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Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, Lancaster, California - Track #674 (Carol's 148th)

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  • Randy Lewis
    Greetings from Lancaster, California, PEOPLE/TRAVEL NEWS It’s been more than 100 tracks ago since I’ve been able to drive out of my driveway, go to a new
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2003
      Greetings from Lancaster, California,


      It�s been more than 100 tracks ago since I�ve been
      able to drive out of my driveway, go to a new track
      and return home the same evening. Carol and I
      ventured up the I-5 freeway on a holiday weekend,
      Friday afternoon. Not too many people would plan a
      trip that would take them through the heart of Los
      Angeles on an afternoon when about 5 million people
      are also trying to leave town for the Labor Day
      weekend. The 142-mile drive took us about three and
      one-half hours.

      Admission to the fair was $10 that also included
      admission to the grandstands for the Motorsports
      event. We ate dinner at the fair. We chose the
      Alabama house of ribs eatery. Their food was
      excellent. Dessert was a county fair cinnamon roll.
      Deee-licious. The vanilla icing was applied with a
      ladle and had the constancy of heavy cream. Did I say
      it was deee-licious?

      Allan and Nancy Brown attended and we sat in the
      grandstands with them. They are in the last few days
      of their three-week racing vacation. It�s always nice
      to see them. The Browns became the first ranked
      trackchasers to visit us at our new home in San
      Clemente. We had a nice lunch at the El Mariachi
      Restaurant, a very authentic hometown Mexican
      restaurant on Sunday afternoon.

      By the way, I learned that Allan made a special
      appearance on a Seattle, Washington TV station. I
      don�t want to steal Allan�s thunder so if you�re
      interested I suggest you ask him about it. You won�t
      be disappointed!

      Additionally, for you golf fans, I will be advancing
      to the finals of the first flight of the Pacific Golf
      Club President�s Cup tournament. My semi-final
      opponent had to forfeit due to an emergency hospital
      visit. I didn�t want to win like this but there
      wasn�t much I can do about it. This means I�ll face
      good friend George Robertson in the championship event
      on September 13. My next track report will announce
      the results of this expected to be epic battle.
      George and I play one on one about once a week, so
      there shouldn�t be any surprises.

      Car mileage when we entered these states/provinces
      during the trip:

      California � 284 miles round-trip


      The Browns debated whether or not this track and race
      was the worst they�ve seen all season. They came to
      the conclusion that it was either the worst or next to
      worst. With that as an intro, here�s what we saw.

      They have a large grandstand at the Antelope County
      Fairgrounds. They also have two separate bleacher
      facilities on either side of the permanent grandstand.
      Virtually every seat was taken. I estimate the fan
      count was between two and three thousand.

      This is the last year of the fairgrounds being located
      at its current location. Next year they�ll be at new
      fairgrounds across town. The track is located in its
      permanent location in front of the grandstands. They
      have always had the figure 8 track in the very same

      There were a grand total of 13 cars in competition.
      They ran three heats, a two-car trophy dash, a
      semi-main and a feature. The announcer, formerly the
      voice of the NASCAR truck series, was very

      As I always say if you look hard enough you�ll see
      something different at each track you go too. That
      was the case here as well. Thirteen cars started the
      feature. How many do you think were running at the
      finish? The answer: one. I can�t ever recall seeing
      just one car finish a feature event, especially when
      there were 13 cars starting.

      Carol liked the one car running at the end bit, as
      well as the lighting, visiting with the Browns and the
      announcer. She did feel it was a bit dusty. It
      wasn�t �Canandaigua dusty�. If it was Carol would
      have ended her trackchasing career at the track �where
      legends are born�.

      This was my 674th track and Carol�s 148th track. I
      won�t be doing anymore trackchasing until the latter
      part of September. The trackchasing season is
      beginning to wind down.


      I think I need a new Lexus. If you agree please try
      to convince Carol

      That�s all the news that�s fit to print from San
      Clemente where the women are strong, the men are
      good-looking, all of the children are above average
      and the wind chill hovers around 71 (actually
      according to weather.com the LOWEST average high for
      the year in San Clemente is 66 and the HIGHEST average
      high on any day of the year is 79. That�s pretty nice
      weather) on a bad day.

      My past trackchasing stories are available on the
      following websites:

      http://uk.geocities.com/trackchaser2001/ (photos from
      my racing trips are also available on this site)


      New racetracks visited in 2003

      623. Penton Raceway, Lafayette, Alabama, April 4
      624. Heart O� Dixie (oval), Sayre, Alabama, April 5
      625. Heart O� Dixie (figure 8), Sayre, Alabama, April
      626. Virginia International Raceway, Alton,
      Virginia, April 27
      627. Bowman Gray Stadium, Winston Salem, North
      Carolina, April 27
      628. Oak Level Speedway, Oak Level, Virginia, April
      629. Elko Speedway (3/8 mile oval), Elko, Minnesota,
      May 23
      630. Elko Speedway (1/4 mile oval), Elko, Minnesota,
      May 23
      631. Elko Speedway (figure 8), Elko, Minnesota, May
      632. Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minnesota,
      May 24
      633. Dodge County Speedway, Kasson, Minnesota, May
      634. Trollhaugen Ski Area, Dresser, Wisconsin, May
      635. Eagle Valley Speedway, Jim Falls, Wisconsin,
      May 26
      636. Path Valley Speedway, Spring Run, Pennsylvania,
      June 6
      637. Gambler�s Raceway Park, Clearfield,
      Pennsylvania, June 8
      638. Speedway 95, Hermon, Maine, June 11 (CPL-131)
      639. Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, Scarborough, Maine,
      June 12 (CPL-132)
      640. Wiscasset Raceway, Wiscasset, Maine, June 13
      641. Riverhead Raceway (oval), Riverhead, Long
      Island, New York, June 14 (CPL-134)
      642. Riverhead Raceway (figure 8), Riverhead, Long
      Island, New York, June 14 (CPL-135)
      643. Muddy Acres Raceway, Enfield, New York, June 15
      644. New Egypt Speedway, New Egypt, New Jersey, June
      645. Fergus Falls Raceway, Fergus Falls, Minnesota,
      July 11
      646. Jamestown Speedway, Jamestown, North Dakota,
      July 12 (CPL-137)
      647. Nodak Speedway, Minot, North Dakota, July 13
      648. Estevan Motor Speedway, Estevan, Saskatchewan,
      Canada, July 14 (CPL-139)
      649. Williston-Basin Speedway, Williston, North
      Dakota, July 15 (CPL-140)
      650. Southwest Speedway, Dickinson, North Dakota,
      July 16 (CPL-141)
      651. Dakota Speedway, Mandan, North Dakota, July 17
      652. Cresco Speedway, Cresco, Iowa, July 18
      653. Jones County Fairgrounds, Monticello, Iowa,
      July 19
      654. Echo Valley Speedway, West Union, Iowa, July 19
      655. Nordic Speedway, Decorah, Iowa, July 19
      656. Redwood Speedway (1/5 mile oval) Redwood Falls,
      Minnesota, July 20
      657. Redwood Speedway (1/2 mile oval) Redwood Falls,
      Minnesota, July 20
      658. Chenango County Fair-North (figure 8), Norwich,
      New York, August 5
      659. Chenango County Fair-South (figure 8), Norwich,
      New York, August 5
      660. Canandaigua Speedway, Canandaigua, New York,
      August 6
      661. Bradford Speedway, Bradford, Pennsylvania,
      August 7
      662. Black Rock Speedway, Dundee, New York, August 8
      663. Lancaster Motorsports Park (inner oval),
      Lancaster, New York, August 9
      664. Lancaster Motorsports Park (outer oval),
      Lancaster, New York, August 9
      665. Lake Erie Speedway (oval), North East,
      Pennsylvania, August 9
      666. Lake Erie Speedway (figure 8), North East,
      Pennsylvania, August 9
      667. Glad Rag Raceway (asphalt), Saratoga Springs,
      New York, August 10
      668. Cobleskill County Fairgrounds (figure 8),
      Cobleskill, New York, August 10
      669. Hawthorne Centennial Speedway, Hawthorne,
      Nevada, August 15 (CPL-143)
      670. Lassen Speedway, Susanville, California, August
      16 (CPL-144)
      671. American Valley Speedway, Quincy, California,
      August 17 (CPL-145)
      672. Winnemucca Regional Raceway, Winnemucca,
      Nevada, August 22 (CPL-146)
      673. Battle Mountain Raceway, Battle Mountain,
      Nevada, August 23 (CPL-147)
      674. Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, Lancaster,
      California, August 29 (CPL-148)

      Planned new racetracks for 2003

      19-Sep Regular program Camden Raceway Camden, IN
      20-Sep Porche racing Putnam Park Road Course
      Putnamville, IN
      20-Sep Regular Program Pittsfield Speedway Pittsfield,
      21-Sep Rockford Nationals Rockford Speedway Rockford,
      26-Sep Regular program Calumet County Speedway
      Chilton, WI
      26-Sep Backup plan Clay County Speedway Flora, IL
      27-Sep Road racing Blackhawk Farms Raceway Rockton, IL
      27-Sep Regular program Freeport Raceway Park Freeport,
      27-Sep Backup plan Jackson County Speedway Maquoketa,
      27-Sep Backup plan St Francois County Raceway
      Farmington, MO
      28-Sep MARA Midwest Auto Racing Association Auto Tire
      and Parts RacePark, Inc
      Benton, MO

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