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  • Last night Jeff and I hooked up with Edward for late models at Dixie. New for all of us In the room watching Indy and then off to Rome to get Jeff and Edward another new one Safe travels to all
    KNAPPM@... May 24
  • Good morning all Jeff and I are roaming the races in Georgia Add Boyd's to both our list. Hoping to meet up with Edward at Dixie tonight Guy Terrible news about your mother and Gin Please tell them I ask about them Check out time soon Safe travels to all Mike K
    KNAPPM@... May 23
  • Guy Tell your mother and Gin I ask about them
    KNAPPM@... May 23
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  • Add Boyd's for Jeff and I
    KNAPPM@... May 23
  • Guy pretty much covered our trip so no need to go there. I did start my race activities at Shellhammers last week. The racing was good but the night was filled with errors in my opinion. I felt that there was no real effort made to move the show along. The good part was we had no less than 35 FB group members in attendance so that helped us get through a less than average night...
    KNAPPM@... Apr 23
  • Guy did a great job of covering our trip so there is no reason to talk about it except to say the sightseeing and the food and company were much better than the racing. The terrible accident on the way home was a real downer. I tried to assist as we got there as it happened within minutes of us entering the area. The real downer is 3 people died at the scene. My week got worse as...
    KNAPPM@... Apr 8
  • Vince Congratulations on track 300. Safe travels.
    KNAPPM@... Mar 30
  • Took the opertunity of no local racing on Friday and headed to Atomic Speedway with Tristian. Racing for the 40 super Lates was fast. Fourteen drivers broke the track record. On lap 39 of the 50 lap feature the leader was still faster than the old record. Saturday we were heading to Lincoln to meet more people but got the call that they cancelled. We decided on Hagerstown over...
    KNAPPM@... Mar 23
  • Racing for the weekend found me teaming up with one of my FB group members and heading to meet a bunch of track chasers in Michigan. I met up a few times with Tristian before, but never did a trip until this weekend. The trip was excellent. We arrived at the posted starting time and made it till the end. The entire day was filled with racing. There was injuries, falls, flips and...
    KNAPPM@... Mar 8
  • I was arranging the trunk tonight making room for this weeks trip. To my surprise I pulled out a race bag. In the bag was a flannel shirt left in my car by Dave Garrison when he joined Guy and me for a trip last year. Race season is here and I will take that shirt to every race I attend in memory of our friend. Rest in peace Dave Garrison.
    KNAPPM@... Mar 5