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2013 TrackChaser Report #22--Woodhull, NY

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    TrackChasers: On Saturday Pam and I thought about going back to Diamond for an enduro on the big track, but instead decided on the BRP 360 Late Model Tour at
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2013

      On Saturday Pam and I thought about going back to Diamond for an enduro on the big track, but instead decided on the BRP 360 Late Model Tour at Woodhull, NY. I had been to Woodhull twice before, as far back as 1982, but Pam had never been there, and it was only a little over three hours from home, at least our home for the past eight or so years. I was looking forward to upgrading my track pictures to digital.

      We had a nice 3.5 mile walk in the morning in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, then did a little yard work together. In the afternoon we headed to Woodhull. They were starting at 6:30, and we arrived at 6:15. Admission was $12, two more than for a weekly show.

      The track is a small third of a mile, with very tight turns. But they are wide and banked and the track was well prepared for multi-groove racing and not much dust. The rest of the grounds are a lot like I remember them, with the seating beginning to show its age. I was pleased to see that the refreshment stand served salt potatoes, one of my NY favorites.

      They had over 100 cars in the six classes, averaging over 18 per class. Even better, the top three classes all had over 20, with the Late Model Tour bringing 24. They started pretty close to on-time and were very organized, keeping the racing going. Since the track was well prepared, the heats had good racing and not many yellows and were run quickly.

      During the intermission, they worked on the track a bit. Before it was even completely dark, they had the Late Model Tour feature on the track and ready to go. I had seen this group race at Genessee a few years back and they were not too good, with lots of cautions. In fact, the show ran so late that the Modified feature was curfewed. The feature at Woodhull started like it might turn out the same, with three cautions in the first four laps. But then they ran the other 26 laps with only one more yellow, and the winner advanced all the way from 11th starting spot.

      The top class feature, with the out of town drivers and fans, ran first, and was over at 8:40. The top weekly class, the Small Block Modifieds, ran next. We couldn't ask for any more than that. No wonder the place had such a nice crowd on a beautiful spring evening. I definitely enjoyed this show more than I expected, and more than either of my other two visits to Woodhull. Hopefully, I won't wait another 20 years to return to this fine little dirt track.

      Pam and I were home not too long after midnight, ready for the next adventure together.

      Guy & Pam Smith 2013 Summary

      2013 New Tracks--Guy 15 / Pam 7
      2013 Events-- Guy 22 / Pam 8
      2013 Total Tracks-- Guy 22 / Pam 8
      2013 Additional Non TC Tracks--Guy 1 / Pam NA

      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,492 / Pam 844

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