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#863 & 864 J& J Arena, Humansville, MO

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  • Edward J. Esser
    Hi All, My Sunday stop in Missouri was the J & J Arena in Humansville. This large metal building is a rodeo grounds that again was prepared for the cars by
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      Hi All,
      My Sunday stop in Missouri was the J & J Arena in Humansville. This
      large metal building is a rodeo grounds that again was prepared for the
      cars by dragging about a foot deep of loose dirt to the infield then
      the track appeared to be a good clay surface that did dry out. Today’s
      marathon show would start at 1PM for about 48 Karts, 7 junior sprints
      in 2 classes, 2 mod lites, 6 500cc outlaw sprints, 10 600cc micro
      midgets, 9 hobby stocks and 14 figure eight cars. The show ended about
      7:30 when Jodie Crenshaw stood on his winning figure eight car in the
      debris strewn arena after 20 wild laps. The weather was beautiful with
      about 55 degrees on a sunny and windy day. This was important as I sat
      directly in front of an open overhead door that provided fresh air due
      to the wind blowing all the dust and fumes over to the other side of
      the building. They ran the open wheel portion of the program first,
      then the stock car oval races and concluded with the figure eight. The
      arena had some steep wooden bleachers that provided a good view and
      were completely filled by the 500 or more spectators that came out on
      the nice afternoon. The track got dusty and anyone going too far
      outside got to sliding in the dusty marbles. The track was packed
      nicely (probably could have been watered again) and the hard packed
      foot high berm on the inside kept all but the bigger cars from cutting
      the turns. The races took forever to complete with lots of spins and
      poorly organized restarts especially in the kid’s classes. They took a
      couple of long intermissions, one to give out the season awards for the
      Grand River Speedway drivers, that didn’t win any friends of the
      spectators. The micros got around the track very well but as the 30 lap
      feature wore on, the extra marbles from running on the berm and the
      aggressive driving necessary to pass produced 11 yellow flags. Passing
      had to be done by getting under the car in front or waiting for a
      mistake. Kayla Koch made no mistake from the pole after winning her
      heat from the second row and went wire to wire to capture the feature.
      Dwayne Benson and Shawn Kerner put on a hard race for second before a
      tangle put Benson to the rear and Kerner spun in the marbles. Koch led
      5th starter Dan Johnson across the line with Benson coming back to
      third and Kerner 4th. Mike Poyner won the mod lite race and Jay
      Reynolds just barely won the fast 500cc outlaw sprint feature. Wade
      Sherman took off from the pole and won the front wheel drive hobby
      stock feature over Allen Guthrie. They dragged out the berm on the
      straights and let the 14 figure eight cars go 20 laps or until only 5
      were running. They went 20 crash filled laps and still had 7 cars
      moving at the end as Jodie Crenshaw won from the front row before only
      about 100 of the hardy fans. Next year they plan to split the action
      and run 2 days. I think that will be an improvement. They had a very
      nice bathroom and restaurant building attached to the arena. Glad this
      counted for two - I was here long enough!

      #863 1/29/06 J&J Arena - Humansville, MO - 1/18 dirt - micro midgets
      #864 1/29/06 J&J Arena - Humansville, MO - 1/18 dirt fig. 8 - stocks

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