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To the Breadman

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  • Rick Young
    Gordie It was great, meeting up with you too, this past weekend after all this time, and I agree, the cold and lack of shelter at Ste Sulpice, made it very
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      It was great, meeting up with you too, this past weekend after all this time, and I agree, the cold and lack of shelter at Ste Sulpice, made it very unpleasant. I`m sure that if the countable stuff had been on earlier, we`d have all been outer there straight away. .... I did`nt think you were avoiding me ... One of the others in your party, ( I`m not saying who ! ) suggested you were sheltering in one of the portable "Johns" until you heard the sound of car engines LOL.

      I guess if we had known in advance what we were going to endure, it would have made more sense to have stayed at Beauharnois longer and watched from the comfort of our cars, .... Also our high speed chase accross Montreal proved unnessary

      Let me know when your`e planning on going to Brockville... Once the regular racing gets started up here, my assault on new tracks will slow up, and most of my racing will be at my locals. With Brockville running on Saturdays this year, I will probably be going there most weeks , then every now and then either Can Am or Frogtown

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      Greetings from your Breadman,

      This past Sunday I had the pleasure of riding to Quebec with Guy, Will
      and Mike Knappenberger for some ice racing. It was my first trip of what I hope
      will be many with Mike. It sure was a long, cold day that had me leaving my
      house at 3:00am and returning to same at 2:50 am the next morning. At that time
      I changed clothes and went straight to work. I am definitetly getting too old
      to do such things on a regular basis. Mike and I did get to add two tracks on
      the St. Lawrence River, one at Beauharnois and the other at St. Sulpice. Guy
      and Will only get to add the latter so far, as our commissioner is currently
      under the opinion that the former site is too close to the track location that
      is known as Maple Grove to be considered different. The highlight of the day,
      for me, was getting to meet Rick Young. I just wish it was a day more suitable
      for socializing. Temps were in the minus 10 to 15 degree Celsius range with a
      steady wind dropping it another 20 or so. The cars were the last to race at
      St. Sulpice, and the sun was setting when they hit the track at 5:20pm. That
      meant that we were exposed to the elements for more than 2 hours as our car was
      parked a half mile away. I haven't been that cold in a long time. It made it
      real hard to get any enjoyment out of the racing, though the first race we saw
      for flat track motorcycles was quite good and drew a "bye, bye, sweetie-pie"
      from the announcer after a long string of French words. I can't tell you if the
      announcer was good or merely excitable, as I don't speak a lick of French. If
      Rick will meet me at Brockville some Saturday this summer, I will buy him a
      beverage for ignoring him as I looked for spots that were in the sunshine and
      out of the wind. Eight more tracks to go to make that exclusive 1000 track club
      a six-pack. Adios.


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