs. $12
      Book of Sparrows CD (2007, Tracy with Jim Henry) 7 songs. $10
      Seven Is the Number CD (2006, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) $15
      Flower of Avalon CD (2005, features Jim Henry, Mary Chapin Carpenter) $15
      The Verdant Mile CD (2004, Tracy with Jim Henry) 7 songs. $10
      Drum Hat Buddha CD (2001, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) $15
      Tanglewood Tree CD (2000, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) $15
      When I Go CD (1998, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) $10

      Songbooks: $15 each

      When I Go, Tanglewood Tree, Drum Hat Buddha and Flower of Avalon (new!)

      Prints: $35 each

      Flower of Avalon PRINT, signed/#'d by the artist, *limited edition* $35

      T-shirts: $18 each
      Dave & Tracy Eden shirt in cricket green (runs large) Pigment-dyed. S/M/L/XL/XXL

      TG Avalon shirt in blue with black print. Pigment-dyed. S/M/L/XL/XXL

      TG Avalon shirt, women's Tee, in olive with grey print (runs small; order up). American Apparel. S/M/L/XL

      Please also visit Jim Henry's website and check out his new King of Hearts EP.

      May all beings know peace and liberation. May all beings be happy, safe and well.
    • nbretvick
      Looking forward to that Seattle show at the Fremont Abbey, which I ve never been to. It ll be great to see Tracy here in Seattle again. Neil
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 3, 2009
        Looking forward to that Seattle show at the Fremont Abbey, which I've never been to. It'll be great to see Tracy here in Seattle again.
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