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Re: [TrackChasers] Accord Speedway, Accord, New York - Track #579

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  • RPMGORDY@aol.com
    Randy. The singers of the three songs in question were Johnny Cash, Jimmy Dean and I think, Walter Brennan. Let me know If I m right. Pat Eckel. The other day
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2002
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      Randy. The singers of the three songs in question were Johnny Cash, Jimmy Dean and I think, Walter Brennan. Let me know If I'm right.

      Pat Eckel. The other day I was channel surfing on tv and came across a show that featured athletes playing golf with private citizens. The two athletes were Tony Siragusa, lately of the Baltimore Ravens, and your workmate, O.J. Andersen. You've often told me what a great guy O.J. is, and judging from what I saw on tv, you must be right. He was great with everyone on the show. For those that don't know, I'm a huge Arizona Cardinals fan going back to the days they were located in St. Louis. O.J. began his career with the Cardinals and was one of my favorite players before he moved on to the hated NY Giants where he became Super Bowl MVP. He was gracious enough to autograph an old photo he had of himself from his Cardinal playing days and gave it to Pat to send to me. Ironically, the photo shows him playing against the Giants. Thanks again Pat for the photo. I'll treasure it always. Please tell O.J. I saw and enjoyed the show and that he should stick to his current form of employment. His football skills didn't totally carry over to golf. I think Randy and I can take he and Tony in that alternate ball format.

      I didn't get to any races the past 2 weeks. My contract with the company I work for expired on June 30 and meetings and negotiations were more important than trackchasing. We finally agreed to terms with 10 minutes to spare on Sunday night after last minute meetings that day and the day before. As much as I hated to miss the 6 opportunities for new tracks I passed on, my livelihood enables me to pursue this hobby in the fashion I'm accustomed to, and the new agreement gives me another 3 years to try and keep the wolves at bay. The next 3 weekends look promising, weather permitting.

      Colin, I don't know if you're already here, but if you get this I'd like to join you at Grandview on July 16. I'm also off work the next day and would be willing to spend time with you and/or join you at Kutztown. Let me know.

      Still looking forward to my first time behind the mic on Wed. at Latrobe. Adios, mi amigos.                                           Gordy
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