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2013 TrackChaser Report #28--Pocono (South-East Course), PA

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    TrackChasers: On Sunday Pam and I planned to stay home and go for a long walk in the morning and do yard work all afternoon. But on Friday I got an email from
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2013

      On Sunday Pam and I planned to stay home and go for a long walk in the morning and do yard work all afternoon. But on Friday I got an email from Larry Jendras about weekend races at Pocono on a course called the "South-East Course". Although I already counted the Pocono road circuit for my second of two permitted times last year, I had not seen this configuration and since the track is less than ten miles from home, decided to drive up on Sunday morning to add pictures and video of this version of the track to my collection.

      I decided to call Virginia Schuler to ask if she wanted to join me for a new track for the second consecutive week. She immediately remembered that we had seen road racing at Pocono before, at the tail end of the glory days of road racing at the track. I explained to her the Roland Rule and how it made things more equitable between oval track types and road circuit type tracks. Gin concluded this a "no brainer" of common sense and fairness, and in fact chided me for not considering it and getting it enacted sooner. I also contacted Will White, who I knew had only one road circuit at the track, to see if he and his mom were interested in joining us, since Gin and Will's mom get along so well. Will said they would be there, and in fact it would be a track for his mom as Will is working on her track list in anticipation of the standard for website listing eventually being a standard 100 worldwide. So not only did I get to photo and video a new configuration for myself, I helped three others get a new track that day. A good day.

      Pocono is one of those road circuits that has had several different configurations. There is the Full Course, the North Course, the South Course, the East Course, and the Slingshot Course. Today we would be seeing a combination of the South Course and the East Course, called the South-East Course. In the past, this configuration (or something close to it) has gone by a different name, the Double-Infield Course. I believe there are also variations possible within several of the courses. The current rule seems to work perfectly for equity, but does not go too far to allow road course absurdity.

      The Roland Rule would allow for the counting of two tracks here, an inner and an outer track that share sections, just as for an oval we would count an inner and outer oval as two tracks even if they share sections. I had been to both the outer or full course and one of the inner variations, so I had my two. Gin added her inner course this day. There is a second way to count two tracks here, to have seen races on two inner courses that are are completely separate. That is the way Will did it for his second, with the North Course, which is on one side of the tunnel road, and today's South-East Course, on the other side of the tunnel.

      Two clubs shared the racing on the South-East Course. The Formula Race Car Club of America had several classes grouped into to races for the Formula Cars, while the Eastern Motor Racing Association had mostly track time but had a pair of sprint races for the Sports Cars. We all decided to watch the two morning races and leave at the lunch break.

      The FRCCA race for the Tyro and 1600 cc classes went first. There was a total of just six cars in the 20 lapper. After an EMRA lapping session, it was time for their sprint race. We thought there would be a lot more cars for EMRA than for FRCCA, and in fact, there were 17 cars for the EMRA sprint race on Saturday. But on Sunday, they were down to five.

      In the afternoon, there would be another FRCCA race for the other classes in their group, and another EMRA sprint race was scheduled. While these two groups were racing on the South-East Course, at the same time the Cumberland Valley Corvette Club was conducting a driving school on the North Course. Hopefully some day I'll return to see actual races on that course as well to add photos and video to my collection.

      My goal was to be out by noon, and we made it with seven minutes to spare. I was home a few minutes later, and Pam and I still had time for our five mile walk. It was a great local race weekend, and we got to go walking three straight days. After the walk, I also still had time to cut the grass, and put up the new blue bird house while Pam trimmed and weeded. We always enjoy doing yard work together on nice days.

      With the Eldora off-road truck race surprisingly being run on an oval, it has thrown our plans up in the air. We had decided on Lucky 7 Speedway, KY; but they decided to race on Friday night this week. We are now looking at Crossville, TN. If the weather is not good there, we may head up to Michigan. Mike and I are playing by ear at this point. Hopefully we will end up somewhere new.

      Guy & Pam Smith 2013 Summary

      2013 New Tracks--Guy 16 / Pam 9
      2013 Events-- Guy 28 / Pam 13
      2013 Total Tracks-- Guy 27 / Pam 13
      2013 Additional new Non TC Tracks--Guy 1 / Pam NA

      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,493 / Pam 846

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