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What's a Hamlin?

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  • Randy Lewis
    I don t see Hamlin listed on trackchaser.com. How do I know you and Andy aren t making this stuff up? Of course, I know Andy wouldn t do that. Are you
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 30, 2002
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      I don't see "Hamlin" listed on trackchaser.com.  How do I know you and Andy aren't making this stuff up?  Of course, I know Andy wouldn't do that.  Are you sure you guys didn't see a play instead of a race.



        RTRYFBAR@... wrote:


      I went to the new Hamlin track on Saturday.  The new track is a 1/5 mile oval, outside of the original 1/8 mile oval.  They share turns three and four.  TrackChaser Andy Ritter joined me at Hamlin.

      They had a Slingshot Southern Tour race as the main class.  A great field of 32 Slingshots were on hand.  They also had Micro Stocks, Champ Karts, and go karts on the new track.  All the Junior classes of Micro Stocks, Champ Karts, and go karts run on the original track.

      Micro Sprints will be the top class, and they begin this coming week.  The track also lists Legends, but it is too narrow in my opinion for good Legend racing (Gordy would say that's an oxymoron anyway).

      Neither their website or add listed a starting time, forcing me to make a toll call to find out when the races start.  I was told 7:00.  At about 8:05 they had a bad Champ Kart crash in warmups, and the ambulance left.  We didn't think they were going to race at all, but they did, starting at around 9:00.

      They canceled all the heats for the Micro Stocks, Champ Karts, and go karts, and ran only one set of four heats for the Slingshots instead of two.  If they would have started on time they wouldn't have had to take away one of the two races for each class.

      They had a total of 18 classes.  Only the Slingshots had more than nine cars.  Way too many classes with two or three karts racing all by themselves.  Admission was still free, even with the Slingshot Tour race.  When the Micro Sprints start this week they are going to begin charging $3 admission.

      No word on the condition of the driver injured in Senior Champ warmups.


      Very Tentative Schedule for May

      Sat May 4  Midvale, OH Figure 8
      Sun May 5  BJW Fire Co., PA Enduro "Steeplechase" Stocks

      Fri May 10 Kentucky Speedway, KY USAC Midgets
      Sat May 11 Waynesfield, OH Mini Sprints (If they are running.  If not Painsville, OH Figure 8)
      Sun May 12 Toledo, OH Figure 8

      Sat May 18 Lake Erie, PA Oval
      Sat May 18 Lake Erie, PA Figure 8 (If the track opens.  The website still says it is going to.  Haven't read much about it)
      Sun May 19 Gettysburg, PA Figure 8

      Fri May 24 Frozen Ocean, NY Slingshots
      Sat May 25 Unadilla, NY CORR Trucks
      Sun May 26 Starlite, NY Micro Sprints

      Potential for 8 tracks in May, but you know how that goes.

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