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Tracy's Sept/Oct 2007 Newsletter

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    TRACY GRAMMER MUSIC Sept/Oct 2007 Newsletter http://www.tracygrammer.com http://www.myspace.com/tracygrammer ... Ruby Henry, ten year-old daughter of Jim
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      Sept/Oct 2007 Newsletter

      > NEWS

      Ruby Henry, ten year-old daughter of Jim Henry, stepped onto the main
      stage at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, dressed in a hot pink
      baseball cap she wore backward, and a matching hot pink windbreaker.
      Ruby was on stage to teach the audience the sing-along part
      of "Laughlin Boy" in American Sign Language. Hot pink was a perfect
      choice, because Ruby needed to be seen.

      When the choruses came around, not only did people sing the part I
      taught them -- Listen to me children, well I wouldn't tell a lie --
      but they signed along too, following Ruby's lead. People were clearly
      mastering the signs by the second and third choruses, so I decided to
      try something I had never seen done before. When the fourth chorus
      came around traditionally, our quiet chorus -- I called to the
      audience, "SIGNING ONLY!" and then -- how can I describe this? -- the
      hillside went quiet, as a couple thousand people signed the chorus,
      singing without voices, singing with only their hands. Everybody got

      The visual impact of that silent, synchronized intention surprised me
      so much that I had to fight back the tears for the balance of the
      song. Frankly, I wasn't very successful. JH, proud papa, was in tears
      as well. Young Ruby, taking her job very seriously, never wavered.

      It's not really fair that the best view of all of this was from the
      stage. How I wish you could have seen yourselves, wish I could convey
      just how powerful this moment was. I couldnt help but think, What
      would happen if people stood together, just like this, making a
      modest gesture with a single, pure intention, on behalf of something
      really important? And in that moment, in your own hands, I swear I
      saw the beginning of the end of the war.

      Listen to me children, I wouldn't tell a lie. ~tg



      The WUMB Top-100 Listener poll is on! Vote for your favorite artists
      by visiting WUMB's web site. Last year, I was #10 on this list, and
      Dave & Tracy were #15. Thanks for your support!

      A new review of SEVEN IS THE NUMBER has been posted at the Folk &
      Acoustic Music Exchange page. New song posted to MySpace ... I've
      just added "You Must Slumber" to my MySpace page. This lullaby was
      written by a very young Dave Carter, back around 1970, in protest of
      the Vietnam War. We recorded the song in 1999 for Tanglewood Tree,
      but opted not to release it then. It has since appeared on the
      Signature Sounds 10th Anniversary Collection CD (2004). Let me know
      what you think!

      The Songs of the Spirit Tour 2007 promises to be unlike any musical
      experience I've ever had. The program includes individual and
      collaborative performances, blending a range of genres and styles
      based in the spiritual traditions of diverse faiths and cultures.
      Artist include Odetta, Tibetan Monks of the Drepung Loseling
      Monastery, Craig Harris, Hugh Masekela, more. The 2007 tour visits
      venues throughout New York State, including The Cathedral Church of
      St. John the Divine in Manhattan.


      Detailed up-to-date list at http://www.tracygrammer.com

      9/07, Turtle Hill Folk Festival, Honeoye Falls NY
      9/08, Village Meeting House, Williamsville, NY
      9/08, Turtle Hill Folk Festival, Honeoye Falls NY
      9/09, Turtle Hill Folk Festival, Honeoye Falls NY
      9/15, Strawberry Park, Preston, CT
      9/26, The Birchmere (o/f Wailin' Jennys), Alexandria, VA
      9/27, Gravity Lounge, Charlottesville, VA
      9/28, Live Off Five!, Williamsburg, VA
      9/29, Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA
      9/30, The Zipper Factory, New York, NY
      10/06, Sounding Board, West Hartford, CT
      10/13, Steeple Coffeehouse, Southborough, MA
      10/20, Stone Soup Coffeehouse, Pawtucket, RI
      11/01, Bandon House Concert, Bandon, OR
      11/02, Three Pines House Concerts, Bend, OR
      11/03, Siren Nation Festival, Portland, OR
      11/11-18, Songs of the Spirit Tour, New York state


      Shipping/handling not included.
      Order two items or more for Priority Mail delivery.

      SEVEN IS THE NUMBER cd (2006, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) $15
      FLOWER OF AVALON cd (2005) $15
      FLOWER OF AVALON signed/numbered print, *limited edition* $35
      THE VERDANT MILE cd (2004) 7 songs. $10
      DRUM HAT BUDDHA cd (2001, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) $15
      TANGLEWOOD TREE cd (2000, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) $15
      WHEN I GO cd (1998, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer) $15
      SONGBOOKS - Tanglewood Tree or Drum Hat Buddha, $15 each
      Please also visit Jim Henry's website.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      By this merit may all beings realize peace and liberation. May all
      beings be well.
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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