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Re: [TrackChasers] Sharing race and track information

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    Randy: Well said. Yes, the competitive reasons mentions were a jab at you but the gist of the e-mail was not directed at you in particular. I think it s
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 11, 2005
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      Well said. Yes, the "competitive reasons" mentions were a jab at you but the
      gist of the e-mail was not directed at you in particular.

      I think it's nice when people post their schedules in advance but personally,
      it's when they find out about an oddball date and alert the group or find out
      about a countable track and tell Will so it can be posted on the website that
      I think members of the listserve are being good citizens to the TrackChasing

      If I am going to be in a different state or province or country or whatever,
      I can use trackchaser.com to check the websites from all the tracks in that
      region to find dates. Of course I realize that not all tracks have websites and
      not all track websites are updated. That's why I believe that the most
      important thing we can do as a group is to network all our new track findings
      through Will so that they can be posted on trackchaser.com. There are quite a few
      websites out there that try to list race tracks, and most of them are not kept
      updated when a track closes, have no website links, are hard to use, etc. I
      know that trackchaser.com belongs to Will, but I personally take pride in the
      quality of the site and to my and our groups contributions to it.

      I would say thanks to Randy for sending Will info about NZ and AUS track
      websites uncovered, even though I personally have no plans to go back to either of
      those two places in the next few years. And would the guys that went to the
      last paved race at Tri City known about it without Allan letting us all know?
      I get excited when I discover new tracks, especially within my region, as I
      did last week with the new Quebec ice racing club and their four locations. I
      also get excited when someone else finds one and posts it to the group, like
      Andy Ritter first found London Gardens.

      Will, perhaps whenever you add a new track to trackchaser.com, you could send
      a post to the listserve as simple as:


      RANLAY International Raceway Inner Oval, San Clemente, CA
      Circuit de Killian, Lac St. Bunzen, Quebec

      Then anyone that is interested would at least know it has been added and if
      they are interested can go to the website to get more information. What do you

    • William White
      I m sure we ll soon have Randy s final 2004 track report. I ask that any listed TrackChaser who has not given me an update of their new tracks through the end
      Message 2 of 4 , Jan 11, 2005
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        I'm sure we'll soon have Randy's final 2004 track report. I ask that any
        listed TrackChaser who has not given me an update of their new tracks
        through the end of last year, please take a few moments to do so. Also
        let me know if you don't have any more to add but I don't have your
        total marked as of 12/31/2004.

        A number of people regularly or occasionally help out with updates for
        the web site, and I am grateful for all your help. I am seriously behind
        on updating much of the worldwide track info and have been slowly
        researching various countries. Australia and New Zealand are well down
        the list of places to work on, so I appreciate Randy sending me what he
        collected in researching for his recent trip. As I haven't had a chance
        to go over it all yet and add it to the web site, I thought for now I'd
        just copy here what Randy sent me.

        _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


        AMCA Nationals – schedule checked


        American Saloon Car Federation – schedule checked


        Compact Speedcars


        Compact Speedcars (midgets) – Dec 27


        Formula 500 – schedule checked


        Junior Sedans – calendar updated for 03/04 only


        Restricted Sedan Assoc. or NSW


        SDAV Hot Rods


        Speedcar World – schedule checked


        Super Rods – schedule checked


        V-8 Dirt Modifieds – schedule checked



        Motorsport New Zealand





        Sprint Car World – All events posted below



        Avalon Raceway – Dec 26, 30 and Jan 1


        Benaraby Raceway – no events on website


        Blue Ribbon Speedway – Dec 27


        Brisbane International Speedway – Dec 26,27,28, 31, Jan 1, 5


        Calder Park Motorsport – website under construction

        Ellenbrook Speedway


        Hidden Valley – Darwin, NT no events during my trip


        Lismore Speedway – Dec 26


        Murray Bridge Speedway – Dec 27


        Northline Speedway – no events during my trip


        Newtown Park Speedway - closed

        Nowra Speedway – Jan 1

        Shoalhaven, NSW (two hours from Sydney)

        Premier Speedway – Jan 1,2


        Redline Speedway – no events during our trip

        Rosedale Intl Speedway – no events during our trip

        Simpson Speedway – No race dates during my trip


        Speedway City – Dec 26


        Surfair Speedway – Dec 28


        Timmis Speedway – Dec 27 (fig 8), Jan 1, 2


        *Approximately 10km south west of Mildura City*


        Stratford Intl Speedway – Dec 26, Jan 2


        Faram Helicopters Raceway – Dec 27


        Robertson Holden Intl Speedway – Dec 27, Jan 3 & 4


        Baypark Speedway – Dec 27, 30, Jan 1


        Garden City Speedway – none listed


        Huntly Speedway – no races during our trip


        Taipa Stock and Saloon Car Club – Jan 2 & 3


        Nelson Speedway – Dec 27, 28, Jan 3


        Oceanview Speedway – Dec 27 and/or Dec 28


        Central Motor Speedway – Jan 1


        Woodford Glen Speedway – Dec 26, Jan 2


        Napier Auto Supplies Speedway – Jan 1


        Waikaraka Speedway – Dec 28, 29, Jan 1 & 4


        Ruapuna Speedway – Dec 28, Jan 5


        Rangeview Speedway – Every two weeks on Sundays 11:30 a.m.


        Wellington Speedway – Dec 26


        Greenstone Park Speedway – Jan 3


        Eastern States Speedway – Dec 29


        KihiKihi Speedway – no events during our trip


        _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

        Paul Weisel is a PA TrackChaser whom I have not yet met. Paul was at
        Hawaii Motor Speedway in November the same night I met Mike Leone and
        Tom Schmeh there. Interestingly, Paul also went to New Zealand and
        Australia, gaining 7 new tracks as well as his 4th and 5th countries.
        After 3 tracks were rained out on Dec. 18th in NZ he ended up getting
        Kihikihi on the 19th. In Oz he went to Speedway City, Murray Bridge,
        Bodertown, Avalon, Western and Premier. He went to Premier on the first
        2 days of January. So, Weisel was at some of the same races Randy and
        Carol went to.

        Roger Ferrell also got his new year started with a visit to Talladega
        Short Track on January 7th. Guy, you and Pam weren't the only
        TrackChasers to lose your electric, heat and water last Thursday. Roger
        and Brenda suffered the same fate, only they aren't expecting to get
        theirs back on until this Thursday. It's been a tough new year already
        for some.

        Roland Vanden Eynde is in the unique position of being the first
        TrackChaser to visit a good majority of the tracks he attends. Roland is
        excited about the weekend he has just lined up to start his 2005 season.
        On January 28th, a Friday, he plans to be at Livigno, Italy, for day two
        of 4 straight days of ice racing there. Roland will have the typical ice
        racing worries for this one as it takes place on a lake, as opposed to
        most European ice racing which is on snow covered ground. Then, he's off
        to Austria for a Saturday night ice race at Ellmau, followed by a 45
        mile drive west to Achenbach for a Sunday daytime ice race. If
        successful, this will not only add 2 countries to the TrackChaser family
        of ice race tracks visited, but it will also be the first time any of us
        has gotten 3 ice racing tracks on consecutive days.

        By the way, Guy, I will pass on Freedom Hall if it comes down to that
        instead of London Gardens this week.

        Also, Randy, as I stated previously, the reason I do not consistently
        post my upcoming racing plans is because my record of actually going to
        where I think I might go or would like to go is less than 50%. You can
        do it because nearly all of your trips are planned weeks in advance and
        you are locked in to a certain area on a given week. Your chances of
        suddenly deciding to stay home at the last minute are quite slim in
        comparison to mine.

        I try to add/delete any tracks and web sites that are brought to my
        attention. As Guy stated, if someone is interested in a particular
        geographic region they can check trackchaser.com to see what is
        available there. I'm sorry but I can not commit to adding yet another
        step to the process of every track and site that is researched and added
        to the database. Between 9 hours at my paid job and another 4-6 at the
        computer most nights I feel I'm doing about all I can handle right now.
        I'm not complaining, if I sound grumpy it's just because I'm tired:)

      • Randy Lewis
        After submitting 46 new track websites, I m just plum worn out. I think I ll take a rest and let others catch up. Based upon Will s feedback, I would
        Message 3 of 4 , Jan 11, 2005
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          After submitting 46 new track websites, I'm just plum worn out. I think I'll take a rest and let others catch up. Based upon Will's feedback, I would recommend that trackchasers copy the entire group when they have a new track site as well as Will. That way everyone can ckeck out the new site if they want and Will can add the site when he gets time.

          Will, as I've said many times you do a great service for all of us trackchasers and we are in your debt. Thank you.

          Hopefully we can get some lonely trackchaser out there to volunteer to send hate mail to anyone who attends an off the wall track without telling the group before he/she attends.


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