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Cancelling race programs

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  • Randy Lewis
    Gordy, Actually, I m kind of glad they cancelled (if they were going to cancel) the Sunday show on Saturday. This allowed me to change my plans on return home
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      Actually, I'm kind of glad they cancelled (if they were going to cancel) the Sunday show on Saturday.  This allowed me to change my plans on return home on Sunday rather than Monday.  I agree it was a nice day on Sunday.  I don't think their action is unique to the South.  I'm sure you saw my note about Beatrice, Nebraska and their decision to race their Sunday afternoon show on Saturday night based upon a bad Sunday weather forecast.  I would have tried to call you on Saturday to let you know of the Arkansas cancellation but didn't know how to reach you.




        RPMGORDY@... wrote:

      Bruce, if your tour is Australian, it must be aboriginal. Don't expect any help from Kevin unless you're going to pay him.

      I went to Trailway today (Sunday) and hit an inside the park homerun. They used all 4 tracks. Two, the road course and inner oval, were new for me. It was 40 degrees and windy. Any part of the outer oval that was used was dusty. Any part of the infield that was used was tacky. Go figure. They started at 1:00 and only had the demo derby to go when I left at 4:00. Other than the 2 new tracks, Trailway hasn't changed since I was last there in the 80's. The street stocks on the outer oval and the 2 figure 8 races were pretty decent. The inner oval and road course added nothing to the show. Alas, I attend this crap in pursuit of the Chariot. Woe is me.

      Last weekend Suz and I flew to Shreveport, LA. We got there at the same time as the thunderstorms that cost us the race at Boot Hill Speedway. I didn't realize until I called the next morning that our Sunday race at Southwest Arkansas Superspeedway had already been cancelled before we even landed in Shreveport on Saturday. Randy wondered why we easterners are so hard on southern promoters. It's crap like this and worse my friend. Sunday was a beautiful day in the entire Arl-La-Tex region. An email to the SAS promoter has received no response. I didn't really expect any. Some travel news. We stayed at the Best Western Richmond Suites Hotel which gave us basically a small apartment for $99 that included a morning paper and full, hot buffet breakfast in the morning. The other amenities were excellent, also. Shreveport also has a number of decent casinos should you wish to gamble. We ventured into 3. Dinner on Sunday was at Don's Steak and Seafood House which an extensive menu and some tasty grub. Gumbo, Jambalaya, ciest magnifique! We passed the Independence Bowl on the State Fairgrounds that houses a college football game of the same name. There's also a large indoor arena and gorgeous minor league ballpark in the complex. It seemed like a nice small city with it's shit together. Be prepared to have the National Anthem blurted at you if you're in the airport at noon.

      Eddie. Some guy beats you out of your superfan title, so now you take it out on our webmaster. That's alright. Keep pushing him.

      Hopefully it's Little Brideport for on Friday and a trip to the Eckel's home town of Easton on Sunday for a Moody Blues concert. That is if it doesn't snow again. Adios.

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