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2013 TrackChaser Reort #55--Cornwall Raceway Park, ON

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    TrackChasers: On Tuesday morning I woke up, checked the weather, took a shower, and got in my car and drove to Canada. The destination was the Cornwall
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2013

      On Tuesday morning I woke up, checked the weather, took a shower, and got in my car and drove to Canada. The destination was the Cornwall Raceway Park, the small track next to the Cornwall Speedway in Cornwall, Ontario. Pam is teaching summer school on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and thus unfortunately could not join me. The main reason for going this day was to meet up with Roland Vanden Eynde, our Belgian TrackChasing friend. This was day five of Roland's latest North American TrackChasing adventure. Also joining us was Rick Young. Rick is originally from England but now resides just ten minutes away from the track in Ontario. Racing along with the weekly Tuesday night go cart show was the latest new small car class, V-Twin Dirt Demons.

      When I arrived at the track I was shocked at what I saw and was very, very lucky. There was water everywhere. The small track itself was not flooded, but lots of the pit area was. They could have easily canceled the show due to the flooded grounds. I was very lucky that they found rig parking where ever there was high ground and got this show in the books. Spectator cars had to park outside the fence.

      Admission was just $5. I walked around a bit, then claimed the final top row spot in the very small grandstands. Rick was already there and soon came over. Not long after that Roland joined us. Roland had a very good weekend in Quebec, with five new tracks, two that I did not even know existed. I did not realize that Rick and Roland had never met before this evening.

      The track is a small dirt oval. It was wet and soft, not to the karts liking at all. The steamroller was used several times to try to smooth out the track. Besides the flatters, they had lawn mower racing and the Dirt Demons. Not surprisingly, the Dirt Demons were last. There were eight of the Dirt Demon cars on hand, which is pretty good for a brand new class I guess. There were not a lot of racers overall. The Dirt Demons may very well have been the biggest class. They had two heats to close out the qualifying races.

      The Cornwall track photographer snapped a "Four Countries" photo of me (USA), Rick (England), and Roland (Belgium) at a track located in Canada. You can see it on Tim Frost's Speedwaysonline Facebook page.

      After the heats they said they would have additional kart practice for anyone that wanted another round, then before intermission they would have the first of the "Twin 20" lap features for the Dirt Demons. That was the first we knew there would be two features for the small cars, and that they would race first, before intermission no less.

      Not too many of the karts practiced, and before it was even dark the eight Dirt Demons ran their first feature of the night. After that race, Rick headed out and so did Roland. I walked Roland out to his hire car, and we made our plans to meet up the following evening in the USA. I headed back in to get a burger and fries since I had not eaten all day. I had to take the long way around as there was so much standing water it was hard to get to the canteen. No burgers. I settled for a dog and fries with gravy. By then they were running the kart features. My thought was I'd watch those while eating dinner, and then if they were close to the second Dirt Demon race, stay for that since my hotel was only two miles away. Not a good plan. The mosquito's had not eaten dinner either, and they feasted on me. After eating the dog, the bugs drove me back to my car and I did not return for the second Dirt Demon main event.

      The Dirt Demons also race at the inner oval at Brockville Speedway. Rick tells me that the track there is much bigger than the one at Cornwall. I'll probably head up and check that one out too, sometime before the end of summer vacation. I wonder if they have burgers. Overall, a very nice evening with a couple of very nice TrackChasing friends. What better way to spend a Tuesday?

      Guy & Pam Smith 2013 Summary

      2013 New Tracks--Guy 36 / Pam 22
      2013 Events-- Guy 53 / Pam 28
      2013 Total Tracks-- Guy 53 / Pam 28
      2013 Additional new Non TC Tracks--Guy 4 / Pam NA

      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,513 / Pam 859

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