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Guy & Gordy Weekend

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    Hi Guys: It was another weekend on the road for Guy and AilingGordy. I took a personal day Friday, and AilingGordy had an early CAT Scan. That allowed us an
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 1969
      Hi Guys:

      It was another weekend on the road for Guy and AilingGordy. I took a personal day Friday, and AilingGordy had an early CAT Scan. That allowed us an opportunity to head to Ohio and the newly reopened Cannonball Speedway.

      Basically, this was a good show. They did a nice job redoing the track, as well as the rest of the grounds. Viewing and refreshments are both good. They were very organized, and started the show right on time. They also ran the Late Model feature first, which is something I feel is important for a track to do (run the top class feature first, that is). The Late Model field was decent, with 23 cars on hand.

      On the downside, the track was hardly watered at all. It was dusty from the first time trial lap, and they never added a single drop all night. The car counts in the three support classes were small, but as I didn't care about them that was actually a plus for me. Weekly time trials for Late Models are a deterrent, as that means the fast guys start up front for the feature. Mark Banal started on the pole and won. The main drawback was that after the heats the lights went out in turn three. By the time they got that straightened out, the lights in turn one were out. They had no idea what to do. It looked like they were going to cancel, until they figured out that while they were trying to fix turn three lights they accidently turned out turn one. It was about a 70 minute delay, but with the Late Models first their feature was still over by 10:15

      Saturday afternoon we went to see the Detroit Tigers play the Chisox at the Tigers new stadium. $12 for a reserved seat with an individual chair with a back and a cupholder. Makes me think the NASCAR tracks with their $75 , 18 inch bleacher seat with no back can go pound sand. And you can see better, too.

      Saturday night we went to M-40, MI. Auto Value Sprints were supposed to be there but were not. Good track, very nice track and facility. We met Allan and Nancy Brown. Very well run show, good racing. Enjoyable.

      Only negative was that the Sprints were not there as was on the schedule, and the car count was small. The Late Models had the biggest car count of the three classes with 14. All three features over by 9:30.

      We scurried to Mottville as AilingGordy needed that track, too. We got there at intermission and saw all three Stock Car features. Crowd and car counts were pathetic. They had 15 TOTAL cars in three classes, and 50-75 fans total. We got there at 10:00 for a show that started at 7:30 and they still hadn't run a feature with only 15 cars? WHAT THE HECK WERE THEY DOING FOR 2 1/2 HOURS? If your dream (nightmare) was always to go to Mottville, better go soon. This is a dying track. Odd that they run both Saturday and Sunday almost every weekend. They have 70 shows scheduled this year. July 4th weekend they run four days straight. Why run twice a week when you have no more than six cars in any of your three classes? Makes no sense to me.

      Read more about the weekend in Roaming the Raceway.

      Oh well, AilingGordy got Mottville, so he was happy. Hurting, but happy. Gordy now has 729 tracks, 25 behind Allan. Looks like a summer battle is brewing. Gordy is motivated. Ailing, but motivated nonetheless. 673 for Guy. I'm going to try to make 700 by the end of the year.

      Anyone hear from or see Rick? Where's he been this year? How many new ones so far? Anyone?

      New track in Mass. this weekend for Guy. Probably another multi-new weekend for AilingGordy. Bye all.

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