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Track #416 Pahrump Valley Speedway, Pahrump, Nevada

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  • Randy Lewis
    Track # 416 turned out to be at Pahrump Valley Speedway in Pahrump, Nevada. Pahrump is 144 miles from my afternoon track in Mesquite, Nevada. It just turned
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2000

      Track # 416 turned out to be at Pahrump Valley Speedway in Pahrump, Nevada.  Pahrump is 144 miles from my afternoon track in Mesquite, Nevada.  It just turned out this route takes me right past the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on I-15.  It further more turned out that LVMS was racing on Saturday as well with a CART race and a NASCAR Winston West stock car race.  I was driving by about 4 p.m. so I decided to stop.  The CART race had just finished.  They were having a rock concert between races.  Therefore, I was introduced to the rock band, Smashmouth.  These guys apparently have some appeal to the longer haired tattoed crowd which seemed to make up the majority of the remaining fans.  I was under a time crunch as I had to be to Pahrump by 7 p.m.  The band finally finished and the Winston West 100 lap 150 mile race began.  Most all of the drivers were no names except for Kenny Schrader and ex football coach Jerry Granville.  Schrader began smoking on lap one and left the race for more than 10 laps.  I had to leave after just 51 laps.  Under a liberal rules interpretation I'm giving myself credit for seeing a race there since I saw more than half the laps.  This is not a new track for me so it's really an internal accounting issue!

      Now back to Pahrump.  Here are my highlights and lowlights:

      Highlights:  The refreshments were good and reasonably priced.  I had a package of pistacios for $1 and a diet Pepsi for $1.  I also had one of my best racetrack cheeseburgers ever for $2.75 and a package of sour watermelon candies for $1.  Believe it or not I'm on a diet and trying to lose weight!  This track had the first ever track billboard I've seen advertising a topless club.  Off the third turn was the mention of Dylan's Dolls, Pahrump's only Topless Club 775-751-6999 for those interested.  Note Nevada also has legalized brothels of which Pahrump is home to one.  Nevertheless...I digress.  The promoter, Dave Hall, is in his first year of promoting.  He's also the flagman.  During intermission he noticed my Eldora racing jacket and started up a conversation.  He was pretty sure he had heard of Eldora but thought possibly it was in West Virginia.  Dave was a nice guy and mentioned they want to run IMCA modifieds and late models.  Due to some type of rules problems the modifieds and late models are not coming to the track.  They did have two modifieds and one late model which ran some practice laps.  Since it was Easter eve they had some special promotions for the kids.  They had a candy toss and the opportunity for about 30-40 kids to ride around the track in 7-8 of the race cars.  There were no time trials.  Admission was $8.  The announcer had a good sense of humor and kept the hometown crowd entertained.

      Lowlights:  They watered the track way too much.  The schduled starting time was 7 p.m.  They started the first heat race at 7:30 p.m. on a track that anywhere else would have needed another 30 minutes of trackpacking.  They had 12 mini stocks and and 14 street stocks.  The leader of the first mini stocks heat race was "turning" 35 second laps on the high banked quarter mile surface.  It was wet!  The wrecker could not drive into the turns to help remove cars without having its rear end slide to the bottom of the track rendering its services useless. There was a fairly small crowd of about 200-300 people in a grandstand that could seat three or four times that many.  There current website does not work but the promoter told me he was going to have it up and running within the next two weeks at the same address. 

      Once the track dried a little bit it had one of the best surfaces I've seen for dirt tracks in the West.  I'd recommend this track once they get the modifieds back or when they have a special that will guarantee more cars.

      Randy Lewis
      # 1 trackchaser West of the Mississippi, from San Clemente where the wind chill hovers around 72, all the women are good looking and the children are above average.

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