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2013 TrackChasers Week 15 Summary

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    TrackChasers ( Weekly listserve update #120). During Week 15 of 2013, there were seven new track visits added to the group coffers at four different tracks in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2013

      ( Weekly listserve update #120). During Week 15 of 2013, there were seven new track visits added to the group coffers at four different tracks in three US states and two countries by five TrackChasers. One new track was added to the database. In a rare occurrence, all seven new track visits were done on the same day. In addition, Russ Currie added his first new track of 2013 and will soon be the newest "official" member of the group, although those that know Russ have always considered him to already be part of the group..

      The largest "gathering of the clan" happened at the Crawford County Fairgrounds, where the MAORA Buggies opened their season on the short course. Dave Garrison, Mike Knappenberger, and Guy Smith all visited the track for the first time, and were joined by good buddy Roger Ferrell who had been there before. Later that day, Dave went to Lawrenceburg and Roger to Jeffersonville, with only Mike and Guy making first time track visits, to see the wingless sprints at Clay County Speedway in Illinois.

      Roland Vanden Eynde made it back to back new tracks in the Netherlands, with an autocross in Groot Ammers. That location, track, and track visit were added to the database.

      And Dale O'Brien of Wisconsin joined Mike and I in drowning our Kokomo Midget sorrow by visiting a new track. Dale's came at Smokey Mountain Speedway in Tennessee.

      Dale's first new track of the year made it 29 different people on the scoreboard for 2013. Dale was also the first to add a new track in Tennessee, the 18th different state to be conquered this year.

      Of course a new track has been added by someone in the group all 15 weeks of 2013.

      Finally, in progress Project Driver Tony Stewart made a first visit to Susquehanna Speedway last Sunday night. However, Tony is still has a long way to go, needing 48 more track visit discoveries to reach website status.

      It must be the time of the year for midweek racing, as there are two additional new track visits already reported for next week. Stay tuned.

      The seven new track visits last week brings the total new track visits for 2013 to 130 by 29 different individuals. Roger Ferrell is still king of the mountain with 14. That's not enough, we want more.




      2013 WEEK 15 ADDITIONS (APRIL 8 - APRIL 14)

      Saturday, April 13

      Dave Garrison--Crawford County Fairgrounds (Short Course), IN
      Mike Knappenberger--Crawford County Fairgrounds (Short Course), IN
      Mike Knappenberger--Clay County Speedway, IL
      Dale O'Brien--Smokey Mountain Speedway, TN
      Guy Smith--Crawford County Fairgrounds (Short Course), IN
      Guy Smith--Clay County Speedway, IL
      Roland Vanden Eynde--Groot Ammers, Netherlands


      2013 SUMMARY

      Total New Track Visits Reported--130

      Number of Group TrackChasers With New Tracks This Year--29

      US States Visited for New Tracks--18 (AZ, CA, C), FL, GA, IL, IN, MI, MS, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OK, SC, TN, TX, WI)

      Canadian Provinces Visited for New Tracks--01 (QC)

      Countries Visited for New Tracks--10 (AUS, BEL, CAN, DEU, FRA, GBR, MAR, NLD, UKR, USA)



      Lifetime Group Total of Reported TrackChaser New Track Visits--35,721 (+7)

      Additional "Non TC Classified Tracks"--146 (No Change)

      Different Countries in Which Members Have Seen Racing--74


      The following are welcome at any time for those that would like toimprove the information already contained on their personal tracklisting:

      * Dates to listed tracks
      * Modifications to the track names currently listed
      * Information for the "Notes" column for each track visited
      * Tracks for any of the various "Non TC Classified" categories that are outside of TrackChasers group

      Information in the "Non TC Classified" categories will be updated assoon as possible, with preference always being given to the TC stats.

      All TrackChaser group statistics are available at any time on the developmental version of my website at www.roamingtheraceways.com.

      Please report your new track visits in as timely a manneras possible so that all can enjoy and celebrate the travels of theother members of our group that share our hobby. Continue to submityour ideas for changes or improvements to my website and myYahooGroups! listserve. Thank you.

      Guy Smith

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