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Bahamas Race Update

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    TrackChasers: Here s the latest on the historic racing this December in Nassau, Bahamas. As of what I have heard so far, it appears that Edward Corrado, Will
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      Here's the latest on the historic racing this December in Nassau, Bahamas.

      As of what I have heard so far, it appears that Edward Corrado, Will White, Pam Smith, Guy Smith, and Roland Vanden Eynde are definitely going.  A couple weeks ago when I had dinner with Gordy Killian, he was still very interested.

      As far as the racing, they have added two more races to the schedule.  Now, in addition to the Formula Junior, there is an Austin Healey race, a Mini race, and an "Allcomers" race.  Each race is limited to 12 participants.  The fact that they doubled the number of races from two to four can only be a good sign for this year and beyond for this event.

      Practice and Qualifying is on Saturday, with the races on Sunday.  I do not know how they qualify, if they have heat races like they do at Schenley Park in Pittsburgh, or if the only actual wheel-to-wheel on Sunday.

      If you want a Paddock pass, they are very expensive.  I have a feeling that you can watch for free from some locations.  There are bleachers, and although I did not see tickets for sale for this year, they were $35 a day last year each day on Saturday and Sunday, so I figure they should be in that range again.  I'm planning on sitting in the bleachers at least on Sunday for sure.

      Roland booked his flight, and will be arriving late on Friday evening.  Pam and I just booked yesterday.  I will be taking my two personal days for the school year, and we will be arriving Friday early in the afternoon.  I filed the paperwork and last week it was approved for me to have off.  Last I heard from Will was that he was thinking of combining the Bahamas race with a Florida race, and would be arriving in the Bahamas sometime Saturday or maybe not until Sunday morning.

      There is an official hotel for the race which is only a couple of minute walk from the course.  Roland and I decided not to stay there, due to the cost and opulence.  We looked at some options, and agreed on the Comfort Suites Parasise Island.  Roland, Pam, myself, and Will will be staying there and have booked our rooms.  Edward says he will try to book there too.  We will take a taxi to the race on Sunday, and also on Saturday if we go on that day too.  Personally, I may not decide about Saturday race attendance until race weekend.

      That's pretty much the update for now.  If anyone else is interested and needs info or has any questions, let me know.  I'd be more than glad to help.  All welcome.

      Guy Smith

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