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Zero for Four in Toledo

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  • deskjet960@aol.com
    Trying to catch up here. My computer died a couple weeks ago and I had to actually buy a new one that was big enough to carry all my stuff. Anyway, I am
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31 8:43 PM
      Trying to catch up here. My computer died a couple weeks ago and I had to
      actually buy a new one that was big enough to carry all my stuff. Anyway, I am
      back on line again. Back On Friday May 21, I had a rare couple days off and
      checked the weather channel and took off for Ohio which showed only a 20%
      chance of rain. Well, I was headed to the Toledo Figure eight and quess what, it
      rained out in the afternoon, even though the sun was out and it was beautiful
      at 6 PM when I arrived there. This was my fourth attempt at this place for a
      figure eight, so I was not at all happy! I found a motel which had a weather
      channel, and tried to figure out what as my best shot at a new track the next
      day. My best chance was to head south and east. Found a Nights Inn in
      Toledo which was a very reasonable 36.00! I think that this year especially it
      would be nice to read trackchasers adventures with the prices of gas in
      different regions of the country. It was 2.15 and up in NYS, but Oho was all under
      1.99. Saw a few places at 1.87.in Ohio. I finally wound up at the Brushcreek
      Motorsports Complex on Saturday May 22 for Track # 748. I have over 95% of
      the Ohio tracks, so it was a nice one to finally get. This place opened in 2001
      and is not doing good at all. Very poor crowd, only 97 cars in the spectator
      parking lot! No excitement here. Twelve bucks to get in. Four different (but
      quite similar) classes of late models /modifieds plus mini stocks. Minis were
      the only class with a field of more than 18 cars. Nice place for watching,
      beautiful new grandstands. The place is like a real small Pocono, with a D on
      the backstetch, making the front shoot the only real straightaway. It would
      be an exciting place if they could get alot more cars and people. Too many
      tracks in the area all running on Saturday nights!! I stayed for all the heats,
      so that I got to see all the cars race once and took off for track # 749,
      Mudlick Valley Raceway in Tollesboro, Kentucky. About a half hour drive ,
      except that the bridge at the State Line was closed, and I had to back track to
      find another bridge. Ever notice that in Kentucky they have so many roads with
      route numbers not on any map made! They also do not believe in guardrails.
      I love road signs on these back roads that show two ways to go, both to towns
      not on any map. Don't try taking short cuts in Kentucky! Mudlick was ten
      bucks to get in. Could use more lighting. I did not like the place at all,
      mainly because you can not see the front straighway, except for the roofs of the
      cars. Track set too low for people in the small grandstands to see! Even
      though this place is pretty much in the boondocks , they had a decent crowd of
      about 800. Everything was very run down, not a showplace for the sport here.
      They had srewed around so much that they were still running the heats when I
      got there about 9:30. Typical Kentucky. The next day it rained very hard all
      the way home. It has been an extreeeeeemely rainy Spring here in New York and
      nearby areas. I have noticed quite a disturbing trend at most all short
      tracks in recent years. More and more people are going into the pits, not the
      granstands. The tracks charge outragious prices for the pits and seem to survive
      on this back gate crowd. It was 25.00 and 30.00 for pit fees at these two
      tracks , which is unbelievable for regular shows, but it is getting more and more
      the norm. You have to wonder what kind of insurarce some place like Mudlick
      has for its pit area, especially when you see many youngsters running back and
      forth. Remembers years ago when you had to be a member of a pit crew for a car
      entered, to be in the pits . Boy, times have changed, and not in the right
      direction. PJ

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