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Re: [TrackChasers] 2013 TrackChaser Week 36 Summary

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    Oops. It s just a typo on the listserve post. I copied and pasted but forgot to edit. It s correct in the database and thus on the actual website. --Guy ...
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      Oops.  It's just a typo on the listserve post.  I copied and pasted but forgot to edit.  It's correct in the database and thus on the actual website. --Guy

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      Guy,you have put me down for Silverstone international twice

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      (Weekly Listserve Update #141)  In the post Labor Day weeks, we begin our taper into what is normally considered the "off season".  Of course, there really is no off season for TrackChasing.

      This past week 31 new track visits were added to a variety of different track resumes.  Two of the 31 were in the non TC "other" categories.  Twelve different TrackChasers reported visiting new tracks this week.

      The best news was that Norm Wagner, who had not been to a race all year, busted out for two trips and ten new tracks, the first just three days before it would be one full year between races for Norm.  Norm TrackChased in Indiana, in Wisconsin, and in Ohio where he has seen more different race tracks, 154, than anyone.  Very happy to have Norm back on the trail.

      Norm became the 41st person to report visiting a new track this year.  The only active regular group member to report a track in 2012 that has not done the same this year is Andy Ritter, who went to one new track last year.  Meanwhile, we have added new blood in the names of Russ Currie, Dave Garrison, and Jeff Sands.  Controlled, steady growth continues on schedule.  It's always good to have new friends to travel with and share stories and info.

      With the addition of Norm on the 2013 tally sheet, there are now 21 different group members with at least 10 new tracks this year.  Last year, there were only 19 for the entire year.  This in addition to the fact that there are 11 in the group that have been to at least 25 new tracks so far in 2013, when last year the group topped out at just five by December 31!  That's a huge indication of group growth, increased interest, and success.

      Jeff Sands had never been outside of the United States.  But thanks to our TrackChasing hobby, he now has a passport and he and Mike Knappenberger stepped onto foreign soil for races in both Ontario and Quebec.  Jeff saw four tracks, while half were also new for Mike.

      Chris Tyrrel is one who has taken advantage of the chance to add other non TC tracks to his track list display.  The four new tracks added this past week were an even split between TC and non TC race track visits.

      England TrackChaser Colin Herridge had a multiple new track run, adding three new tracks in his home region in a period of seven days.

      Vince Sadowski was one of four (five if you count Rick Schneider) at the Iredell County Fairgrounds, NC track.  Vince also added another track in the state.  Single new tracks were reported by Guy & Pam Smith, Brian Hickey, Bing Metz, Paul Weisel, and Roland Vanden Eynde.

      Also congratulations to Paul Weidman, who completed 45 years of service at his school this year.  In appreciation, the school sent Paul and Eleanor on a trip to the NASCAR Cup race at NHIS. 

      Races were added on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday last week, in addition to  Monday with those holiday tracks added last week.  New locations were the Banger race in Llanymynech, Wales; and the Autocross at Haler, Netherlands.  Races have been added in all 36 weeks this year.

      The total of 29 new 2013 TC tracks brings our group total for the year to 631.  THIS SURPASSES THE ENTIRE 52 WEEK TOTAL OF 2012!  A job well done.  Guess what?  That's not enough, we want more!



      08/16  Norm Wagner--Monroe Community Park, IN
      Norm Wagner--Plymouth Speedway (Inner), IN
      Norm Wagner--Plymouth Speedway (Outer), IN
      Norm Wagner--Little Eldora Speedway, OH
      Norm Wagner--Wisconsin International Raceway (Inner), WI
      08/29  Norm Wagner--Wisconsin International Raceway (Outer), WI
      08/29  Norm Wagner--Wisconsin International Raceway (F8), WI
      Norm Wagner--Tomahawk Speedway, WI
      08/31  Bing Metz--Lake Erie Speedway, PA
      Norm Wagner--Crandon International Off Road Raceway, WI
      Norm Wagner--Marshfield Speedway, WI
      09/01  Colin Herridge--Llanymynech, Wales, GBR


      Wednesday, September 4

      Vince Sadowski--Iredell County Fairgrounds, NC

      Friday, September 6

      Vince Sadowski--Millbridge Speedway, NC

      Saturday, September 7

      Colin Herridge--Silverstone Circuit (International Course), England, GBR
      Colin Herridge--Silverstone Circuit (International Course), England, GBR
      Brian Hickey--
      Iredell County Fairgrounds, NC
      Mike Knappenberger--Calabogie Motorsports Park, ON, CAN
      Mike Knappenberger--Capital City Speedway, ON, CAN
      Jeff Sands--Calabogie Motorsports Park, ON, CAN
      Jeff Sands--Capital City Speedway, ON, CAN
      Jeff Sands--Autodrome Ste Eustache, QC, CAN
      Guy Smith--
      Iredell County Fairgrounds, NC
      Pam Smith--
      Iredell County Fairgrounds, NC
      Chris Tyrrel--Bridgeport Speedway (Inner), NJ
      Paul Weisel--Susquehanna Speedway F8, PA

      Sunday, September 1

      Jeff Sands--Cornwall Speedway, ON  CAN]
      Chris Tyrrel--Oreville Kart Track (Oval), PA
      Roland Vanden Eynde--Haler, NLD


      2013 SUMMARY

      Total New Track Visits Reported--631

      Number of Group TrackChasers With New Tracks This Year--41

      US States Visited for New Tracks--40 (AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MS, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA, VT, WV, WA, WI, WY)US States Not Yet Visited This Year--10  (AL, AK, HI, ID, ME, MO, NM, ND, RI, UT)

      Canadian Provinces Visited for New Tracks--03 (AB, ON, QC)

      Countries Visited for New Tracks--14 (AUS, BEL, CAN, CZE, DEN, DEU, FRA, GBR, HUN, ITA, MAR, NLD, UKR, USA)



      Lifetime Group Total of Reported TrackChaser New Track Visits--36,751 (+29)

      Additional "Non TC Classified Tracks"--150 (+2)

      Different Countries in Which Members Have Seen Racing--74


      The following are welcome at any time for those that would like to improve the information already contained on their personal track listing:

      * Dates to listed tracks
      * Modifications to the track names currently listed
      * Information for the "Notes" column for each track visited
      * Tracks for any of the various "Non
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