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2013 TrackChaser Report #31--Hudsonville Community FG, MI

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    TrackChasers: On Saturday afternoon Mike and I headed to Michigan for an off-road derby at the Hudsonville Community Fairgrounds. The race was run by West
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2013

      On Saturday afternoon Mike and I headed to Michigan for an off-road derby at the Hudsonville Community Fairgrounds. The race was run by West Michigan Off Road, a group I had never seen before. In fact, I had never even heard about them until Rick Schneider told me about them last Fall. So thanks to Rick for that. I found their website and saw that they don't go to a lot of different places, only four, but all would be new tracks for me.

      This was their first race of the season, and Hudsonville is their home track. When I told Allan Brown we were coming to the race, he said they used to get a hundred cars and even though they get a lot less now, it's still a good show that he has been to three of four times. According to Will's site they have been racing there as least as far back as 1994, and according to my site, that's when Allan (and Ed Esser to name another), first went there.

      Admission was $10. It's a beautiful fairgrounds with large grandstands on both sides of the track. The track is an off-road dirt oval, and it's a good size at about a fifth of a mile. The jumps are enough to make things interesting, but not enough to damage the cars too badly like TSP in Ontario.

      They have two classes, the main class which is called the Modified class, and another class that does not allow any welding and is called the stock class. They had about 36 cars in the Modified class, and I believe seven in the Stock class. The show consisted of ten short races, and nine out of the ten were for the Modified class.

      There were four heats for the Modifieds with only the winner of each qualifying for the feature. Then there was a second round of four heats with the same cars minus the winner from the first round. Once again the winner made the feature from each heat, making a total of eight cars in the feature. Heats were eight laps with nine cars in the first round and eight in the second. The feature was 10 laps with the eight heat winners. The Stock class had no heat, just one feature which was scheduled for 12 laps.

      They started right on time and with the heats being just eight laps on a fifth of a mile, it moved along quickly despite having to water the track every two races. They did a good job getting the water down quickly. The track was wide and there was so real entertaining contact racing in all of the races. I'm surprised just how fast they let them race on the track. Ken Nauta won the Modified class, with Mark Spetoskey winning in the Stock class.

      A decent crowd was in the spacious grandstand. I'm sure they made money on the night. The club announcer did a very good job keeping everyone informed as to the format and order of the show. Mike and I both agreed that this was one of the better tracks and shows of this type. We both enjoyed ourselves and as we were walking out, both mentioned the possibility of returning and bringing along another TrackChaser to see the show. We had a good time in Hudsonville.

      Besides five shows at Hudsonville, WMOR goes to the Newago Fairgrounds, the Lake Odessa Fair, and the Berlin Raceway. I wish I had a chance to go see them again this year at one of the other tracks, but plans are already in place. There's always next year. And the next. And the next. And the........

      Guy & Pam Smith 2013 Summary

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