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  • rpmgordy
    Greetings from your breadman emeritus. (I like that name. Thanks, Guy.) I arrived home at 1:30 am this morning from a very enjoyable trip more tired than
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 15 8:15 PM
      Greetings from your breadman emeritus. (I like that name. Thanks, Guy.)

      I arrived home at 1:30 am this morning from a very enjoyable trip
      more tired than when I left. My cats have been like ear muffs 'til now. Since
      I'm off to the Lernerville WoO show tomorrow, I'm going to try and catch up

      July 8. I was supposed to see the ASCS National Tour this day, but nasty
      storms that chased me across MT struck Billings Motorsports Park. A next day
      rain date meant I would skip a return trip to Gillette Speedway and do some

      July 9. I pulled into BMP and was approached by 2 local gents bearing a
      free pass. A friend of theirs was sponsoring the show and provided them with
      passes of which they had 1 left. I ended up sitting with a group of 6 that
      treated me like a long lost brother. 3 of them were lifetime locals, while
      the others had migrated there. I could not have had a better night at the
      races. 30 sprints joined some local classes for actions on a moderately
      banked 1/4 mile of dirt that blackened from top to bottom. Jason Johnson romped
      which made his wife Bobbi happy. She manned the ASCS trailer while
      juggling newborn Jaxx who made his first victory lane photo. Turns out Bobbi Is
      from Hanover, PA, and we had a long chat about Central PA and other racing. T
      he lighting was the only poor feature of the track with the rest being
      quite nice. Johnson did run away with it, But 3 of the top 5 came from 18th or
      worse with Jeff Swindell 3rd from 23rd. Not too bad.

      July 10. It was off to the Electric City Speedway in Great Falls, MT to see
      the same show with WISSOTA modifieds being the local class. ELC is yet
      another 1/4 mile of banked dirt built against a hillside. Only trouble is,
      once the track was done there was little space to park. It's never good when
      you see parking out on the highway. I learned why after taking 30 minutes to
      get out of the place from a "prime" spot. I procured a good seat after
      congratulating the Johnsons on his night before win. This was the biggest
      crowd I'd been a part of the whole trip. The 1 cloud in the state of MT gave us
      10 minutes of rain and a 30 minute delay. The prelims lacked luster, but
      the track "came in" during the mod feature. The sprint race was incredible.
      7 different drivers led at least once. Four of those led at least once
      during the last 2 laps. Tony Bruce Jr. took the white flag, dropped to 3rd and
      stormed back to 1st under the checkered flag. Something wonderful happened
      at the end that still has me smiling.

      July 11. Just a travel day, as I had to start working my way back to
      Portland. Again, the scenery I passed was 2nd to none before settling in
      Umatilla, OR.

      July 12. The Douglas County Speedway is a 1/3 mile nearly flat paved track
      that was running a rare Friday show in Roseburg, OR. The joint used to be
      dirt, so maybe I'll get lucky and see that version in the future. It sits on
      a lovely fairgrounds and has a grandstand as big as the 1 we used to have
      in Reading. 4 classes numbering from 8-16 raced on the slickest pave
      surface I've ever seen. Blame was placed on the rodeo 2 weeks prior, and a lack
      of rain to wash off the remaining dirt. The reason for the Friday show was a
      street rod shoe in town the next day. Intermission was used to present 60+
      of these cars 1 at a time with info, burnouts and interviews. I love cars,
      but I really didn't need an intermission longer than an hour. Now I know
      why they started at 6:30. Highlight of the show might have been the OTRO
      vintage cars that actually had the best racing.

      July 13. The nearest new track to Portland was the Madras Speedway 120
      miles to the east. This narrow 1/3 mile of dirt starts at 6:00 pm which means
      the sun gives the track a beating. 4 classes numbering 4-8 found little
      grip, including the 8 sprinters that had to remove their wings. They alternate
      their use weekly. I don't think any other track does that. The lack of grip
      and track width just didn't allow the sprints to show their wears, but the
      small crowd seemed more than satisfied. Come 9:00 they still had 2 races
      to go, but a morning flight and 2 hour drive back to Portland found me
      leaving before garnering another 4.0 I had all but 2 on this trip, and 1 of
      those was a 36 hour race.

      Only 2 weeks until my Knoxville trip. I wonder what states will be hit
      beforehand. Can't wait. Adios.

      Gordy Killian
      Alberta's #1 ranked trackchaser

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