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Wyoming County Speedway, Perry, New York--Bruce # 388

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  • Bruce Eckel
    Sunday, July 2nd-- Somehow I managed to talk Pat into letting me go to Wyoming County Speedway, a track she already had. Maybe it was the fact that they were
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4 10:25 AM
      Sunday, July 2nd-- Somehow I managed to talk Pat into letting me go to Wyoming County Speedway, a track she already had.  Maybe it was the fact that they were starting two hours earlier than Utica Rome (4 as opposed to 6), we could only pick up the slingshot track at Utica Rome (will wait until both inner tracks are running) and the fact that I had to go into work the next two mornings for a few hours to set things up for the holiday.  Anyhow we ended up here. 
      Highlights:  The show started on time at 4.  The grounds are nice with a new concession stand and flowers everywhere.  They even have a concrete area behind the grandstands to display the featured car of the week.  The grass is well manicured and they even have a nice play area for the kids.  The racing itself was decent with some passing even though the surface is in dire need of repaving.  It is the original surface that was covered by dirt and in the last two or three years uncovered as asphalt racing returned to Perry.  The food was standard New York fare with the long hot dogs and the delicious salt potatoes at $2, normally $1 but this container was bigger and worth the extra dollar.  Water was $1.25 for 20 oz while beer was $2 for a regular can.
      Lowlights:  As mentioned above the racing surface is in bad need of repaving as the fourth corner was breaking up under the afternoon temperatures and the first turn had done the same in previous weeks and was patched.  The walls also are in need of a couple of coats of paint.  The owners are trying to improve the facility and it will take time to acomplish this.  Also it will take time to establish a car base after switching surfaces.  Car counts were anemic at late models (22), limited modifieds (14) and pure stocks (6) including 2 from Linda's Speedway in Pennsylvania some 5 hours away. 
      Wyoming County Speedway has the potential but they need to work on more promotions like the one this Friday (July 7th) which is '50's cruiser night where anyone showing up can bring in as many people as they can squeeze into their car for $10 a car.  The car count needs to be built up and in turn the fans will come out to see the racing if there are more cars to watch.  The next improvement needs to be on the track itself as the surface needs paving and the walls need painting.
      Our ratings would be 5 for the facility itself and 5 for the racing.  There was passing in all the classes but straight up starts hurt the potential for more passing and a better show.  
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