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#852 Monticello Speedway, Monticello, AR

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  • Edward J. Esser
    Hi All, Time to check out a new track - real new! Tonight was the second show at the just opened Monticello track. The track is 7.2 miles south of 278 on 425
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005
      Hi All,
      Time to check out a new track - real new! Tonight was the second show at the just opened Monticello track. The track is 7.2 miles south of 278 on 425 (WSR). There is a sign as you enter asking patience as this is a construction in progress facility. The track itself is a very wide large quarter mile. They have a Jersey Barrier outside wall around the track with some high chain link fencing behind it. There is only one section of the stands that has been built and a couple of hundred of us sat there. The steel for the next section is on the ground and some sat some lawn chairs in front of those piles. The bulk of the fans sat in their cars (mostly pickups) around the perimeter of the start of the straight all through the 3rd and 4th turns and down the backstreatch. Over half of these sites had plaques with names on that were reserved parking. The rest rooms and concession building is just a wood pile to be done later. The lights are good and the speakers are first class at the bleachers but were wasted on a poor announcer. It appears they have a PVC pipe watering system (I have never seen one of these that worked) along the fence and the outside was wet and they watered the middle from a tank in a dump truck and the inside was dry. The announcer kept saying we are going to get dirty and that's what we're supposed to get at a dirt track. Well the main reason we got dirty was that all the grounds are just powder and dust. There is no grass or weeds anywhere- just dust. The arrival of the spectators put a dust cloud over the whole track. This will have to be taken care of over winter! They started racing at 8 and said they would try for 6 next week. The announcer was all excited when the show was done before midnight!! (Late models ran last) The car counts were low but about average for this area at: 11 Late Models, 15 modifieds, 3 hobby stock, 11 street stock and 7 limited mods. The flagman will have to go to flagger school over winter too! The heats went well with the mods and Lates able to use the top part of the track and run fast against the cushion. The Hobby stocks had 2 finish the 10 laps and Joe Rudick won from the pole. The streets were won by Paul Davis from the pole with only 2 yellows but of note here was Alan Brown was unable to start after breaking in the heat. The Limited Mods matched the Hobbies and went non stop as Marcos Prisch won from the front. The modifieds had 5 yellows (one 4 car tangle) and Lynsee Provence won from the front over Jeremy Haddox. The late models had Eddie Taylor start on the pole and just hold off Joey Mack who came from 8th starting spot and was aided by only one yellow in the feature. They have a lot of work ahead but the track surface held up and if they can continue to draw some fans maybe another Saturday night track can survive.

      #852 10/29/05 Monticello Speedway - Monticello, AR - 1/4 dirt - Late Models

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