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Sportsdrome Speedway, Jeffersonville, Indiana - Tracks #750 & 751

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  • Randy Lewis
    GREETINGS FROM JEFFERSONVILLE, INDIANA PEOPLE/TRAVEL NEWS Jeffersonville, Indiana is a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. Jeffersonville is located across the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2004


      Jeffersonville, Indiana is a suburb of Louisville,
      Kentucky. Jeffersonville is located across the
      Indiana-Kentucky state line and only a mile from
      Louisville. When we came through Louisville, a minor
      league baseball game was going on in a beautiful open
      air baseball stadium at Louisville Slugger Field.
      Carol and I have been to the Louisville Slugger Museum
      a couple of times. At the museum, you can see
      Louisville Slugger baseball bats being made. It�s
      such a great tourist attraction that I will offer my
      reminder, if you try one of my recommendations and
      don�t like it, you get your money back from me.

      Please make sure to read about the Southern Indiana
      humanitarian of the year nominee below the racing news


      The Sportsdrome Speedway races cars on both a nearly
      flat asphalt quarter-mile oval as well as a
      traditional asphalt figure 8 race course. The oval
      reminds me a lot of the old Saugus, California track.
      These two tracks were my 750th and 751st lifetime
      tracks (Carol�s 157th & 158th). This facility has
      been racing since 1947. There are just a handful of
      tracks that have been racing since the 1947-1955
      period on a continuous basis. A seasoned trackchaser
      knows that any track that has been racing for this
      long is going to be a well-run track. The Sportsdrome
      was an entertaining track, although it�s in a well
      developed commercial area and it�s hard to tell how
      much longer the track might be there. You can see the
      track on the west side of Interstate 65 at exit 2.

      The weather was gorgeous with a bright blue sky.
      Admission was $10 per person. We bought a track
      program for $2. Very few tracks are offering a
      program these days. The Sportsdrome Speedway has
      ample grandstand seating on both the front and back
      stretches. I recommend sitting on the front
      straightaway since the sun faces directly into the

      The program started at its scheduled 7 p.m. time.
      There are four classes at this track. They have
      street stocks for the oval and figure eight tracks and
      �dromers� for both tracks. This is down home racing
      as several drivers raced in t-shirts (no fire
      protection) and open-faced helmets, similar to the
      helmet Dale Earnhardt Sr. was wearing when he was
      killed at Daytona. It is very rare to see either of
      these safety requirements being ignored. There were
      13 heat races in all. After the 13th heat race, they
      went directly into the 22-car dromer oval A feature.
      This was all completed by 9:10 p.m.

      The P.A. is a bit weak at this track. It seems that
      tracks have a hard time with the volume of their P.A.
      systems. They either blow you away with the sound or
      you can�t hear the announcer very well at all. The
      pit area is located off of turns three and four. They
      have an old time electronic scoreboard that lists laps
      completed and the top five running positions. Like
      many tracks I�ve attended recently, the announcer
      stands at the top of the grandstand in full view of
      the spectators and does his commentating.

      There was one significant drawback to the figure 8
      racing during the heats. Although they started nine
      or ten cars in each race the track was so big and the
      cars so equally matched that their was no action at
      all at the �X�. Carol commented that the figure 8
      track was too big for any real action. The opposite,
      meaning the track is too short, is the problem at many
      of the �made for figure 8 racing� venues that are
      popping up at county fairs.

      After each race, the winner comes by, picks up the
      checkered flag, and drives a slow lap around the oval
      in the clockwise direction. Winston Cup champion
      Allan Kulwicki made this lap famous as the �Polish
      victory lap�. Actually, Peoria Speedway had their
      driver�s take a �backwards� victory lap like this
      since the early 50s. I always thought it was so the
      crowd could see the driver up close as he paraded near
      the fence at a slow pace.

      The track has a series of advertising billboards along
      the turns one and two area. I liked this one:
      Where your daddy got his

      Carol agrees with Guy Smith and says, �It�s the best
      one (track) I�ve been too in a awhile�. Although I
      enjoyed the racing, I did not find it so compelling
      that I couldn�t get up after seeing one feature and
      head for a nighttime triple at the Thunder Valley
      Speedway in nearby Salem, Indiana.

      For those interested in a heart-warming human nature
      story please read the following:
      The Thunder Valley Speedway in Salem, Indiana is only
      37 miles from the Sportsdrome Speedway. Half of that
      distance is along Interstate 65. We had another big
      advantage in attempting this quadruple trackchasing
      day. We were moving from the Eastern time zone to the
      Central time zone. It was 9 p.m. EDT when we left
      Jeffersonville and it would be 9 p.m. CST or earlier
      when we were expected to arrive in Salem. The final
      17 miles is along the infamous Indiana State Route

      I don�t know if you�ve driven on southern Indiana back
      roads but it is not for the faint hearted. The speed
      limit is 45 M.P.H. is that gives you a clue. If
      you�ve been on the roller coaster at Knott�s Berry
      Farm recently then you will understand what SR 160 is
      all about. Nevertheless, Carol is an adventurous
      soul, at least when she�s strapped in the passenger
      seat and I�m controlling the door locks.

      Where can you have the fun of going over a hill where
      the road sign announces, �Limited sight line?� When
      you drive up and over the hill it looks and feels like
      you�re being launched toward the moon. Speaking of
      the moon, it was full. It lit up the tobacco fields
      almost like daylight. We also stopped to watch a deer
      along the side of the road illuminated by the
      moonlight. After we viewed him for a few seconds, the
      deer bounded, from a standing start, over a fence and
      was gone.

      We followed the National Speedway Directory directions
      as well as the track�s feeble small signs to the
      Washington County Fairgrounds. We knew we were in the
      right area but there was no track to be found. Had
      aliens swooped down on a full moon lit night and
      abducted all of the IMCA modifieds and their fans?

      We drove a bit further into town and spotted a family
      of four just leaving a restaurant. I rolled down the
      power window (I�ve always wanted to write that) and
      asked for directions. The father in the group began
      to give directions to the Salem Speedway, a second
      track in the small town of Salem. We didn�t want to
      go there, although I do have fond memories of visiting
      this track back in about 1971. I was there with my
      stepfather and Ken Poole for an ARCA 500 lap race.
      Notably, Bobby Allison was there in a Roger Penske
      Matador and Peorian, Jim Strube raced. It was also my
      first visit ever to Kentucky Fried Chicken, which was
      very appropriate since we were only a few miles from
      the KFC headquarters in Louisville. However, I

      The father knew where Salem Speedway was but he didn�t
      know where we wanted to go, which was the Thunder
      Valley Speedway. We drove around some more and ended
      up in a residential neighborhood.

      We happened across a car parked in the street in front
      of one of the houses. Inside the car were two young
      women. I asked for directions. The driver said the
      track was right at the fairgrounds, although she
      admitted she had never been there for the races. I
      told her we had driven all over the darkened
      fairgrounds and had not seen anything. At this point,
      she volunteered to drive over to the track and have us
      follow her. Now I ask you, if you were parked in
      front of your house (and why would you be?), would you
      have a complete stranger follow you AWAY from your
      house and into a completely darkened area? No, I
      didn�t think you would.

      However, that was what this girl did. And what did we
      do? We knocked her in the head and killed her. No,
      we didn�t do that, although Carol wanted too (no, she
      didn�t!). We simply followed her to the fairgrounds
      and found a very dark and wet Thunder Valley Speedway.
      It was only due to the moonlight that we could make
      the track out at all. I could see large puddles in
      the infield. I had attempted to call the track
      earlier in the day, but the NSD listed phone number
      provided a number that was no longer in operation.
      This is my third or fourth track this year that has
      cancelled early and had the weather be perfect at race

      Could this adventure be the result of Guy Smith
      sticking pins in a Randy voodoo doll because I was
      being sacrilegious and trying for a pre-arranged
      trackchasing triple? Probably. Nevertheless, I have
      to compliment the young woman for going out of her way
      to help us out. Her graciousness, along with a couple
      of other people in the area has now put Southern
      Indiana people in a tie with Iowa residents as the
      nicest people in the United States.
      Editor�s Note:
      Carol wants it known that she disavows herself from
      all of the words written above.


      Beers were a buck and a half. Carol bought them
      (because I always am carded) while I went to the food
      line. She said they had a bowl of pretzels at the
      beer tent you could munch on while waiting for your
      brewskies. We went with the BBQ sandwich,
      cheeseburger, popcorn and peanuts. I asked the food
      server which was better the BBQ sandwich or
      cheeseburger. He said they were about the same.
      Wrong! Carol�s pre-packaged cheeseburger was much
      better than my BBQ sandwich. Of course, everything of
      value is in the eye of the beholder. I just wished
      Carol wasn�t beholdin� that cheeseburger.


      The National Rental Car Racing Pontiac Grand Prix has
      good air-conditioning vents. This is Carol�s favorite
      part of the car.


      Check this area on my last report of this trip to see
      what Ed and P.J. have been up too.

      As of July 20, 2004, the battle for positions 7-10 in
      the worldwide trackchaser standings is as follows:

      7. P.J. Hollebrand � 766
      8. John Moore � 757
      9. Randy Lewis � 742
      10. Ed Esser - 694

      You can keep track of Ed at, www.2arace.com .


      Chicago O�Hara Airport � trip begins
      Grand Rapids, Michigan � 221 miles (Allan drove to
      Ionia, Munger & Auburn � 431 additional miles)
      Roseville, Illinois � 629 miles
      Madison, Illinois � 779 miles
      Jeffersonville, Indiana � 999 miles


      Ionia Fairgrounds � $10 ($5 parking)
      Munger Fairgrounds - $0
      Tri-City Speedway - $0
      Warren County Fairgrounds - $7
      Gateway Intl Raceway (road course) - $0
      Sportsdrome Speedway - $10

      Randy Lewis

      That�s all the news that�s fit to print from San
      Clemente where the women are strong, the men are
      good-looking, and all of the children are above

      My past trackchasing stories are available on the
      following website:

      http://uk.geocities.com/trackchaser2001/ (photos from
      my racing trips are also available on this Scotland
      based site)

      Official trackchaser standings can be viewed at:


      Racetracks visited in 2004 (** not the first time to
      visit this track)

      751. Sportsdrome Speedway, Jeffersonville, Indiana
      (figure 8), July 31

      750. Sportsdrome Speedway, Jeffersonville, Indiana
      (oval), July 31

      749. Gateway International Speedway � road course,
      Madison, Illinois, Illinois, July 31

      748. Warren County Fairgrounds (oval), Roseville,
      Illinois, July 30

      747. Warren County Fairgrounds (figure 8), Roseville,
      Illinois, July 30

      746. Tri-City Speedway (inner oval), Auburn,
      Michigan, July 29

      745. Tri-City Speedway (outer oval), Auburn,
      Michigan, July 29

      744. Munger Fairgrounds, Munger, Michigan, July 29

      743. Ionia Fairgrounds, Ionia, Michigan, July 28

      742. Thayer County Speedway, Deshler, Nebraska, July

      741. Heartland Park-Road Course, Topeka, Kansas, July

      740. Montgomery County Speedway, New Florence,
      Missouri, July 17

      739. Soggy Bottom Raceway, Greenup, Illinois, July 17

      738. Wayne County Speedway, Wayne City, Illinois,
      July 16

      737. Music City Motorplex, Nashville, Tennessee, July

      736. Clarksville Speedway, Clarksville, Tennessee,
      July 14

      735. Tri-State Speedway, Pocola, Oklahoma, July 13

      734. Tulsa Speedway, Tulsa, Oklahoma, July 12

      733. Park City Raceway, Valley Center, Kansas, July

      732. Heartland Park � Road Course, Topeka, Kansas,
      July 11

      731. Nevada Speedway, Nevada, Missouri, July 10

      730. Adrian Speedway, Adrian, Missouri, July 10

      729. Bolivar Speedway, Bolivar, Missouri, July 9

      728. Dallas County Speedway, Urbana, Missouri, July 9

      727. U.S. 30 Speedway (small oval), Columbus,
      Nebraska, July 8

      726. U.S. 30 Speedway (large oval), Columbus,
      Nebraska, July 8

      725. Butler County Speedway, Allison, Iowa, June 27

      724. Webster County Fairgrounds, Ft. Dodge, Iowa,
      June 27

      723. Dallas County Fairgrounds, Adel, Iowa, June 26

      722. Butler County Speedway, Rising City, Nebraska,
      June 25

      721. Hamilton County Fairgrounds, Aurora, Nebraska,
      June 25

      720. The Speed Bowl, Red Cloud, Nebraska, June 23

      719. Junction Motor Speedway, McCool Junction,
      Nebraska, June 22

      718. Belle-Clair Speedway, Belleville, Illinois June

      717. Charleston Speedway � Road Course, Charleston,
      Illinois June 13

      **Eldora Speedway, Rossburg, Ohio, June 12

      716. Doe Run Raceway, Doe Run, Missouri, June 11

      715. Fredericktown Raceway, Fredericktown, Missouri,
      June 11

      714. Highland Speedway, Highland, Illinois, June 8

      713. Pine Ridge Speedway, Baldwyn, Mississippi, May
      29 (Carol�s #153)

      712. Memphis Motorsports Park-Road Course, Memphis,
      Tennessee, May 29 (Carol�s #152)

      711. Simpson County Speedway, Mendenhall,
      Mississippi, May 29 (Carol�s #151)

      710. Southern Speedway, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, May
      28 (Carol�s #150)

      **Charleston Speedway, Charleston, Illinois, May 22

      709. Coles County Speedway, Loxa, Illinois, May 22

      708. Lincoln Trail Motorsports Off Road Park, Casey,
      Illinois, May 22

      707. Warren County Speedway (oval track), Indianola,
      Iowa, May 21

      706. Warren County Speedway (Figure 8 track),
      Indianola, Iowa, May 21

      705. Firebird International Raceway � East Course,
      Chandler, Arizona, May 2 (Carol�s #149)

      704. Pagota Motorcycle Club, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania,
      April 25

      703. Mahoning Valley Speedway, Lehighton,
      Pennsylvania, April 24

      702. Shellhammer�s Speedway, Leesport, Pennsylvania,
      April 24

      701. Hill Valley Speedway, Orbisonia, Pennsylvania,
      April 24

      700. Thunder Alley Speedpark, Evans Mills, New York,
      April 22

      699. Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium, Belle Vue, United
      Kingdom, April 12

      698. Buxton Raceway, Buxton, United Kingdom, April 12

      697. Brampton Raceway, Brampton, United Kingdom,
      April 12

      696. York Autograss, York, United Kingdom, April 12

      695. Sheffield Stadium, Sheffield, United Kingdom,
      April 11

      694. Blyton Raceway, Blyton, United Kingdom, April 11

      693. Hunmanby Raceway, Hunmanby, United Kingdom,
      April 11

      692. Skegness Stadium, Skegness, United Kingdom,
      April 10

      691. Silverstone, Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone,
      United Kingdom, April 10

      690. Mildenhall Stadium, Mendenhall, Suffock, United
      Kingdom, April 9

      689. Bovingdon Circuit, Bovingdon, Hertfordshire,
      United Kingdom, April 9

      688. Sunshine Speedway (figure 8), Pinellas Park,
      Florida, April 3

      **Sunshine Speedway (oval), Pinellas Park, Florida,
      April 3

      687. Lubbock Motor Speedway, Lubbock, Texas, March 21

      686. Thunderbird Speedway, Crandall, Texas, March 20

      685. Kennedale Speedway Park, Kennedale, Texas, March

      684. Texas World Spdwy (Road Course), College
      Station, Texas, March 20

      683. Heart O� Texas Speedway, Waco, Texas, March 19

      **Central Arizona Raceway, Casa Grande, Arizona,
      January 20

      Planned new racetracks (on the last day of each racing
      trip I will post my tentative plans for my next trip)

      1-Aug Regular program Jackson Speedway Jackson, OH

      1-Aug Regular program Ninety-three Spdwy Oak Hill,

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