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  • rpmgordy
    Greetings from your breadman emeritus. It s been quite a while since I ve been able to take such a trip. Suz s health and eventual passing took most of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2013
      Greetings from your breadman emeritus.

      It's been quite a while since I've been able to take such a trip.
      Suz's health and eventual passing took most of my time the past 2 years.
      Nothing else took precedence. The past 3+ months led to much soul searching. I
      needed to get back to my former self, and scheduled the kind of madness few
      trackchasers could pull off. Well, I'm here to tell you I'm back in the
      game. I still have it, and I will do my best to raise the bar so many are
      trying to bring down. I can't wait to see how that last statement is

      July 2. Drove to Baltimore to fly to Portland, OR. Procured a car and drove
      to the Coos Bay Speedway where I joined Kevin Eckert to watch an ASCS
      Northwest Speedweek show. 28 sprints topped the card on a narrow 1/4 mile of
      arid clay. Plenty of seating lies on a hill above the track with the drag
      strip between them. They provided a golf cart for those needing a ride to the
      top. The track promoter took a seat next to my top row perch and conducted
      business with a walkie-talkie. My advice was sometimes heeded. Travis Rilat
      also joined us briefly looking for concession advice. The conversation was
      better than the racing this evening. The 2 support classes could not
      provide double figure entries making the night shorter than hoped for. Kevin may
      not always make the best decisions, but his racing knowledge is second to
      none. I miss our infrequent chats. Always a brother, always a friend.

      July 3. From the cool ocean breezes it was southeast to the sweltering heat
      of Anderson, CA and the Shasta Speedway. The nearly flat, 3/8 mile track
      lies on a fairgrounds like many CA tracks. A 50 lap modified open headlined
      a four division show with all classes in the teens. The show was kept
      moving because the county had scheduled fireworks there at 9:30 pm. They just
      made it. They gave me a bonus when they decided to run the hornets on a road
      course using parts of the dirt infield. I'll take it. There was a decent
      crowd on hand, but nothing compared to the massive throng outside waiting to
      see free fireworks. Crowd estimates the next day were near 20,000. I used
      the fireworks to make my way back to my motel. State and local police were
      setting up exit lanes to get the people out later.

      July 4. 2 hours north was the Siskiyou Speedway in Yreka, CA. A 5:00 start
      made sure the show would be run in daylight, which drained the 1/4 mile of
      moisture. 18 mods did put on a decent feature after they stunk up their
      heats. I did enjoy two, tasty, massive chilidogs before beating the crowd out
      as they watched, you guessed it, fireworks. I drove back into OR to get a
      room and was delayed by an awful, multi-vehicle crash on I-5 created by
      rubberkneckers trying to watch fireworks. Very sad.

      July 5. Pacific Raceway lies near Seattle and was holding the 25th annual
      SOVREN Vintage Historic Race. Road racing will never be my favorite, but if
      I go I prefer vintage shows. Walking the paddock and looking at the cars
      and chatting with proud owners is better than the racing for me. I watched
      from a grandstand shared with the drag strip where I could see 1/3 of the 2.3
      mile layout. Just hearing the cars racing through the pines on the unseen
      parts of the course was cool. I believe the Mad Belgian might like this
      place. The show was over at 4:30 which left me time to make the 10:00 pm start
      of the 36 hour Chumpcar World Series race at Spokane Raceway Park. I found
      a space against a fence in turn 8 where I could watch the 45, light stick
      covered cars begin their longest event. I returned the next morning for
      another hour of daylight racing. It was my first permanent road course double.
      I doubt I'll get another.

      July 6. It was off to Kalispell, MT and Montana Raceway Park for a 125 lap
      race for 16 super late models and 4 support classes. Soon after entering
      this fabulous 1/4 mile of banked pavement I encountered a fan wearing a
      Whelen Modified Series tshirt. My Waterford Speedbowl shirt soon had me sitting
      and chatting with he and his wife. He was originally from near Providence,
      RI and "grew up" at Thompson Speedway where his dad had been a track
      photographer. What an enjoyable evening, and the racing was pretty good, too.
      Nights like these are what make trackchasing for me. I wish more people would
      see it that way.

      July 7. I had to get up early to make the 2:00 pm start time at the Central
      Alberta Raceway. This was their season opener as the area has been victim
      to major flooding. That day was the first time they had enough dry ground
      to have spectator parking. Some real good clay had to be scraped off to
      make the track surface usable. The wind that helped dry the parking wreaked
      havoc on the surface. It was rough and dry. Out of power, so signing off.

      This has been Gordy Killian.
      Alberta's #1 ranked trackchaser

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