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2013 TrackChaser Report #26--Borger's Speedway, PA

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    TrackChasers: On Saturday afternoon Pam and I headed to Borger s Speedway for the first-ever ATQMRA Three Quarter Midget race at Borger s. Since the track was
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      On Saturday afternoon Pam and I headed to Borger's Speedway for the first-ever ATQMRA Three Quarter Midget race at Borger's. Since the track was paved last year, they have been running TQ's weekly, but this was the first time that a TQ Midget race would be sanctioned and also the first time they would be run with wings.

      I was looking forward to this race all week, as I've been a TQ Midget fan for decades, and have going to see the ATQMRA since the mid 1970's. Since the track is only a half hour from home, we had a chance to go for an hour walk in the morning. It was the second straight day we had a chance to go walking, as we both got home from work on time on Friday and with the race only 25 minutes away, we managed to squeeze in the workout. I could get used to that.

      Racing was set to start at 2:00, and expecting a small crowd, we arrived at about 1:55. Admission was $10. The TQ field was not huge at 14, but it was larger than the ATQMRA fields at Mahoning and Mountain, the two other tracks they raced at this year. It was also bigger than any TQ field at Borger's, either last year or this year. In addition, there were eight Slingshots, four Dirt Micro Sprints, six Champ Karts, and no Micro Stocks. There were also a very small number of junior and flat karts, about nine total in about that many classes.

      This was the first race for the new promoter, and they started about a half hour late. There were only about two dozen fans in the stands, but there were a number of others watching from their cars in the reserved front row parking areas, or from other locations on the hillside. There was also a new announcer and he was quite loud and obnoxious, and he obviously did not have much of a background in racing. He reminded me of Bobo the Clown at the fair dunk tank.

      They had two heats for the TQ's early in the rotation, and one heat for the other classes. During the intermission break, the TQ's got another round of practice. I always try to support the sport by eating at the track. During the intermission I had a top notch pork roll sandwich, while Pam had the famous and highly-touted Borger Burger.

      Even though the TQ Midgets were early in the heat race rotation, they were moved to dead last for their feature. Things were going well until Tex Snyder, winner of my race at Lembo Lake and the former track announcer, spewed engine fluids all over the track resulting in a very lengthy cleanup.

      The TQ feature was both good and bad. The good was a huge amount of passing, more than a year's worth at some pancake modified tracks. Frank Fischer, Mark Janisch, Ryan Tidman, and for the briefest of time Mike Tidaback Jr. all led, but none of them won. Fischer led at the very start until being passed by the eventual winner. Tidman took the lead from the eventual winner and led until being passed by Janisch. Tidman turned Janisch, and was sent to the rear. Tidman came back to second, but a broken tie rod left him with an ill-handling beast to drive and he had to settle for second. Janisch only led a short distance until getting turned by Tidman. Janisch tried to reclaim the lead but was sent to the rear by the officials. He flew through the pack getting back to the top five before being involved in a big shunt and retiring from the event. Tidaback made a banzai move on the low side in turn three to take the lead, but couldn't hold it and spun. He went to the rear and came back to fourth. The Tidaback spin gave the lead back to Anthony Sesely, who ended up in victory lane.

      The lead went from Fisher to Sesely to Tidman to Janisch to Sesely to Tidaback back to Sesely. Were there that many lead changes at your track last week? There were in the ATQMRA feature at Borger's. The bad part of the race was that there were a lot of cautions, something usually not seen in the classy TQ Midgets. it was a war out there on the track, and for an old TQ buff like myself, a great afternoon at a track I truly love.

      The show took much longer than it should have, as it was four hours from the scheduled starting time until the TQ feature ended. We're talking about only 41 total entries between the small cars and the flat karts combined.

      Note: In looking at the Borger's website for info, I noticed that their season schedule has them racing on three consecutive Thursdays in November. Obviously, this is not correct. But if they plan on racing for three weekends in November, I'd say there is a good chance that I will be back to Borger's before the season ends.

      After the races we didn't dilly or dally, as we had another track that day to tally.

      Guy & Pam Smith 2013 Summary

      2013 New Tracks--Guy 16 / Pam 9
      2013 Events-- Guy 26 / Pam 12
      2013 Total Tracks-- Guy 25 / Pam 12
      2013 Additional new Non TC Tracks--Guy 1 / Pam NA

      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,493 / Pam 846

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