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Re: [TrackChasers] Nancy #50 state - Al's Tracks 761-766

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  • Will White
    Congrats to Nancy on joining the 50 State Club and to Allan on your 5 track weekend . Randy, you better get to work on Rhode Island. --Will
    Message 1 of 3 , May 30, 2000
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      Congrats to Nancy on joining the 50 State Club and to Allan on your 5 track "weekend".
      Randy, you better get to work on Rhode Island.

    • Randy Lewis
      Allan, Please pass along my congratulations to Nancy. Job well done! ... ===== Randy Lewis # 1 trackchaser West of the Mississippi, from San Clemente where
      Message 2 of 3 , May 30, 2000
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        Please pass along my congratulations to Nancy. Job
        well done!

        --- Allan Brown <speedways@...> wrote:
        > We somehow evaded rain this weekend and we were able
        > to add a number of
        > tracks to our total.
        > The most important note is that Nancy is now the
        > newest member of the 50
        > state club. Friday night, we went to Green Valley
        > Raceway in Alabama. The
        > final state she needed to complete seeing racing in
        > all 50. Lynn Phillips of
        > Talladega Short Track was there, he knew we were
        > coming as he is also the
        > son-in-law of B.J. Parker who own the Southern All
        > Stars. Lynn was the first
        > person to officially congratulate Nancy as he knew
        > that she only needed
        > Alabama.
        > The rest of the weekend started at "The Dirt Track"
        > at Lowe's Motor Speedway
        > (#761) on Thursday night. Gordy was also there, but
        > we never ran into him.
        > Friday was the Southern All Star race at Green
        > Valley (#762). Saturday we
        > started by watching two of the SCCA races at Road
        > Atlanta. It was a new
        > track for Nancy. The track is located across the
        > street from Lanier National
        > Speedway (#763). Nancy took off at 4 pm and headed
        > to Commerce to do some
        > outlet shopping, but was back in time for the first
        > feature. We watched two
        > features and then headed the 17 miles south to
        > Winder Barrow Speedway
        > (#764). We got to Winder at 9 pm, just in time for
        > the start of the Cadet
        > feature. The 25 lap Late Model feature was next and
        > immediately after, we
        > headed back to Lanier. The headliner at Lanier was
        > the Southern All Star 200
        > lapper. We missed the first 100 laps.
        > Sunday afternoon we stopped at Paradise Dragstrip
        > (dragstrip#74), before
        > headed to Duck River (#765) for another SAS 50
        > lapper. To our surprise
        > Gordy was there too. The next afternoon the oval at
        > Beech Bend (#766) was
        > running, and we sat with Gordy again. Gordy took off
        > after the Late Model
        > feature and headed south to Highland Rim. I'd been
        > there a couple of times
        > before, so we headed out a little while later.
        > We took a lot of notes. The most important one is
        > that Riverside Speedway
        > (SC) has switched to Friday nights. The new Windy
        > Hill Speedway five miles
        > down the road must have done them in.
        > While at Winder we found out about a new track that
        > will start running on
        > Friday nights shortly. It is called 106 Speedway and
        > is near Carnesville. It
        > is a former Kart track that has decided to start
        > running stock cars. If
        > anyone needs directions, I have them as we stopped
        > to look at the track two
        > years ago.
        > We just got a call from Nancy's sister a few miles
        > away and she said they
        > are getting a big storm, so I better sign off.
        > Allan

        Randy Lewis
        # 1 trackchaser West of the Mississippi, from San Clemente where the wind chill hovers around 72, all the women are good looking and the children are above average.

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      • RPMGORDY@aol.com
        Hi guys. First I want to say that I eat my popcorn caramel coated. Second, I wish I had a piece of Killian s Red. With that kind of dough, instead of the kind
        Message 3 of 3 , May 31, 2000
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          Hi guys. First I want to say that I eat my popcorn caramel coated. Second, I
          wish I had a piece of Killian's Red. With that kind of dough, instead of the
          kind I make as a breadman, I'd easily be leading this little group. Now on to
          a very successful Memorial Day weekend.
          Thursday was the Dirt Track at Lowes Motor Speedway. The facilty is near
          perfect, except for some first night bugs in the PA system. Food was the
          highest priced I've ever encountered in racing. $6 for a bratwurst, $5 for a
          beer, $4.50 for a cheeseburger, $3 for water,etc. $5 to park and $25 or $30
          dollars a ticket to watch. Only the high prices lower the joint from a 10 to
          a 9. Racing was pretty good after the track dried some. That gets a 7.
          Friday was a 6 division show at Sugar Creek Speedway in Buffalo, SC.
          Show started right at 8:00. Heats for all followed by features. Watched the
          Mod 4s, Thunder and Lightning, Sportsman and Late Model features by 10:00.
          Outstanding organization for a Rebel track. Racing was OK. Gave it a 6.
          Burgers were grilled and good for $2.50. Some remodeling of the facility was
          done, but more needs doing. Facility gets a 5.
          Went 5 miles up the road to Buffalo Speedway and caught the stock 4, mod
          4 and spectator features. What a dump. No cars, no crowd, no excitement and
          no need to ever return. Facility gets a 0 and the racing a -1. It's that bad.
          Saturday started at Cleveland Speedway in TN. The rain forecast for
          after midnight showed up at 8:50 during the heats, so i left and drove south
          for an hour in heavy rain. 5 miles from North Georgia Speedway the rain
          turned to drizzle. 2 miles later it stopped. I got to watch street stock,
          sportsman, late model and 20 laps of the super late model features before the
          rain caught back up. Track is very high banked and wide, with cars using all
          the real estate. Updating of the facility was present making it a 7 with
          racing just behind at a 6. Can't count Clevevland yet so a can't rate it
          properly. Don't expect high numbers. The place is really rundown and the
          racing to that point was terrible with no passing and lots of spinning.
          Sunday was at Duck River Speedway in Wheel, TN. 7 divisions,but
          fortunately they only timed the late models. Heats started at 7:00 and were
          not over 'til 11:00. They still took an intermission. The headlining late
          model feature checkered at 1:30. Allan and I headed for the car to join the
          sleeping Nancy with 3 feature still to go. The facility is rundown rating a
          4. The racing only a 3.
          Monday was Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, KY, home of the
          Corvette. Quite a facility with a state park, amusement park and dragstrip
          surrounding the flat, narrow third mile pavement. Your race ticket was also
          honored at the amusement park should you want to go. 180 cars in 6 divisions,
          including 72 streeters. Everyone time trials followed by features. The
          streeters with their big number had 4 features themselves. The super street
          feature was first and the winner cut his speech short saying he had to load
          and get to Highland Rim. I watched sportsman, late model stock car and 1
          street stock feature and chased after that first winner. Facility rated a 7,
          racing a 4 because that's how many cars finished the headline feature.
          50 minutes later I pulled into the Highland Rim Speedway in Ridgetop,
          TN. The guy that won that first feature up the road started tail (24th) in
          his race on this high banked, quarter mile of pavement and got a hardearned
          3rd. The 2 guys battling for the lead swapped spots 5 times the last 2 laps.
          As good as these guys were, the headlining late model stock cars were
          pathetic. It took an hour to run their 50 lapper. 7 of the 22 starters
          finished. The facility gets a 7, the racing gets a 5 when you average the 8
          for the sportsman and 2 for the lmsc.
          Track total now stands at 741. Hope to add Bristol this weekend. I'll
          tell everyone about it if the popcorn thing doesn't tear us apart. Wait 'til
          you see Humpy's new roadster class. The look neat until you hear them. Adios.
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