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2013 TrackChaser Report #24--Little Diamond, PA

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  • rtryfbar2
    TrackChasers: On Thursday after work I made my second straight solo run to the new Little Diamond Raceway. As with week one, I went straight from work to the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2013

      On Thursday after work I made my second straight solo run to the new Little Diamond Raceway. As with week one, I went straight from work to the track. On the first week, nine other TrackChasers met up at the track for a total of ten of us from the group on hand. This week, the number of other TrackChasers there dwindled to three. Pam Smith had a banquet the first week and could not make it, but she made week two, also driving solo to the track from work. Chris Tyrrel missed the first week as he was TrackChasing in Indiana, and put in his first appearance this week also. And Dwight Bucks joined me again making it two for two for us. Little Diamond may be my home track for 2013, as I have it on my schedule at least one more time this year when Roland is on hand. My favorite thing about TrackChasing is the camaraderie, traveling with friends, meeting up with others at the tracks, and corresponding on the computer. I am very fortunate to have a wife like Pam and good friends like Mike, Will, Roland, etc. that like to travel with me.

      I have no new tracks planned for this week, so adding this track for wife Pam was our family's only TrackChasing activities of the week. Although I have a total of five races planned for the week, none will be at new tracks for me. I got curious, and looked back at each week since the start of 2010. In the past 174 weeks, in 119 of them I've been to at least one new track with another TrackChaser. In the remaining weeks, there were two that I had been to a new track, but traveled alone and met up with other TrackChasers at the track. Those two weekends were at Frozen Ocean, NY where I met up with Will, Gordy, Mike, and John Osowski; and Middle Road, PA where I met up with Mike, Rick Schneider, and Russ Currie. Of the remaining 53 weeks, there were three where my only new track was alone. Those were my first trip to the SSP Outback track, PA; Little E, OH where I actually went to Ohio with Pam but she had a meeting and I was supposed to meet up with Norm Wagner but he was a no show; and the Owenton Fair, KY where I again went to Ohio with Pam and went to the KY race while she was teaching a class at Ohio University. Of the 50 remaining weeks, on 13 of them I traveled with Pam where she saw a new track but I did not. On 12 of the weeks, I went to races but none were new tracks for Pam or myself. And on 13 weeks, I went to no races. New tracks on 124 of 174 weeks, or new tracks in the family on 137 of the past 174 weeks. Not bad for a guy with a full-time job and who the experts said would reach a geographical driving range limit years before.

      Unfortunately, the news at Little Diamond was mostly not positive. After drawing only one 125cc Micro Sprints the first week, they dropped that class, leaving only two. The 270cc Micro Sprint car count tumble by half from 10 to 5. And the Slingshot car count did likewise from 12 to 6. A total of 11 cars does not a great show make. It looked like the grandstand crowd dropped at least a little as well.

      There is some positive. They didn't cancel the show, and held it as scheduled. If they are going to make Little Diamond work, they have to tough it out until they convince everyone they are here to stay. Another positive is that Little Diamond is a really nice and racy track. It's laid out very well.

      Pam asked if she should stop at Wendy's or Arby's on the way to the track. I told her not to, as they have good burgers and great fries at the track. I had them last week. We wanted to support the track by eating dinner there. Unfortunately, when I went to get us burgers and fries before the races even started, they said neither was available as they were closing the refreshment stand because "there is nobody here". All they could offer me was hotdogs. Disappointing when we went out of our way to support the track and buy their food, but they could not reciprocate that support by staying open for those that did patronize their show.

      Last week's show had two heats and a feature in each class and lasted only an hour. This week, with just one heat and a feature in each of the two classes, they knocked it down to 50 minutes. While after having worked a full day, and with another full work day the following day, I really appreciated the quick show; I wonder how long the remaining fans will pay $8 for that little racing with only 11 cars and no more than six in any single race.

      Little Diamond is off this coming Thursday, and returns to action in two weeks for another Thursday evening of racing. I wish them the best but I'm not sure how they are going to go about getting more cars and fans to their twice monthly Thursday night shows. I wish I had an answer for them.

      Guy & Pam Smith 2013 Summary

      2013 New Tracks--Guy 16 / Pam 9
      2013 Events-- Guy 24 / Pam 10
      2013 Total Tracks-- Guy 23 / Pam 10
      2013 Additional new Non TC Tracks--Guy 1 / Pam NA

      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,493 / Pam 846

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