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Firebird International Raceway - West Course, Chandler, Arizona - Track #789

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  • Randy Lewis
    GREETINGS FROM CHANDLER, ARIZONA, RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Just when I thought I was cruising along on my way to a world record in trackchasing, the government
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004


      Just when I thought I was cruising along on my way to
      a world record in trackchasing, the government jumps
      in. Yes, I�ve been asked to report for jury duty on
      November 3rd. If I get an O.J. Simpson or Scott
      Peterson trial I could be finished for 2004. I�ll
      know more later this week.


      Until the end of the year, I will keep you posted on
      the battle for the 2004 trackchasing title and my
      personal effort to break the all-time record for new
      tracks seen in one year. Here are the current top
      trackchasers and number of tracks seen for 2004

      RANDY LEWIS, San Clemente, California � 107

      ED ESSER, Madison, Wisconsin � 93

      ROLAND VANDEN EYNDE, Vilvoorde, Belgium � 83

      WILL WHITE, Quakertown, Pennsylvania � 59

      ROGER FERRELL, Majentica, Indiana � 58

      ANDY SIVI, Clairton, Pennsylvania � 58

      Roland is showing surprising strength for a European
      trackchaser, but his season has got to be winding down
      soon. Roland, take a break, have a waffle.


      8 to go!

      Just eight more tracks to go to break the all-time new
      tracks in one-year record of 114.


      This weekend was supposed to be a relaxing football
      weekend. However, in today�s world of fast-paced
      trackchasing, the term �relaxing football weekend� no
      longer exists. I am currently chasing the world
      record for new tracks seen in one season, and a
      possible listing in the Guineas Book of World Records.
      Nevertheless, I cannot forget that before I can go
      off chasing tracks, I must satisfy one very important
      person, my wife Carol.

      What did �satisfying� Carol look like for the weekend?
      I had to check off two items and then I would be free
      to trackchase. First, on Friday night I had to take
      her to the California Auto Show. Then, on Saturday, I
      would transport her to the Rose Bowl for the UCLA
      football game. I enjoy football, but she probably
      likes UCLA football even more than I do.

      Let me give you some background. I first met Carol
      when she was 19 years old. At the time, I drove a
      1964 Ford Falcon Futura. Carol did not own a car and
      would not own her own car until after we were married.
      Our first brand new car, after being married on
      February 13, 1972, was a butterscotch in color 1972
      Ford Mustang fastback. Since the car was purchased in
      Illinois and we were poor, it did not have
      air-conditioning. In August 1974, we moved to
      Phoenix, Arizona. With temps over 100 degrees every
      day and Carol seven months pregnant, a non
      air-conditioned car wouldn�t get it. We sold that car
      and bought a practical used car for Carol and our new
      baby, J.J.

      I�m sad to say, but if I ever run for President, these
      facts will come out anyway so here goes. For a good
      deal of my business career, I had company cars. Since
      we drove the company car on every trip we ever made,
      it never made sense for Carol to have a new car. At
      retirement in 2002, company cars and car allowances
      were gone. It was time to reward Carol for all of her
      hard work and dedication. I told her she could have
      any new car she wanted. With that, we were off to the
      Los Angeles International Auto Show. To make a long
      story short, Carol decided on a 2002 Jaguar S-type.
      I�m sorry it took 30 years, for Carol to get her
      second new car. We leased that Jaguar for a
      three-year term.

      Carol�s Jag has less than three months to go on the
      2002 initiated lease. The car has only 34,000 miles
      on it and the three year lease allows for 45,000
      miles. Carol has several rules for her car. First, I
      am rarely allowed to sit or ride in the Jaguar.
      Whenever we drive anywhere of distance, we take my
      car. Not only am I rarely allowed in the Jaguar, but
      also when I am, I am never allowed to eat in the car.
      Because of these strict policies, the car is in mint
      condition. Anyone reading this can buy the car for
      our costs, which is the sum of the residual price to
      the leasing company and sales tax. I think it�s
      somewhere in the neighborhood of $27-28,000.

      I consider my role in life as that of identifying
      opportunities and then exploiting them. That life
      objective sounds kind of harsh but it�s fun and
      rewarding for me. I needed a car to drive about 800
      miles over to Phoenix and back for today�s race. I
      have three choices. First, I could drive my new
      Lexus. Secondly, I could rent a car. My final choice
      was to drive Carol�s Jaguar.

      It didn�t seem like a good choice to drive my brand
      new Lexus 800 miles in one day to a race that I knew
      would be less than entertaining. I could sit in my
      car for an entire month driving around San Clemente
      and never put 800 miles on it. I also remember the
      minor hassle I got from prospective buyers of my 1999
      Lexus when I told them the five year old car had
      80,000 miles on it.

      I could rent a car for $30 a day or so and that seemed
      like a reasonable idea. If I did that and wanted to
      avoid a second day charge, I would have to pick it up
      at 5 a.m. on Sunday morning and drive the entire 800
      plus miles in one day. That plan had its limitations.

      My final choice was to somehow talk Carol into letting
      me drive her Jaguar to Phoenix. After being married
      for more than 32 years, I�ve been faced with issues
      like this before. The real challenge is getting the
      idea out, before the �explosive no� hits me in the
      face. I thought I had logic on my side. Hey, we were
      turning the car in soon, and we were under our lease
      miles. Why not drive the Jag, not put miles on the
      Lexus, and not incur the expense of a rental car.

      In my selling career, I was trained to give the buyer
      a gift before I asked the buyer to do anything for me.
      That gift could be a material item or simply
      recognition or a kind word. What could I give Carol
      so that she would receive my news in the most
      favorable light? How about an offer to take her to
      the California Auto Show in Anaheim on Friday night.
      We could look for a new car for her when the Jag lease
      expires��. and would you mind if I drove your Jaguar
      to Phoenix on Sunday?

      Carol is no dummy! She married me right? Oh, you say
      that doesn�t support her not being a dummy.
      Nevertheless, she can recognize opportunity. She
      agreed that if I took her to the car show, I could
      take her Jaguar to Phoenix.

      We drove up to the car show with our $2 discount
      coupons freshly printed from the www.caautoshow.com
      web site. Even though we spend more money than anyone
      you know, we�ll use a coupon wherever we can.

      The car show was great. There were more than 500
      models on display from 35 manufacturers. I told Carol
      she could pick any car she wanted. I tried to
      interest her in the new Kia model. Heck with a price
      tag of $13,000 who wouldn�t think that was a good buy.
      How about the newly styled Mustang for somewhere in
      the mid-twenties? No, Carol wasn�t having any of this

      We had been at the show for more than two hours. We
      had seen nearly every car in the building. I was
      starting to feel like I do when we�ve been in the mall
      for too long. I suggested that we had seen everything
      and should head for the exits and a nice dinner. That
      suggestion was met with the reason why I�m always
      admitting that �Carol is no dummy�. �We haven�t seen
      the Jaguars�, she exclaimed. Right, she was. Jaguar
      had a location in the far back corner of the building
      and we had not seen their cars. How could I have
      missed it? We walked over to the Jaguar area and
      Carol shouted, �There, that�s the car I want�. She
      pointed directly at a shiny 2005 Jaguar S-type.

      It would have been cheaper for me just to rent a car
      and drive it to the race in Phoenix. Now I was in a
      real pickle. Was I na�ve to think she would go for
      the $13,000 Kia? Was it impossible to imagine that
      she would downgrade from a Jaguar to a restyled
      Mustang? Maybe so. Now, I�m on the line to get her
      another Jaguar.

      Does Carol realize that I�m in a race to set an
      all-time record for new tracks seen in one season?
      Does she understand the expense that setting this
      record entails? Does she believe that I can hold off
      Ed Esser without a substantial commitment of capital?
      Does she understand that in order for me to get the
      number of tracks needed to compete on a national basis
      that I must fly to most of my races? Where does she
      think the money comes from? These were all questions
      that raced through my mind as I watched Carol sitting
      in the Jaguar S-type at the car show.

      I had questions I needed to ask myself. Should I stop
      trackchasing and use all of my discretionary funds to
      spend on Carol and her luxury car habit? Should I
      tell Carol that she would be getting a used 1992 Ford
      Tempo and that I would begin flying first class to all
      of my races (even that question sounded like a loser
      idea to me). Maybe if I spent a little more time on
      our financial spreadsheets, we could squeeze a new Jag
      and my flying 20 times a year to some far away place
      to go trackchasing into the budget.

      Maybe I could drive to all of my races. Every other
      worldwide trackchaser drives to more than 95% of their
      tracks. I fly to 95% of my tracks. Maybe I�m missing
      an opportunity. I might need to talk to a financial
      planner. Maybe even a CPA. How about if I could
      compare myself to a trackchasing CPA? We actually
      have a trackchasing CPA, who is ranked third in the
      worldwide trackchaser career standings. His name is
      Andy Sivi. Andy must have the magic solution. If he
      can drive to almost every track he visits, be ranked
      third in the worldwide standings and have the
      intellect to be a CPA and tell other people how to
      handle their financial situations, maybe I should
      compare myself to him.

      Well, that�s exactly what I will do. In a separate
      report I will make a comparison of how Andy is able to
      drive to all of his tracks, while, up to know, I must
      fly to almost all of my tracks. If I can learn
      something from this comparison, then I might have a
      few more pennies lying around and could spend them on
      Carol�s premium sound system. Maybe, I could even get
      her that $4,000 navigation system.


      The Firebird International Raceway-West Course is my
      789th track to meet or exceed all current trackchaser
      rules. This is my 107th new track of the season.
      This track is my 18th countable track in Arizona and
      my fourth trip to Arizona for racing this season.

      With this being my 789th lifetime track, I have now
      moved into 7th place in the worldwide trackchasing
      standings. There�s a tight battle for this position
      and I�m proud to hold it for the time being.

      This is my third trip to Firebird this season. They
      have three different road courses on their property.
      Under trackchaser rules, each of these road courses
      counts as a separate track. Here�s how the rule

      �all tracks falling under the road course category are
      only separately countable if they are not connected or
      if they meet the change of surface rule, with the
      following exception, one permanent and one temporary
      road course which share a minority of common surface
      may be counted twice.�

      And you thought the IRS tax code was complicated.
      Today I saw the West course. Earlier this season I
      saw the East course with brother Mark and Carol (we
      drove to the track in the Jaguar!) and I saw the
      Firebird course earlier this month with Mark.

      The East course is nearest to the I-10 interstate and
      the least entertaining of the three. The Firebird
      course is the most spectator friendly because you can
      sit in the drag strip grandstand and watch the races.
      I think the West course provides the best racing. At
      different vantage points around the track, you can see
      virtually all of the racing. The West course even has
      a flat quarter mile oval that is partially in its

      I�ve driven by the Firebird International Raceway many
      times. It is clearly visible from Interstate 10. I
      always used to check the track website for upcoming
      countable events. Firebird�s main attraction is their
      drag strip. There is not much information about their
      road courses at all. I discovered that the best way
      to learn about road racing activity is not to look at
      a track�s web site but at the road racing sanctioning
      group�s web site.

      I can go on the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) site
      and find out where all kinds of road races are being
      held. I can also go to a track�s web site and they
      might not have any mention of an upcoming SCCA, or
      some other sanction�s event. Of course, I had to
      learn this nugget of trackchasing strategy on my own.

      I arrived at the track about two hours before the
      first race. This allowed me to see all of the cars at
      the track practice. There was a relatively small
      field of cars. There were about 10 open wheel formula
      cars racing in the �yellow� group. They also had six
      or seven stock car appearing cars, eight or ten Mazda
      type cars, one legend and two flat go-karts. That was
      about it. I enjoyed the Yellow feature race the most.

      I�ll probably never go back to the Firebird
      International Raceway again. It may be the only
      property that has three countable road courses. The
      racing is below average for all of the trackchasing
      choices and even for the road racing venues. I�m
      thankful to have these three tracks in my rearview

      By the way, the Wild Horse Pass casino is located less
      than one mile from Firebird. This is a full service
      casino with blackjack. Mark and I went there on my
      last visit to Firebird.

      Additional race information:

      Following UCLA�s drubbing of Stanford 21-0, Carol and
      I drove from Pasadena to San Dimas. There we had her
      Jaguar waiting for its trip to Blythe and beyond. I
      hopped in the Jag and very carefully drove it out of
      the parking lot and onto Interstate 10. I drove
      through Palm Springs, where that section of the
      freeway is called the �Sony Bono Memorial Freeway�.

      I made a brief visit to the I-10 Speedway in Blythe on
      Saturday evening. I had last been there in 1998. My
      comment then was �delayed desert racing�. Not much
      has changed in 17 years. I saw the bandaleros, legend
      and late model features. They were all spin and crash
      fests. As an example, the legends were scheduled for
      35 laps. After numerous restarts and crashes, the
      race was shortened to 20 laps. I�ve seen more races
      than I care to count have their distance shortened
      because the driver�s cannot race without crashing.
      That�s bad.


      Don�t go to Firebird for the food. They have one
      small trailer selling cheeseburgers for $5. I was able
      to take advantage of a previously mentioned Randy�s
      Famous Money Back Guarantee offer at the Honey Bears
      BBQ restaurant. They have three locations in the
      Phoenix area. I went to the Tempe restaurant, which
      is less than 10 minutes from the track and on the way
      to the airport. Honey Bears BBQ is very good. I
      especially like the �Cowboy� beans. I liked them so
      much that I ordered a gallon to go. When I was told
      that would be 27 dollars for the beans, I downgraded
      to a quart for a little more than six bucks. These
      beans have enough spice to make my bald spot itch,
      which is what I�m looking for in some good baked


      The Carol Lewis leased and Republican National Party
      sponsored Jaguar S-type is a fine road car. Because
      Carol is reading this, I cannot tell you how much
      stuff I ate in the car or how fast I drove it back to
      San Clemente. I can only tell you I arrived back two
      hours before she expected me!


      As of November 1, 2004, the battle for positions 7-10
      in the worldwide trackchaser standings is as follows:

      7. Randy Lewis � 789
      8. P.J. Hollebrand � 788
      9. John Moore � 757 (Not updated since 1/1/04. Will
      provide only one update to his total at the end of the
      10. Ed Esser � 721

      P.J. must be locked into job conflicts and poor
      weather. I have not heard from him in sometime.
      Sorry, I had to scoot by you for 7th place. You�re
      goal of remaining in the top 10 should be safe for a
      few years to come.

      Ed added three tracks since the last update. His
      Wisconsin Badgers are still undefeated. Although, I
      am a bit concerned that Ed was reported to be making
      trackchaser related phone calls during halftime of
      last week�s game. It seems nothing is sacred anymore.

      You can keep track of Ed at, www.2arace.com .


      San Dimas, California � trip begins
      Blythe, California � 207 miles
      Chandler, Arizona � 381 miles
      San Clemente, California � 826 miles, trip ends

      Cumulative miles driven in rental cars for 2004
      trackchasing trips � 21,641

      Cumulative miles driven in friend�s car for 2004
      trackchasing trips � 907

      Cumulative miles driven in our personal cars for 2004
      trackchasing trips � 3,048

      Cumulative miles driven for all trackchasing trips �

      Cumulative air miles flown for all trackchasing trips
      � 72,188

      Cumulative cruise ship miles for all trackchasing
      trips � 6,431 (estimated)

      Cumulative miles traveled (car, air and ship) for all
      trackchasing trips � 104,215

      Total miles driven in my personal car for all
      activities in 2004 � 8,811


      I-10 Speedway � No charge
      Firebird International Raceway � West Course � No

      Total racetrack admissions � ZERO!

      Thanks for reading about my trackchasing,
      Randy Lewis
      The California Outlaw

      That�s all the news that�s fit to print from San
      Clemente where the women are strong, the men are
      good-looking, and all of the children are above

      My past trackchasing stories are available on the
      following website:

      http://uk.geocities.com/trackchaser2001/ (photos from
      my racing trips are also available on this Scotland
      based site)

      Official trackchaser standings can be viewed at:


      Planned new racetracks (on the last day of each racing
      trip I will post my tentative plans for my next trip)

      I�m sorry that do to competitive reasons, I can no
      longer post my future trackchasing
      plans. My fellow competitor�s do not post their
      future plans which allows them to keep
      their trackchasing research results to themselves. I
      have been freely sharing all of my
      trackchasing research since day one. I even offer an
      Excel spreadsheet, which lists
      every new track racing date opportunity that I know
      of. I regret that I will no longer be
      able to advise my trackchasing peers of where �The
      California Outlaw� will be
      trackchasing. This policy will be under review and
      could change in the future.

      Racetracks visited in 2004 (** not the first time to
      visit this track)

      789. Firebird International Raceway - West, Chandler,
      Arizona, October 31

      788. Atomic Motor Speedway, Oak Ridge, Tennessee,
      October 24

      787. Cleveland Speedway, Cleveland, Tennessee,
      October 23

      786. Bronson Motor Speedway-Figure 8, Bronson,
      Florida, October 22

      785. Bronson Motor Speedway-Oval, Bronson, Florida,
      October 22

      784. Firebird International Raceway, Chandler,
      Arizona, October 17

      783. Prescott Valley Speedway, Prescott Valley,
      Arizona, October 16

      782. Ace High Speedway, Monroeton, Pennsylvania,
      October 3

      781. Winchester Speedway, Winchester, Virginia,
      October 2

      780. The Bloomsburg Fair � Figure 8, Bloomsburg,
      Pennsylvania, October 2

      779. Mercer Raceway Park, Mercer, Pennsylvania,
      October 1

      778. Lincoln Speedway, Lincoln Illinois, September 27

      777. Clay County Speedway-Oval, Flora, Illinois,
      September 26

      776. Clay County Speedway-Figure 8, Flora, Illinois,
      September 26

      775. Crown Point Speedway, Crown Point, Indiana,
      September 25

      774. Illiana Motor Speedway-Road Course,
      Schererville, Indiana, September 25

      773. Illiana Motor Speedway-Figure 8, Schererville,
      Indiana, September 25

      772. Illiana Motor Speedway-Small oval, Schererville,
      Indiana, September 25

      771. Anderson Speedway � Figure 8, Anderson, Indiana,
      September 24

      ** Anderson Speedway � Oval, Anderson, Indiana,
      September 24

      770. Southern Speedway, Milton, Florida, September 4

      769. Dog Hollow Speedway, Strongstown, Pennsylvania,
      August 30

      768. Nelson Ledges, Garrettsville, Ohio, August 29

      767. Airport Speedway, New Castle, Delaware, August

      766. Nazareth Speedway, Nazareth, Pennsylvania,
      August 28

      765. Selinsgrove Raceway Park, Selinsgrove,
      Pennsylvania, August 27

      764. Farmington V.F.D. Speedway, Farmington,
      Pennsylvania, August 26

      763. Tonopah Speedway, Tonopah, Nevada, August 21

      762. Sportman�s Speedway, Knox, Pennsylvania, August

      761. Jennerstown Speedway, Jennerstown, Pennsylvania,
      August 14

      760. BeaveRun Motorsports Complex-Wilson Circuit,
      Wampum, Pennsylvania, August 14

      759. BeaveRun Motorsports Complex-Road Course,
      Wampum, Pennsylvania, August 14

      758. Motordrome Speedway, Smithton, Pennsylvania,
      August 13

      757. Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, Berea, Ohio, August

      756. Wayne County Fairgrounds, Palmyra, New York,
      August 11

      755. Pocono Intl Raceway � Road Course, Pocono,
      Pennsylvania August 10

      754. Butler Fairgrounds, Butler, Pennsylvania August

      753. Ninety-Three Speedway, Oak Hill, Ohio, August 1

      752. Jackson County Speedway, Jackson, Ohio, August 1

      751. Sportsdrome Speedway, Jeffersonville, Indiana
      (figure 8), July 31

      750. Sportsdrome Speedway, Jeffersonville, Indiana
      (oval), July 31

      749. Gateway International Speedway � road course,
      Madison, Illinois, Illinois, July 31

      748. Warren County Fairgrounds (oval), Roseville,
      Illinois, July 30

      747. Warren County Fairgrounds (figure 8), Roseville,
      Illinois, July 30

      746. Tri-City Speedway (inner oval), Auburn,
      Michigan, July 29

      745. Tri-City Speedway (outer oval), Auburn,
      Michigan, July 29

      744. Munger Fairgrounds, Munger, Michigan, July 29

      743. Ionia Fairgrounds, Ionia, Michigan, July 28

      742. Thayer County Speedway, Deshler, Nebraska, July

      741. Heartland Park-Road Course, Topeka, Kansas, July

      740. Montgomery County Speedway, New Florence,
      Missouri, July 17

      739. Soggy Bottom Raceway, Greenup, Illinois, July 17

      738. Wayne County Speedway, Wayne City, Illinois,
      July 16

      737. Music City Motorplex, Nashville, Tennessee, July

      736. Clarksville Speedway, Clarksville, Tennessee,
      July 14

      735. Tri-State Speedway, Pocola, Oklahoma, July 13

      734. Tulsa Speedway, Tulsa, Oklahoma, July 12

      733. Park City Raceway, Valley Center, Kansas, July

      732. Heartland Park � Road Course, Topeka, Kansas,
      July 11

      731. Nevada Speedway, Nevada, Missouri, July 10

      730. Adrian Speedway, Adrian, Missouri, July 10

      729. Bolivar Speedway, Bolivar, Missouri, July 9

      728. Dallas County Speedway, Urbana, Missouri, July 9

      727. U.S. 30 Speedway (small oval), Columbus,
      Nebraska, July 8

      726. U.S. 30 Speedway (large oval), Columbus,
      Nebraska, July 8

      725. Butler County Speedway, Allison, Iowa, June 27

      724. Webster County Fairgrounds, Ft. Dodge, Iowa,
      June 27

      723. Dallas County Fairgrounds, Adel, Iowa, June 26

      722. Butler County Speedway, Rising City, Nebraska,
      June 25

      721. Hamilton County Fairgrounds, Aurora, Nebraska,
      June 25

      720. The Speed Bowl, Red Cloud, Nebraska, June 23

      719. Junction Motor Speedway, McCool Junction,
      Nebraska, June 22

      718. Belle-Clair Speedway, Belleville, Illinois June

      717. Charleston Speedway � Road Course, Charleston,
      Illinois June 13

      ** Eldora Speedway, Rossburg, Ohio, June 12

      716. Doe Run Raceway, Doe Run, Missouri, June 11

      715. Fredericktown Raceway, Fredericktown, Missouri,
      June 11

      714. Highland Speedway, Highland, Illinois, June 8

      713. Pine Ridge Speedway, Baldwyn, Mississippi, May
      29 (Carol�s #153)

      712. Memphis Motorsports Park-Road Course, Memphis,
      Tennessee, May 29 (Carol�s #152)

      711. Simpson County Speedway, Mendenhall,
      Mississippi, May 29 (Carol�s #151)

      710. Southern Speedway, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, May
      28 (Carol�s #150)

      ** Charleston Speedway, Charleston, Illinois, May

      709. Coles County Speedway, Loxa, Illinois, May 22

      708. Lincoln Trail Motorsports Off Road Park, Casey,
      Illinois, May 22

      707. Warren County Speedway (oval track), Indianola,
      Iowa, May 21

      706. Warren County Speedway (Figure 8 track),
      Indianola, Iowa, May 21

      705. Firebird International Raceway � East Course,
      Chandler, Arizona, May 2 (Carol�s #149)

      704. Pagota Motorcycle Club, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania,
      April 25

      703. Mahoning Valley Speedway, Lehighton,
      Pennsylvania, April 24

      702. Shellhammer�s Speedway, Leesport, Pennsylvania,
      April 24

      701. Hill Valley Speedway, Orbisonia, Pennsylvania,
      April 24

      700. Thunder Alley Speedpark, Evans Mills, New York,
      April 22

      699. Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium, Belle Vue, United
      Kingdom, April 12

      698. Buxton Raceway, Buxton, United Kingdom, April 12

      697. Brampton Raceway, Brampton, United Kingdom,
      April 12

      696. York Autograss, York, United Kingdom, April 12

      695. Sheffield Stadium, Sheffield, United Kingdom,
      April 11

      694. Blyton Raceway, Blyton, United Kingdom, April 11

      693. Hunmanby Raceway, Hunmanby, United Kingdom,
      April 11

      692. Skegness Stadium, Skegness, United Kingdom,
      April 10

      691. Silverstone, Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone,
      United Kingdom, April 10

      690. Mildenhall Stadium, Mendenhall, Suffock, United
      Kingdom, April 9

      689. Bovingdon Circuit, Bovingdon, Hertfordshire,
      United Kingdom, April 9

      688. Sunshine Speedway (figure 8), Pinellas Park,
      Florida, April 3

      ** Sunshine Speedway (oval), Pinellas Park,
      Florida, April 3

      687. Lubbock Motor Speedway, Lubbock, Texas, March 21

      686. Thunderbird Speedway, Crandall, Texas, March 20

      685. Kennedale Speedway Park, Kennedale, Texas, March

      684. Texas World Spdwy (Road Course), College
      Station, Texas, March 20

      683. Heart O� Texas Speedway, Waco, Texas, March 19

      ** Central Arizona Raceway, Casa Grande, Arizona,
      January 20

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