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I finally left the pits - #910-912

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  • andy
    Hello Everyone, I finally left the Pitts(burgh) for a road trip to North Carolina. It has been depressing to see how many track chasers are already in the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2004
      Hello Everyone,

      I finally left the Pitts(burgh) for a road trip to North Carolina. It has been depressing to see how many track chasers are already in the double digits for new tracks for 2004. In the meantime, I am in the alphabetic cellar. I have been so busy at work that only my February race was a new track for me. On March 13th I went to Lincoln Speedway, PA to keep my monthly streak alive. It was consecutive month #192 (16 years). On April 9th I snuck out of the office to go to Motordrome Speedway, PA which is only 17 miles from my home.


      It was a typical Southern asphalt track except for the one very high main grandstand that made you feel like you were in a sports stadium. There were only 4 divisions with cars ranging from 12 to 15 in each division, The Late Model Sportsmen were the top division. The Stock 4 Cylinder class had a multitude of old Pintos and there was at least one Taurus in 3 of the 4 divisions. You could hardly tell the difference among the Taurus racecars except the Modified 4 Cylinder was down on horsepower compared to the others.


      Before going to Wake County I first stopped at Wayne County to see if a double was doable. On tap at Wayne County was a Super 7 Late Model race for $3,000.00 to win, along with 4 local divisions. The promoter said that practice and time trials would be first and that actual racing probably would start between 9 and 9:30. After staying too long at Wake County I drove the 53 miles and arrived at Wayne County at 11:10. It was a lap 6 caution flag of the 50 lap Late Model race. The first Late Model car dropped out of the race during this caution leaving only 12. After the Late Model feature there was still an Open Wheel Modified feature and the Bombers.


      I was surprised when I talked to the promoter earlier in the week and was told that the stock cars would start racing between 9:30 and 10 AM. I was not surprised when the races did not start until 11:09. There were 2 heats for the 9 Two Wheel Drive cars and 1 heat for the Two Wheel Drive trucks. It was interesting to see an old 60s VW Bug racing against big block GM products. A nimble, big wheeled Camaro won its heat and the feature while the VW Bug didn't finish its heat and didn't start the feature. A fast Firebird was leading its heat before it broke for the day. Only 2 of the 4 trucks were capable of running again after their heat. The 6 car feature started in a downpour which scattered the crowd but the show went on!

      I don't know when I will get on the road again but I better get my season started pretty soon to keep up with everyone (except Ed, of course).

      Andy Sivi

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