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  • Edward J. Esser
    Hi all, Mr Erdmann sent me out on another agressive weekend and it all worked as planned again. Thursday was off to Arkansas and the first day of a 3 day
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 11, 2003
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      Hi all,
      Mr Erdmann sent me out on another agressive weekend and it all worked
      as planned again. Thursday was off to Arkansas and the first day of a 3
      day modified special at Arkansas Raceway Park that was a makeup from
      last year's rainout. 40 modifieds turned out to race before some 150
      frozen fans on this night. Thank goodness there was only one class
      racing as they started at 8PM with a race of states and a manufactures
      race then went to heats, C,B and A features and didn't finish until
      12:30 when the temperature was 39 and windy!(we even did on track intro
      for all us frozen fans!)The track was wide and banked quite well and
      had plenty of good seats and good lighting. Day 2 found me chasing the
      wet weather to the east as Penton, AL started their regular season with
      a very muddy grounds but this made a good track and the track did grade
      the spectator roads and parking so we didn't get stuck.
      37 total cars were divided in 6 "different" classes with 9 bandits and
      only 4 limited lates. But the spectator turnout was quite good on a
      cool damp evening and the ran the show through well at this older
      track. They have added some lights but most of the place looks just the
      way it did 30 years ago, I'm quite sure. Day 3 found me at Atlanta for
      the ARCA show and then back to Alabama for the Talladega Short track
      opener. Now here is a weekly track that has hit upon success as there
      was some 2500 people for their 24 late models and 25 sportsmen, 20
      modifieds and some 51 cars in 4 other classes to finish the night. The
      track is very well lighted and features excellent sight lines as
      nothing is kept in the infield. They have figured a way to get you time
      trial haters to be there for this important event as they qualify the
      main class after several of the other heats are completed.(Penton did
      this too) It's an older place ( esp. the rest rooms)but they sure did
      put on some good races (must be why there was so many people?). Day 4
      was a stop at the rain date for a special $3000 to win late model race
      at Winchester, TN. I'm sure the racing would be better on a regular
      night show but as windy and cold as it turned Sunday we were glad it
      was a day show. 52 late models banged their way through the day that
      saw the Late model show end after 6PM. They ran heats for all 4 local
      classes before the consi's for the lates and it took forever as they
      have yellow fever. The stands (which aren't too big) were pretty well
      filled but half of the people were gone by feature time. We got to see
      the lights and it is very well lighted. Give the announcer a plus as he
      did explain the format including how many cars transferred before the
      races started.

      #526 3/6/03 Arkansas Raceway Park - Hurricane Grove, AR - 3/8 dirt-
      #527 3/7/03 Penton Raceway - Penton, AL - 3/8 dirt - Ltd. late models
      #528 3/8/03 Talladega Short Track - Talladega, AL - 1/3 dirt - Late
      #529 3/9/03 Winchester Speedway - Winchester, TN - 1/4 dirt - Late

      That's it for another weekend. This week should start at West Plains,
      MO and head back to Arkansas.
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