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  • tomcv58
    OHIO Raceway 7 LMS(5/73); Sharon 1/2 paved LMS(76); St Clairsville LMS(76); Wayne Co. LMS(77); Expo LMS/Sprints(8/81); Fremont sprints (6/88) my friend won a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2002

      Raceway 7 LMS(5/73);
      Sharon 1/2 paved LMS(76);
      St Clairsville LMS(76);
      Wayne Co. LMS(77);
      Expo LMS/Sprints(8/81);
      Fremont sprints (6/88) my friend won a thanksgiving enduro here.:
      Attica Sprints (6/89) would be better if track was closer to
      grandstands,not inside 1/2 mile track.;
      Cloverleaf stocks (6/89)Andy wanted to leave after poor regular
      racing. the enduro,rollover contest and hole in one was much better.;
      Sandusky stocks (1/90);
      Painsville stocks(5/90) after LM race only saw 2 people leave,the
      good size crowd all stayed for the F8 race.;
      Barberton LMS(4/95);
      Lakeville Sprints(6/02) the wingless midgets were actully TQ midgets;
      Cuyahoga FG(Berea) F8 jm stocks(8/02)

      Sharon 1/2 dirt sprints
      New Sharon 3/8 dirt (6/02) the new track could be the #2 track in
      western PA if they learn good track prep.still one of the best
      western PA tracks even if its in ohio not PA.;
      Painsville F8 ; the night I was there,this was the best race of the
      night no wrecking just racing.;

      Manzanita 1/2 Emods/LMS(10/93) 1st time I saw emods, the track was
      so much better the night without late models.;
      Manzanita 1/4 dwarfs;
      Arizona state FG micros(10/93);
      Phoenix Int't LM(10/93);
      Canyon 3/8 Sprints (10/93);
      Canyon 1/5 micros (10/93) it had been warm that day but got very
      cold at night. it was a dry cold though.;
      PA TRACKS?????;

      Beebe Sprints (10/93);

      West Virginia
      Tyler Co LM (4/76);
      Morgantown LM (4/76) this is 1 of less than 10 tracks I went to that
      Andy did not. on this easter weekend after about freezing the night
      before not only did I get sunburn but about heat stroke during this
      afternoon show.;
      Pennsboro LM(9/78) after motordrome canceled there north/south LM on
      a nice day,saw 1st day time trials and heats. the track is something

      New Jersey
      East Winsor mods(7/80);
      Flemington dirt mods(7/80);
      Wall Stadium (11/81);
      Flemington small oval(7/80) ran small gremliny things around cones
      or tires on front streach. I really do like counting this track but
      by the rules it counts.;

      Devils Bowl mods (5/91);

      Terre Haute Sprints no wings(10/93) was run by inept bumbeling
      idiots. Good thing Andy did not stop at a Hardees since the hot laps
      were the high light of the day. it was down hill from there. got to
      see alot of this giant 3 wheel poor excuse for a water truck. it was
      more of a bug sprayer that misted very little water. they got all
      the races run for the micros and dwarfs that were lost on the big
      track but not the sprints. any time you are cheated out of seeing a
      real sprint car (no wings) feature by ineptness it makes you happy
      when new operators are in place.( since I got cheated out of real
      sprint racing at Mercer for the second year in a row this past june
      Vicki is my least favorite promoter at the moment. but if they
      schedule it next year,I will be there.);
      Bloomington all star sprints(8/94) my choice over the speeddrome
      which now would be 2 tracks. the right choice. would still like to
      see real sprints there.;
      Indianapolis nascar (8/94);
      Benton Co paved (8/94) Andys choice. bottom 5 track. this place was
      crappy, the racing was crappy and Speedo the clown dragged this poor
      show out so late we did not try to get out of there to see a decent
      track. this was most likley the worst race in indiana this saturday
      night. do remember outside the groove there was quite a bit of grass
      growing in the cracks of the track.;
      Hoosier Dome legends (12/94);
      Hoosier Dome F8 track (12/94) when I saw indoor F8 races in december
      advertised I called Andy to see if he was going. He may have seen
      races there before. I do not remember if I had talk him into going
      or not. we now have both hoosier dome tracks.;

      Martinsville mods/lms(4/76);
      Franklin Co. mods (9/76);
      Richmond 1/2 nascar (2/82);

      Hagerstowm Sprints(3/82) very nice day, very very big crowd.;

      New Hampshire
      New Hampshire Int'l busch(5/94);
      Star supers (5/94);

      Vermilion Co. UMP LM(8/94) race was like watching a lernerville
      enduro. cars running the top and the bottom. the winner was not the
      car I thought was leading.;

      Daytona nascar(2/77);
      New Smyrna mods/lms(2/77);
      Volusha co 1/2 dirt (2/77) late models still had factory tin in the
      good old days.still remember a 69 Dart won one feature. lots of
      camaros & chevelles. Late Models were my favorite class back then,
      not now;
      Lakeland 1/3 (2-90) dirt lms on a paved track. to many so called
      dirt tracks put on this same type of poor excuse racing.;
      Auburndale (2-90) 1 mini stock heat race;
      Disney World IRL (1/96) 1st IRL race;
      Orlando Speed World (1/96) Practice only inept promotors They got my
      money,saw all the cars running on track. this counts on my list.;
      Orange Co (1/96) not the best racing here.;
      Volusha co 1/2 paved sprints(2-90) when frankie Kerr fliped almost
      getting the flagman, he took down a large part of the catch fence in
      front of stands. they moved the people in some stands and finished
      the race without alot of the catch fence. most tracks would have
      cancelled the rest of race or taken hours to fix it.;

      South Carolina
      Cherokee LM (4/88);

      Kalamazoo Enduro (9/88);
      Galesburg LMS (8/89);
      Waterford Hills sports cars(7/94) my only paved road course;
      Crystal sprints (7/94) Andy did not want to drive past at least 1
      paved track just to see sprints on dirt but we did.;
      Dixie Enduro (7/94);
      Spartan midgets (7/94);
      Galesburg F8 ARCA F8 (8/89) ARCA F8 cars are late models ;
      Spartan F8 ARCA F8 (7/94) ;

      North Carolina
      Caraway stocks (9/77);
      North Wilkesboro mods/nascar (4/88);

      Dover nascar (9/82);
      US 13 urc sprints/mods(5/87);

      Humberstone mods(79);
      Merrittville mods (80);
      Cayuga ASA (6/82);
      Toronto Skydome midgets(1/93);
      Delaware coupes (7/94);
      Flamboro Enduro (8/94);
      Ohsweken sportsman mods (6/01) races were much better than they had
      any right to be.;

      should be 65 tracks and 10 trackchaser tracks to add to the 126 NY &
      PA tracks. 201 tracks total now up to 203 with 1 more in each NY&PA.
      NY Chemung mods 8/31/02 &
      PA Ace High (FKA Dunn Hill) LMs 8/31/02 = 203 TRACKS

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