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Labor Day weekend First half

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  • snakeyk1usa
    Friday Jeff and I both got done early to get West Virginia Motor Speedway off our hit list. The rental car of choice was a Soul. We wanted to be mice for a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2013
      Friday Jeff and I both got done early to get West Virginia Motor Speedway off our hit list. The rental car of choice was a Soul. We wanted to be mice for a weekend. The Truth was Jeff loves satellite radio and the mice mobile had satellite. I even remembered the lawn chairs.
      We arrived at the track in time for warmups. A quick car count shower two support divisions with 10 and 12 cars in them. The three main divisions had 23 late models, 16 sprints and 50 modifieds. We knew from this point it was going to be a long night. Group qualifing for all went well. The late model and the sprint heats were good. The six modified heats were entertaining other than a Danica want to be decided to flip. She was a whopping 15 year old that panicked coming into turn three. All the guys missed a car that hit the wall but the young lady decided not to use her brakes and flipped on top of the disabled car. Forty minutes later she was cut out of the car and transported to the local hospital.
      The heats were all completed and management made a good call by bringing the late model feature out instead of the 3 B mains for the modifieds.
      The first 22 laps went smooth as there was battles everywhere. Kid Rocket, Davey Johnson, Rick Eckert, T-Mac , oh how I love that name , fought hard to make the race a good one. There was a caution about every five laps the rest of the way. Josh Richards pulled away at the end.
      We decided 11:10 was late enough as they were going to run b mains next. We saw what we came to see even though we both would have voted to stay if they would have brought out the sprint cars. They still had 3 b mains and 4 features to run as we hurried to the car.
      We drove about an hour to the motel. I asked the girl to give me a wake up call at six. Jeff was sleeping by one. I turned the light out at 1:40.
      We were on the road by 6:25 and pulled in Summit Point at 10:30. Summit was still running qualifing. We watched four rounds. The 14 lap races started almost immeatately after qualifing. We watched until lunch break and then we headed out. I dropped Jeff at our meeting point so he could rest before his concert.
      I thought about a local race but decided to come home and get a few things done. The family all left early today to move Alexis into her place down at Rutgers. I had the house to myself so I decided to do a report. The Phillies are in the backround and guess what they are doing again.
      The alarm is set for 4:30. A stop at Sheetz before meeting Jeff for our second half of the weekend. I hope most of you have a great and safe weekend if you are traveling. Jeff and I plan on a busy next few days.
      If it is not fun quit it is my thought for today
      Mike Knappenberger
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