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Sugar Creek Raceway---#421 for both Pat and I

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  • Bruce Eckel
    This report comes a week late but i guess better late than never. Don t have a lap top like Randy so these reports have to wait until I find time when we get
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2002
      This report comes a week late but i guess better late than never.  Don't have a lap top like Randy so these reports have to wait until I find time when we get back.  This trip was part of our annual trek to Bristol and we decided to leave earlier so we could catch two new tracks.  Since it is harder and harder to find a motel near Bristol we travel over to Knoxville for the evening before.  We have long since canned the Busch race as the $50 price tag as outpriced the entertainment value in our eyes.  We stopped for the night below Winchester, VA in Middletown and if you travelers don't have a Super 8 VIP card get one.  They usually give you a $5 discount off the rack rate and the majority of this chain are good, clean newer establishments in the $40 to $50 range.  After driving all day Friday we ended up in Cleveland, TN where we checked into a nice local hotel, The Jameson Inn.  This was not our final destination as we still had to travel about an hour southeast into the mountains of Northern Georgia. 
      Racing News - The Sugar Creek Raceway near Blue Ridge, Georgia was our target.  We arrived at the track at 8:30 just as the heats were starting.  The temperature was 30 degrees as the themomater in our rented Buick Regal signaled and we were glad to find a drive in section where we found a spot high above turns one and two.  This drive in section ran from turn one all the way into turn three and offered a great view of the entire race track.  And with a slight crack of the window the announcer could be heard clearly.  The majority of the crowd chose this option as there were only about 100 hearty souls in the typical concrete grandstands along the homestretch.  The track itself is a 3/8 mile high banked clay oval with the pits located in the infield.  The car counts were low with 9 modified hobbies, 5 hobbies, 6 sportsman and 10 super late models on hand.  Heats for three divisions were run before time trials were spun off for the 10 super late models.  The first feature of the evening was trackside at 9:37 and went non-stop in 7 minutes and 15 laps.  The 15 lap hobby feature was next and also went non-stop in 8 minutes.  Making it three non-stop events in a row the sportsman went 25 laps in 7 minutes.  The super late models broke the string bringing out the caution two times in their 25 lap feature which ended at 10:20.  I kept poking Pat, who was comfy in her leather seat, and told her she had to be awake to count the show as official.  We stayed for the modified ponies (3 cars --forgot to mention earlier--probably such a big count that I forgot) and their 8 laps which ended at 10:47 with just the cruisers to go (a class we never saw) as we left at that point.
      Number 421 in the books and Sugar Creek would get a 3.5 for the racing and a 6.5 for the facility.  A later note will be sent out on new track # 2 of the weekend.  Got to finish my part of our column so Pat can finish up hers.      
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