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Louisville Motor Speedway - Almost!

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  • Randy Lewis
    Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky, TRAVEL/PEOPLE NEWS This weekend’s racing trip objective was a simple one. My plan was to see two new tracks as well as
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2001
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      Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky,


      This weekend�s racing trip objective was a simple one.
      My plan was to see two new tracks as well as the most
      prestigious late model stock car race in the country,
      the World 100, with friends Jim and Ed from the
      Cleveland area.

      Like most plans it didn�t turn exactly as planned.
      I�ll tell you why. Carol was nice enough to drive me
      to the airport in the dark at about 5:30 a.m. Along
      the way it dawned (no pun intended) on me I had
      forgotten my watch and my umbrella. These two missing
      items would prove to be important omissions. But, I�m
      getting ahead of myself.

      When I�m on the airplane going on race trips I spend
      almost all the time on my laptop. A good deal of the
      time I�m working on financial planning topics so I can
      fulfill my dream of retiring from traditional work, as
      we know it.

      I was in the midst of analyzing some important
      financial information when the flight attendant, Tina,
      came up from behind and said, �What are you working
      on? The screen sure has a lot of different colors on
      it�. At this moment the two people sitting next to me
      began craning their necks to see the screen.

      I thought I would be honest and tell her I was working
      on understanding the impact of IRA rule 72-T and the
      effect of taking Substantially Equal Periodic Payments
      (SEPP) from an IRA. My plan was to intimidate her so
      she would move along. To my surprise she seemed even
      more interested and looked closely at the screen. She
      noticed it included life expectancy tables and
      immediately wanted me to tell her how long her
      grandmother would live! She was a Seinfeldish,
      �loud-talker� and now even more people were turning
      around to look at us. I told her that life expectancy
      tables were just statistical quesstimates based on
      averages of large numbers of people. This intrigued
      her even further and I told her that her grandmother
      had about 15 years of life expectancy remaining based
      upon her current age. Tina seemed pleased.

      Tina wasn�t finished. Now she wanted to know how long
      �a woman� who was 37 (about the age Tina looked) would
      live �who didn�t smoke, who didn�t drink and who had
      had only one sexual partner in her life?� Now,
      EVERYONE within five rows was looking at us and
      anxiously awaiting my answer! Fortunately, Tina moved
      on after she was assured that �this woman� had a long
      life ahead of her!

      I landed in Indianapolis without further incidence.
      My plan was to replace my watch with a pocket alarm
      clock I had as well as my Palm Pilot and cell phone.
      This still didn�t break me of the habit of looking at
      my watch less wrist every couple of minutes.

      I picked up my Budget Rental Car racing Ford Taurus
      (just $20/day via Priceline.com) without much problem.
      The forecast for the entire weekend is thunderstorms
      throughout the entire Middle West. Rain is a major
      problem for American short track racing. When it
      rains they don�t race and they postpone the event.

      I decided to drive south of Indianapolis about 60
      miles to Columbus, Indiana and wait. Columbus,
      according to a sign as you enter town, is both the
      birthplace and home of NASCAR driver and Home Depot
      sponsored, Tony Stewart. Columbus sits pretty much in
      the center of four different tracks that normally race
      on this night. Each track is about 75 miles from
      Columbus. With very threatening skies I planned to
      sit her until 6 p.m. and then call each track to see
      if their event was still on. The Dairy Queen parking
      lot provided both a chocolate chip cookie dough treat
      as well as a good place to take a short nap.

      I awoke at 6 p.m. and began making calls. First, I
      called Bakersfield Raceway Park in Linton, IN. They
      were rained out. Then I called Camden Raceway in
      Camden, IN and they were rained out. Next was the
      Speed Creek Raceway in Lapel, IN. They were not
      racing this evening for an unexplained reason. The
      final track was the Louisville Motor Speedway in
      Louisville, KY. The lady said they were racing and
      the rain probabilities were just 30%. I told her with
      some exaggeration that I was coming from 200 miles
      away. She immediately went into a much more defensive
      mode and began to waffle on the likelihood of clear
      weather. Unfortunately, I didn�t have much choice
      since they were the only track within driving distance
      that had not cancelled.


      I was told the Louisville track was to begin racing at
      7:30 p.m. What I wasn�t told was that this was the
      EASTERN time zone. Indianapolis is in the central
      time zone. Columbus, IN is just south of Indy and is
      in the central time zone. Louisville is just south of
      Columbus so one might think Louisville is in the
      central time zone. Wrongo!! Louisville is in the
      Eastern Time zone and this error cost me the addition
      of two new tracks.

      I arrived at Louisville Motor Speedway at 7:30 p.m.
      but it was 8:30 p.m. Louisville time and their program
      had been going on for one hour. That shouldn�t be a
      problem since a second phone call by me to the
      speedway had yielded an �all clear from the weather
      channel� response.

      The admission to the track was $10. Louisville Motor
      Speedway is a state of the art track with great
      facilities. They even have a separate booth that
      sells tickets to the Kentucky Lottery. I�ve never
      seen that at a short track before. Carol and I had
      seen races on the 5/8 mile oval back in 1998.
      Tonight�s races were being held on the 3/8-mile oval
      and the figure 8 course.

      When I arrived the scoreboard showed 12 laps left in
      the street stock feature which was being run on the
      3/8-mile oval. Since there was less than half of the
      race remaining I couldn�t yet count this track since
      one has to see an official race at a track in order to
      count the race by trackchaser rules. For a race to be
      official you have to see at least 51% of the laps
      scheduled. There were still races to come on the
      3/8-mile oval.

      The next event was the figure 8 feature. They started
      a great field of 28 good-looking cars for the 30-lap
      race. After just 13 laps, incredibly, it began to
      rain!! Where was the lady who said the weather
      channel had given them an all clear forecast?

      As it would turn out, despite some strong efforts by
      the track, the races ended up being cancelled. I
      missed seeing an official race on the oval track AND
      the figure 8 track each by just a couple of laps.
      Although I was disappointed I have been blessed with
      some simply outstanding weather for the first 51 new
      tracks I�ve seen this year.

      WORLD 100 Results

      The next evening I joined up with Jim and Ed for the
      World 100 late model stock car race at Eldora Speedway
      in Rossburg, Ohio. The World 100 is always the
      weekend following Labor Day. This is the 14th World
      100 I�ve seen since my first one in 1980.

      Obviously, Eldora Speedway is not a new track for me.
      This was my 32nd trip to Rossburg since 1980. The
      weather was threatening. The races were scheduled to
      start at 7 p.m. and that�s exactly what happened. At
      7:01 p.m. it started to rain and it rained hard for
      more than 30 minutes. Editor�s note: Special thanks
      to Ed for bringing an extra umbrella. The rain caused
      a delay in restarting until 9 p.m. After that the
      races ran off well although there were a lot of wrecks
      including two flips, which is very unusual for late
      models at Eldora.

      The feature was great. Scott Bloomquist won from 10th
      starting position. Donnie Moran was 2nd from about
      the 8th starting spot and Billy Moyer came from 19th
      to finish 3rd. It was a fun night of racing which
      finished about 1:15 a.m. We got back to the hotel at
      2:30 a.m.

      So, in the first two nights of racing I didn�t get
      credit for seeing any new tracks but did get a chance
      to see one of the biggest races of the year even
      though we had to wait out a rain delay.

      Restaurants of the two days: McDonalds, Dairy Queen
      (twice), Waffle House, Wendy�s, Gas Station Pizza and
      mozzarella sticks, a pizza steak and a cheesewurst at
      Eldora. It�s amazing I don�t weight 300 pounds by

      Rental Car update: The Budget Rental Car racing
      Taurus ended up with 389 miles on it at the Days Inn
      in Van Wert, Ohio. My last two rental cars have had a
      CD player but not a cassette player.

      New racetracks visited in 2001
      467. Laughlin Event Center, Laughlin, NV (no web
      468. Loc Moran, Mont Carmel, Quebec
      469. Circuit Jacques Rainville, Vanier, Quebec (no
      web site)
      470. Pauline Davis Pavilion, Red Bluff, CA
      471. The Pavilion at the Fairgrounds, Chico, CA (no
      web site)
      472. Baton Rouge Raceway, Baker, LA
      473. Mississippi Motorsports Park, Long Beach, MS
      474. South Alabama Motor Speedway, Opp, AL
      475. Nashville Super Speedway, Smyrna, TN
      476. Beech Bend Raceway (oval track), Bowling Green,
      KY (http://www.beechbend.com)
      477. Beech Bend Raceway (figure 8 track), Bowling
      Green, KY (http://www.beechbend.com)
      478. Soggy Bottom Speedway, Morgantown, KY
      479. Buttonwillow Raceway Park, Buttonwillow, CA
      480. Speedway 90, Beaumont, TX
      481. 105 Speedway, Cleveland, TX
      482 Savannah Speedway, Savannah, MO (no web site)
      483. Winston Speedway, Winston, MO (no web site)
      484. Stuart Speedway, Stuart, IA
      485. Barberton Speedway, Barberton, OH
      486. Eriez Speedway, Erie, PA
      487. Anderson Dry Lake, Lucerne Valley, CA
      488. Perris Auto Speedway-(figure 8 track), Perris,
      489. Dixie Motor Speedway � (figure 8 track), Birch
      Run, MI (http://www.dixiemotorspeedway.com)
      490. Dixie Motor Speedway � (oval track), Birch Run,
      MI (http://www.dixiemotorspeedway.com)
      491. Grand Prix of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
      492 Painesville Speedway � (oval track),
      Painesville, OH (http://members.tripod.com/pspeedway/)
      493 Painesville Speedway � (figure 8 track),
      Painesville, OH (http://members.tripod.com/pspeedway/)
      494. Angola Motor Speedway, Angola, IN
      495. Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton, GA
      496. Dixie Speedway, Woodstock, GA
      497. Rome Speedway, Rome, GA
      (http://www.dixiespeedway.com/) Rome uses the same
      web site as Dixie Speedway.
      498. Holland Speedway (oval), Holland, NY
      499. Holland Speedway (figure 8 track), Holland, NY
      500. Freedom Raceway, Delevan, NY
      501. Allegheny Mountain Raceway, La Mont, PA
      502. McKean County Raceway, East Smethport, PA
      503. Bradford Speedway, Bradford, PA
      504. Ventura Raceway, Ventura, CA
      505. Winnebago County Speedway, Pecatonica, IL (no
      web site)
      506. Boone County Fairgrounds, Belvidere, IL
      507. Slinger Super Speedway, Slinger, WI
      508. Steele County Fairgrounds, Owatonna, MN (no web
      509. Viking Speedway, Alexandria, MN
      510. Princeton Speedway, Princeton, MN
      511. North Center Motor Speedway, Brainerd, MN
      512. Golden Spike Speedway, Sauk Rapids, MN (oval)
      (no web site)
      513. Golden Spike Speedway, Sauk Rapids, MN (figure
      8) (no web site)
      514. Portland Speedway (1/2 mile dirt oval),
      Portland, OR (http://www.portlandspeedway.com/)
      515. Evergreen Speedway (figure 8), Monroe, WA
      516. Evergreen Speedway (3/8 mile oval), Monroe, WA
      517. Kent Raceways, Agassiz, British Columbia

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