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Re: [TrackChasers] Digest Number 196

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  • Don McAuley
    Thanks Allan, When I started messing around with this site last winter I had no idea I would wind up being mentioned in a publication like Open Wheel. It s
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 8, 2000
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      Thanks Allan,
      When I started messing around with this site last winter I had no idea I
      would wind up being mentioned in a publication like Open Wheel. It's been
      one of the most fun and satisfying things I've ever done and to have people
      actually enjoy the fruits of my labor (so to speak) is very gratifying. One
      of the things I've enjoyed most is the opportunity I've had to meet new
      people who share my interest and enthusiasm for racing.

      There is still no feeling like the first glimpse of that new track as you
      drive up the road. You guys know what I mean, that tingle of excitement and
      anticipation as you realise the culmination of months or years of dreaming,
      planning and scheaming. All those years you read about that famous track
      and you are finally there. With any luck, next year I will get to experience
      this feeling at Gas City.

      With all the awesome milestones you guys have hit this year it's sure made
      for interesting reading. Congratulations to all of you on your achievements.
      Next year should be interesting.
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      From: "Allan Brown" <speedways@...>
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      > Guy,
      > Thanks for all of the updates. I wasn't aware that there were suspensioned
      > and non-suspensioned Mini-Cups. All the one's I'd seen have had full
      > suspensions. Someday we'll have to set down and figure out the differences
      > in all of the mini-cars. Wheelbase, Engine Sizes, etc.
      > Andy,
      > Nope, I have no intention on trying to catch Rick. He's number one and
      > deservedly so. I've always insisted that I would start slowing down
      > Maybe it's time to let the younger fellows catch and pass me. Oh, I'm not
      > going to roll over and die, no, not by no means, but no I don't want to
      > and keep up the pace that I did this year.
      > What I'm doing is trying to put a "Hit List" together of tracks I've
      > wanted to get to. I've done it in the past and have been lucky to get to a
      > few of them in the past couple of years. Seekonk, MA; Whynot, MS; Ventura,
      > CA; Corbin, KY; Beech Bend, KY, Independence, IA, etc.
      > So in 2001 I'm gonna try to get to maybe 10 tracks on my "Hit List" each
      > year. I'll give you a sampling....
      > NC - North Carolina Speedway (I tried to get here 11 years ago, but I
      > twisted my
      > ankle (BIG TIME TWIST) the week before at Nashville and was
      > still
      > hobbling around for two weeks later).
      > KY - Kentucky Speedway - I was told by John McKarns that this is the
      > superspeedway he's even seen.
      > OK - Tulsa Expo for the Chili Bowl - (again we tried a few years back, but
      > the
      > weather between here and Tulsa turned ugly and we wisely
      > put)
      > KS - Dodge City - class act track (probably a 9.5 on the Ranlay scale)
      > CA - Irwindale - nicest short track in the nation. Perhaps the only 10 in
      > the country.
      > Speaking of Irwindale, ASA is heading to California in 2001. Sometime in
      > March (10th I think) the midwest late model bunch will be at Irwindale.
      > farthest west they had previously been to before was at Calgary.
      > BTW, did anyone catch that one of our members got his website listed under
      > Hosehead's Web Review in the November Open Wheel. Allan Holland gave Don
      > McAuley's www.sprintsnmidgets.com a very nice review. Way to go Don.
      > Also in the November Open Wheel, Terry Reed did an article on Bigelow
      > In it was mentioned one of the drivers who was killed there. Ralph Feist
      > my wife's uncle. Nancy was born two years after Ralph died? And for Nancy
      > stay at the hospital when her mom was there comes naturally. I was told
      > Nancy's dad (Chuck) stayed at the hospital the whole time (two days) while
      > Ralph was unconscious.
      > And the Harold Wikstrom that is listed in the credits is actually my good
      > friend Willie Wik, who was a mechanic on the 1955 Indy 500 winning team.
      > was the brother-in-law of Ralph.
      > Well so much for now.
      > Allan
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