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3 new tracks this weekend (269-271)

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  • terrapin44
    I managed to get three new tracks and one new baseball park in this weekend. My original plan for Friday night was to head to Path Valley Speedway after a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2013
      I managed to get three new tracks and one new baseball park in this weekend. My original plan for Friday night was to head to Path Valley Speedway after a meeting in Philadelphia to get a Global Entry pass in the afternoon. However, a friend heard I was going to be in Philly and offered me a ticket to the Phillies baseball game. I haven't been to the new Philly ballpark so I took her up on it. It was about my 12'th major league park. It is a great park (as are all of the new ones) and I had a great time.

      On Saturday, I headed to Big Al's Racetrack in Dornsife PA (Track #269). On tap were trucks, buggies and (non-countable) ATVs. A facebook page made for the event said something about a figure 8 but that seems to be a mistake. From what I heard, the cars run on the same track, a short dirt road course, when they race. It was a fun event but it got off to a scary start. I was watching the first heat and I was thinking that some of these drivers should wear a fire suit and gloves (some drivers did and some didn't). What will happen if a truck catches on fire? Well, one flipped and did catch on fire. Luckily they put it out quickly and no one was hurt. The raced were fun, but if you go be forewarned, there are no seats, so bring your own or be prepared to stand the whole time.

      After watching all of the vehicles race once, I headed towards Shippensburg Speedway (Track #270). I got to the track almost 2 hours before advertised starting time so I found a bar and grill that a friend recommended and had a very tasty steak before heading back to the track. I paid $7 to get in to see microsprints, 4 cylinder stock cars, lawn mowers and a kart (yes, one kart raced by himself). The reason why I went to Shippensburg is because they switched to every other week earlier this year due to low car and fan counts. I figured that isn't a good sign for the future. Overall, on this day anyway, the car counts and fan counts seemed adequate although not in any one class, and nothing to brag about. Too many classes. The only classes with more than 10 cars were the 600 cc micros (11 cars) and the 600 xcel modifieds. Besides not advertising the correct starting time (it was advertised as 6pm, but that was warm-ups) and the short fields, the racing was good and I enjoyed the track. I hope the every other week schedule is working for them and they continue to operate long into the future.

      On Sunday I went to the Lebanon Valley Speedway 1/8 mile Kart track (Track #271). It was $10 to get in and the admission allowed you to view the drag races as well. The only countable class this day was Slingshots. Also at the track were Trackchasers Mike K. and Jeff S. There were four Slinghshots although not for long. On the first lap of the heat, one went end over end down the backstretch. I was surprised a slingshot would do that on such a small track. After the Slingshot heat, I went over to the drag strip. They had about 5000 cars. Well, not really, but they easily had over 100. Some of the cars were beautiful works of art and they were all very fast. I am not a huge drag racing fan, but I enjoyed taking advantage of the opportunity for a while. After watching some drag racing, I went back to the kart track and watched a few more heat races before heading home.

      Big Al's Racetrack, Dornsife PA, 8/24/2013, Track #269
      Shippensburg Speedway, Shippensburg PA, 8/24/2013, Track #270
      Lebanon Valley Speedway Kart Track, West Lebanon NY, 8/25/2013, Track #271
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