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A fun weekend.

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  • rpmgordy
    Greetings from your breadman emeritus, I never get to spend enough time with my former RPM Racing News editor, Dave Kittey. I rectified that this past weekend
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2013
      Greetings from your breadman emeritus,

      I never get to spend enough time with my former RPM Racing News
      editor, Dave Kittey. I rectified that this past weekend when I picked him up
      Friday and headed to Raceway 7 for the first time in maybe 30 years. It's a
      much nicer place now, with many improvements to the facility. My reason for
      choosing this venue was a first time visit by the Patriot Sprint Group.
      Alas, they turned out to be worse than all but 1 of the regular classes.
      Otherwise the racing was better than average, and the show moved along nicely.
      The sprint feature just kept getting it's momentum stymied by untimely
      yellows. Got to meet Rich Vleck, the PST pr guy. It's nice to put a face to the
      name of someone that send me regular releases. I got a nice mention over the
      pa system by the announcer, Jim Ballantine. Jim's a former photographer
      that I've shared a few corners with. Without sending him a press release, I
      was announced as the world's pre-eminent trackchaser (his words, not mine)
      and offered a perch in the press box.Not true, but nice to hear unsolicited.
      Following my 23rd straight 4.0, we were out the door in search of lodging.
      By season's end I should be ready to do my doctorates thesis in
      trackchasing. Perhaps Professor Pam will sponsor me.

      We were up early to attend the Cornfield 500 where they were
      switching to a road course for the 13th annual version. It was nice joining Rick,
      Bing, the Smiths and Andy Sivi for a fun afternoon at a fun event. I was
      honored to be there when Andy spread some of his brother, Tom's ashes at a
      venue Tom would've truly appreciated. Tom was a good guy. It was fun exposing
      Dave to a type of event he had never seen. Dave has worked many jobs at many
      tracks, and came away impressed by the size and scope of the event, and
      the way the large crowd on hand was enjoying the show. Short tracks would do
      well to adopt some or all of the parts of the Cornfield 500. The look on
      the face of the young lad sitting next to me was priceless, as surely was
      excited about everything he saw.

      My 4.0 streak ended here after seeing all the countable racing except
      the enduro. I'll just start another streak. Dave is a scorer at the Marion
      Center Speedway, so we had to leave early enough to get him there on time.
      It had been another lengthy period of time since I'd been there. Sadly, it
      looked just like it did back then with nary an improvement. A nice crowd
      gathered for the season finale to watch 6 divisions. Stories from there in
      2013 told of many a late night. Not sure if my presence or the constant
      lightening in the distance led to a 10:20 ending. Good job. The super late
      models were the highlight of the evening while the 5 microsprints on the track
      too large for them were at the other end of the spectrum. Afterwrds it was
      back to Latrobe for the evening.

      Sunday night we intended to go to Bedford Speedway, but got the
      cancellation notice 11 miles from the track. It was back to Latrobe for an
      excellent dinner at the Touchdown Club. Salmon in bearnaise sauce and a crab,
      bacon and tomato rissotto. Have mercy. Sure beats Golden Corral.

      Not sure about this coming weekend. Might just stay home and rest up
      for next week's Canadian Nationals at Ohsweken Speedway. Or not. Adios.


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