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RE: [TrackChasers] Numbers? Just numbers?

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  • Vanden Eynde Roland
    Guy, I totally agree with your thoughts. What I do like about the way the rules are now is that they indeed are more or less universal. That is why I get it on
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 11, 2005

      I totally agree with your thoughts. What I do like about the way the
      rules are now is that they indeed are more or less universal. That is
      why I get it on my nerve if people imply others bend them, because they
      don't go at it the way they would like to. I think it is very unlikely
      to be a coincidence that all this moaning comes at a time when a number
      of colleagues using different slightly ways of chasing shoot up the
      ranks. Looks like sour grapes to me.

      Indeed, every person with this hobby has his or her preferences. Let's
      respect them instead of putting them down constantly.

      What I wrote on the oval bias is not a criticism, merely a statement of
      facts. I can perfectly live with it. And if I want to change something
      in that respect, I'll have to propose a rule change once I'm an eligible
      member and formulate it in such a way the majority of the voters can
      adhere to it (but than of course if the vote goes against their idea,
      they will continue to moan about it). I just used this example to
      underline the rather provincial reasoning behind Allan's arguments. I
      consider us all colleagues with the same hobby, not jealous and
      infighting competitive animals. It's better to be 42nd and happy than
      1st or 2nd and unhappy. You better watch out iduring your climb to the
      top. People getting there do seem to change into grumpy criticising
      machines. But nevertheless, major congratulations with your current
      third spot and give the grumpy old men ranked above you hell. At least
      we could than have a number one chaser who is at ease with himself and
      indulgent for his colleagues. Would be a nice change. Can't wait to
      experience it.


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      I will add my thoughts to Allan's comments.


      The more I think about it, the more I think that the vague
      guidelines are a
      good thing. This has allowed us to include people from Canada,
      Great Britain,
      and Europe as part of our group. In my mind, this is
      tremendous. The racing
      format is different there, but it can fit fairly well into our
      Not only that, it has allowed all of those interested in
      TrackChasing to decide
      on their own how they most enjoy the hobby. Why is this such a
      thing? Remember, it's a hobby. I saw Norm in person the day
      after he drove all
      the way to northern Michigan to see only the three trophy dashes
      at the one
      track, then leave to see other races at another. You know what?
      He was HAPPY
      about his day. If doing what he did made him happy, why is that
      so wrong? If
      Randy enjoys the blended doubles, that should be OK, because it
      is a hobby and
      that is what allows him to enjoy the hobby to its fullest. If
      P. J. enjoys
      trying to see all the tracks in a region, then he should be
      allowed to do that
      without being criticized for picking an Ontario figure 8 track
      that only runs
      heat RACES and no feature over a permanent weekly facility. You
      may not agree
      with me, but I think you get my point. It's a hobby, so why
      shouldn't everyone
      get to enjoy it the way they want? If Norm enjoying
      TrackChasing HIS way
      makes ME enjoy MY own TrackChasing less, then I have personal
      issues to consider,
      I would think.


      As the person who wrote the original rules, much of which are
      still in
      effect, I acknowledge the pro oval/anti road course bias, when
      it comes to multiple
      configurations. Please understand, at the time, there was NO
      ONE from outside
      the USA in our group, and at that time, I doubt any of us had
      ever been to a
      race outside of North America. I hope none of you think that
      such rules were
      written in anticipation that someday if we find others like us
      outside of
      North America, we would slight them or give ourselves some sort
      of advantage over
      them. We all just came from an oval racing background. The
      above is an
      explanation of the original thought process, not a statement
      that I am in favor of
      making any changes.


      We owe all race track management and drivers respect, which
      means we should
      stay to watch every race? What about the management that starts
      their shows
      two hours late on a frequent basis? What about the ones that
      takes an hour
      intermission at 11:00 p.m.? What about the ones that charge $4
      for a Coke? All
      that after paying them for the privilege. Are they showing us
      respect? Or
      what about the southern drivers that trickle in at 7:00, 8:00,
      or later, and
      still expect to time trial? Or the northeastern drivers that
      purposely stop on
      the track to bring out the yellow for their personal advantage?
      Or the WoO
      drivers that have to be begged fifteen times to line up for the
      feature? Or the
      drivers that won't do any type of wheel packing no matter how
      late it is,
      because that is not their job? Are they showing us any respect?
      Just because
      someone promotes a race or drives a race car, they don't
      necessarily automatically
      deserve our respect. Respect should be earned. And it should
      go both ways.


      I do not see the somewhat competitive nature of the group as a
      bad thing
      (incessant boasting and bragging notwithstanding). The way it
      can stay healthy is
      if everyone goes about TrackChasing in the way that they enjoy
      most, and
      don't worry about what "the competition" is doing. Pat Eckel
      decided she doesn't
      like Champ Karts and won't count them. That's fine. What's
      great about Pat
      is that she has made a personal decision that makes her happy,
      but she doesn't
      try to impose her feelings on everyone else. She will be OK
      with the fact
      that Gordy and I went to a Champ Kart race on Saturday, because
      she was
      (hopefully) happy at whatever track she chose to attend. No
      rule every forced a person
      to count an inner oval, a figure 8, or a track with no main
      class feature if
      they chose not to. P. J. and I enjoy trying to complete a state
      by seeing all
      of the countable tracks in that region. Does it cost us
      "rankings" in
      absolute numbers? Of course. Are we OK with that? Yes, it is
      what makes us enjoy
      the hobby the most. Gordy always yells "Maximize!" when
      charging out on
      vacation. Go Gordy, I say. But if I choose to go back to
      Hilton Head for a week,
      and can get only one or two track, that should be good too, if
      I'm OK with it.
      No doubt the fact that I want to get pictures of all the tracks
      I go to
      hinders my track totals, because I don't want to arrive at a new
      track after dark.
      I'm OK with that. It just seems to me that the people that
      profess to be
      the least competitive are the most upset when others choose a
      TrackChasing path that yields more tracks, then want to impose
      their will and their
      way on everyone.


      1. If Norm drove 15 hours to see three dashes, but the next day
      was happy
      about it, why isn't that a good thing? Isn't Norm our friend?
      Don't we want
      him to be happy? Why should we worry about showing respect to
      the street stock
      driver we've never met, but not worry about showing respect to
      TrackChasing friends by letting them enjoy our hobby in the way
      that gives them the most

      2. If someone leaves a track before a "feature" to go to
      another track, why
      does that prevent a different person from staying for every last
      race, if
      that's what they want to do? If everyone did their TrackChasing
      in the way they
      enjoy, and did not try to impose their will on the way others do
      it, the group
      would be much happier.

      Unless it really is all about numbers.

      Guy Smith

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    • ccass176@aol.com
      Guy, I think you have hit the nail on the head, as long as someone is happy in what they do as regards as track chasing then that is fine. I don t go to many
      Message 2 of 6 , Jul 15, 2005

        I think you have hit the nail on the head, as long as someone is happy in
        what they do as regards as track chasing then that is fine. I don't go to many
        new tracks as I prefer to watch my favourite formula. If that involves a new
        track then so be it, if it doesn't I can live with that as well. I can quite
        understand someone wanting to get in as many tracks as possible, but I feel having
        too many rules is not the way to go after all it is supposed to be fun.

        As for the circuit/oval thing. Let me put you right, I have no interest in
        circuit racing and prefer oval racing. I can see something like adding a chicane
        in the track at Watkins Glen is not a new track, however the Legends track at
        places like Charlotte is because the two are vastly different, the same way
        as the oval and the road course at Daytona would be different tracks in my
        view. The same as going from a quarter to a half mile would be a vastly different
        track. Changing in track design should be left to the individual and as long
        as they are comfortable with it, then that should be enough. I don't think
        anyone is desperate enough to count a new track if there is a minor cosmetic
        change to a track.

        I enjoy reading about where you chaps go each week, so long may the chase

        Colin C

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