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  • Vanden Eynde Roland
    Will, There are several road tracks with intersections through bridges (Japanese Formula 1 track Suzuka being the prime example), but, to my knowledge, no road
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 1, 2005

      There are several road tracks with intersections through bridges
      (Japanese Formula 1 track Suzuka being the prime example), but, to my
      knowledge, no road course has a same level intersection. Therefore I
      think your interpretation on tracks with intersections is right.


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      ...and Eleanor and Norm and Pat and Gary and Roger and Andy and
      Andy and
      Colin and Colin and everyone else who falls under my
      jurisdiction in
      these matters.

      In regards to whether a track that has an intersection can ever
      classified as a road course, or should always be considered a
      eight for track counting purposes, that is a tough one. I would
      thought that to be a real rarity until recently, but with the
      changing world of novelty type races, this could become quite
      common in
      the near future. I am inclined to think that it might be less of
      hassle for everyone if we would just always consider any track
      with such
      an intersection to be a figure eight, regardless of how many
      turns it
      has. Does anyone else have any views on this?

      As to whether there have been actual road courses with
      perhaps Roland or Allan could come up with an example of this.
      I'm not
      talking about tracks with a bridge or tunnel but an actual

      Randy's other questions were about whether a track counts if
      only one or
      two countable cars race, but the race wasn't limited to one or
      two cars.
      When the rule covering that subject was rewritten in 2003, I
      tried to
      make the direction we were going with it a little more clear,
      still leaving it open to future interpretation. The fact that I
      call for a set 3 car minimum in all cases indicated that I felt
      we might
      want to leave some room for exceptions.

      Following are possible scenarios that fall into this area and
      how I
      would look at each one:

      In scenario number one, TrackChaser A goes to Track Z. The only
      countable class scheduled to run that day is the Micro Sprint
      Usually a handful of these cars are in competition at the track,
      but on
      this afternoon only two show up. They run their normal heat and
      TrackChaser A can count the track.

      In scenario number two, TrackChaser B goes to track Y. The track
      only one countable class, the Senior Mini Cups. However, they
      also run a
      Junior Mini Cup class for kids. On this night, only one Senior
      Mini Cup
      shows up. The officials decide to combine the Senior Mini Cup
      with the 6
      Junior Mini Cups on hand and run their races together.
      TrackChaser B can
      count the track.

      In scenario number three, TrackChaser C goes to Track X. This
      oval lists
      Junior Micro Stocks and Sportsman Micro Stocks as regular
      classes. There
      are no other countable classes in competition. TrackChaser C
      shows up on
      an evening when just one Sportsman Micro Stock is in the pits,
      with 4 Junior Micro Stocks. Management will not waver from their
      procedure of running each class in its own separate races. The
      Sportsman Micro Stock runs solo in her heat and feature. In this
      TrackChaser C cannot count the track.

      To recap, my feeling is that a race with at least two cars (but
      limited to 2), of which at least one is in a countable class,
      count. I think we should consider any race with only one car as
      not a
      real race, therefore not countable.

      Note: This is the first time I have given an official opinion on
      a one
      car race.


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