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Re: [TrackChasers] on the road again

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  • rtryfbar2
    Gordy: I m happy to hear that you got to see the Ed Esser plaque that our group (and you personally) contributed the funds to have displayed at the Midget Hall
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 4, 2013

      I'm happy to hear that you got to see the Ed Esser plaque that our group (and you personally) contributed the funds to have displayed at the Midget Hall of Fame Museum. I think you are the first of us to see it in person.

      Your post brings back nightmares about the delays in getting it displayed and the numerous snafu's on their end getting something that looked good and matched the rest of the honorees and contributors. I dealt with that issue over and over behind the scenes for months. I just recently tossed the file of back and forth emails between me and the Hall trying to get it finished and displayed.

      Those that can't visit and have not viewed the photos can get a general idea of what our TrackChaser group has done for Ed by visitng the special tribute page on my website: http://www.roamingtheraceways.com/EdEsserTribute.html

      Guy Smith

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      Greetings from your breadman emeritus,

      After hosting the Browns on Tuesday and Wednesday, they graciously
      dropped me at the Philly airport while on their way to Atlantic City. Thanks,
      guys. After that and a 2 hour delay I was off to Kansas City where I got a
      rental to drive to Belleville for the midget nationals. First was a stop
      at the High Banks Midget Auto Racing Museum where I enjoyed the displays and
      got to view Ed Esser's plaque. The curator told me of the troubles he had
      getting it made to match the other plaques for various reasons. We also
      talked about racing and the lack of eastern representation there. The races
      themselves were pretty good in spite of there being only 25 entries. Few
      things are as cool as the sound of a midget going flat out in full song at
      Belleville. Neither the crowd or the entries were as large as on my previous
      visits. Most of the crowd was made up of seniors holding on to the nostalgia
      of what once was. I fear for the future of what was once one of the premier
      short track events.

      Last night I attended the Bullring Nationals at the Rush County
      Speedway in Lacrosse, KS. The URSS 305 sprints brought 25 cars on a fair night
      to a nice quarter mile of fine clay that groomed into what is now my surface
      of the year. It's amazing that a track that runs once a year can do a much
      better job than the majority weekly tracks. I was there to see my friend,
      Rich Bubak's son, Jake, race for the first time. Even after applying the
      pressure by telling him that I was only there to see him run, the 16 year old
      went out and performed admirably with seconds in his heat, dash and
      feature. That feature was shortened to between 10 and 15 laps when a storm
      in from the south. Quite a shame, as the laps run were quite entertaining.
      Last night was only the 3rd time in this URSS season that there was a
      repeat winner. Not bad for having run 19 events.

      I intended to go to Cardinal Speedway in NM tonight, but I over slept
      and will try Elk City, OK instead. NM will have to wait until tomorrow.


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