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7th annual Canadian Labor Day weekend trip

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  • Will White
    I made a successful racing trip to the Maritime provinces last weekend and kept my string of Labor Day weekends in Canada alive. Luck rode with me all the way
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2000
      I made a successful racing trip to the Maritime provinces last weekend and kept my string of Labor Day weekends in Canada alive. Luck rode with me all the way as I encountered rainy weather almost everywhere I went, yet all 4 races I went to were run without a problem. I've attended 11 racing programs in the Maritimes since 1994, all on this same weekend, and was never rained out. Maybe I should try to go to the Newfoundland track next year at this time.
      Sat.9/2--Riverside Speedway, Antigonish, NS
               (track #419)
      Sun.9/3--Petty Raceway, River Glade, NB
               (track #420)
      Sun.9/3--River Glade Speedway, River Glade,
               NB (not new for me)
      Mon.9/4--Glad Rag Raceway (paved), South
               Corinth, NY (track #421)
      Assorted notes:
      A quartet of paved stock car ovals made up my weekend... Riverside had gone into receivership this season and recently re-opened. This also happened at Shediac, NB, this season... Petty returned to action this year with 4 MASCAR Tour dates scheduled. However, the last one for Sept. 23 was apparently canceled... This was my 3rd time at River Glade and it is the only Canadian track I've seen races at more than once. I now have 46 Canadian tracks on my list and I'm hoping to catch Paul Weidman in a few years. Paul, unless he added more recently, has 62 North of the Border tracks... One thing I like about the Maritime tracks is they usually stick to either 2 or 3 division shows. They may be small on car counts sometimes but at least they don't keep adding new classes every year... River Glade's event was "The International", which in its 36th running was billed as New Brunswick's longest running and most prestigious racing event. Former winners include 2 of the biggest names to come out of the region, Junior Hanley and Earl Ross. They had a full field of Late Model Sportsmen (their top class) for the 100 lapper... I still enjoy River Glade. It's a narrow, almost flat 1/4 mile with an outside wall all the way around which makes for really tight action. There's plenty of 2 abreast racing and the times I've been there they've run efficient shows... Riverside and Petty are both high banked 1/3's with longish straights and tight corners, kind of like Wall Stadium. Both have pits in the infield but viewing the entire track is no problem. Except at Petty you have to stand in the back to do so. The hill that the bench rows are laid out on is not steep enough and if you sit you'll be mostly looking at the backs of heads... I like the MASCAR (Pro Stock) Tour. They are the top class in the Maritimes. In MASCAR there are no time trials and apparently there is some type of inversion system. This is a great deal as it ensures passing. The New England area ACT Tour is another of the few touring stock car series' to do this and it gives them high marks in my book... Also they do not count caution laps in their 100 lap races...  When Gordy went to Glad Rag earlier this year he discovered that they paved the track. I got it as a dirt track on Labor Day 1997. I returned on Labor Day 2000 to get it as a paved track. Glad Rag is a tiny little backyard operation that is just there having fun while the rest of the racing world goes on around it. When I was there 3 years ago they had 3 cars (4 cylinder stocks) running, 3 fans, and after one heat they stopped to water the track and it was an hour between races. Take note, Randy. Now that they paved it, Glad Rag is 100% better. They had about a dozen cars, plus even added a truck division, which had only 2. The added cars meant more friends and family of drivers so the spectator side had more people in it. The best part was the efficiently run show. They ran 4 heats and 2 features, including an intermission, in a little over 90 minutes... Upon arrival I was surprised to see #11 TrackChaser Norm Wagner of Ohio. It was a special day for Norm as Glad Rag (paved) was his milestone 500th track. I started to congratulate him but I stopped when I realized we hadn't seen a race yet. It was raining lightly and I didn't want to jinx him. They ran the first heat in the rain, then luckily it stopped... I racked up 2100 more miles on my Grand Am over a 3 day period (Friday 8:45 pm to Monday 7:40 pm)... I must really be looking suspicious these days. At the Calais-St. Stephen border crossing they did a really thorough search of my car, that after going through the inside the building routine. Coming back the Americans also searched through all my belongings. Also, after all the times I went to Canada, this was the first time that I went by car and was asked for my passport. For all those who go without passport or birth certificate, take note. There's always a chance you'll need it. Last year, after I had my accident and went back up by bus to retrieve my car, I was lectured at the border for not having proof of citizenship. The guy said my driver's license meant nothing. After that I started taking my passport along when I go to Canada... I see in his MARC Times column that "Boston Bob" Blair picked up some new tracks in the Midwest and is over 430 now. I don't know whether or not I'll catch him by the end of the year for 14th place...
      Thursday night I'll be taking my mom to the Pike County Fair in Bushkill, PA, where there's figure 8 racing on tap. Thanks again to Andy Ritter for that tip. Gordy and Guy should also be in attendance. Other upcoming possibilities on my schedule include Potomac (MD) 1/8 mile on the 9th, Gratz (PA) Fair F8's on the 17th, Bloomsburg (PA) Fair F8's on the 23rd at noon followed by Kingsdale (PA) off road, and Pennsboro (WV) on the 24th.
      Of course my new country goal has not yet been met for 2000. Last year I started working on my country about this time and ended up at Tipperary, Ireland, in early October. I guess I better start looking into this year's. Juarez, Mexico, is my number one choice so we'll see what happens.
      I wasn't expecting to go on this long so I better stop for now.
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