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Track #412 Outlaw Speedway, Grand Prairie, Texas

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  • Randy Lewis
    Trackchasers, Greetings following my visit to Outlaw Speedway which was my 412th track. Last night s track was erroneously reported as #412 when it was only
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2000

      Greetings following my visit to Outlaw Speedway which
      was my 412th track. Last night's track was
      erroneously reported as #412 when it was only #411.

      Outlaw Speedway is a 1/4 mile dirt track in kind of a
      run down part of town bordered by junk yards. You
      could close your eyes, open them and swear you were
      back in the sixties. Front gate admission was $9.00
      and a pit pass was $20.00. This was Outlaw's first
      show of the year as they had been rained out the
      previous four weeks. Rain is in the forecast. I have
      four tracks scheduled over the next two days and may
      not get to see any of them.


      They had a good field of cars. About 27 street
      stocks, 15 hobby stocks, 14 mini stocks, 12 UMP
      modifieds and 12 pure stocks. The food was reasonable
      and what I had was good: a bowl of barbeque for $2.00
      and a large fountain diet Pepsi for $1.50. Quite a
      change from TMS. It was easy to go back and forth
      between the pits and the grandstands. They only had a
      couple hundred people in the stands so it was easy to
      find a seat and spread out.


      They advertised an 8 p.m. start. They ran their first
      heat race at 8:25 p.m. The show ran along pretty well
      although they had cars stop on the track to generate a
      caution when they very easily could have driven to the
      infield. They probably had one or two classes too
      many. The announcer didn't say much. During one
      street stock wreck that ultimately claimed three cars
      to the wrecker he didn't say anything after the wreck
      occurred or during the entire time (about 10 minutes)
      it took to clean up the mess.

      Most Unusual

      This track had something I had never seen before. The
      pit were located off the 4th turn. When a car wanted
      to enter the track it drove down a one lane road
      between the front straight fence and the first row of
      the grandstands. Folks in the first row could reach
      down and touch the cars as they went by. When the car
      reached the end of the front stretch (and grandstand)
      it could then enter the track between turns one and

      I also learned that Wace Bellmead Raceway in Waco will
      be running 10 Thursday night modified shows beginning
      April 6. I'm not sure if they are consecutive
      Thursday nights.

      Take care and hope for no rain tomorrow and a great
      wedding for Gordy.

      Randy Lewis
      # 1 trackchaser West of the Mississippi, from San Clemente where the wind chill hovers around 72, all the women are good looking and the children are above average.

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