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2013 TrackChaser Report #6--Lac William, Quebec

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    TrackChasers: Last weekend Mike Knappenberger and I were going to head to Quebec to see the Course de Bazous race at Saint Theodore d Acton. But then Rick
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2013

      Last weekend Mike Knappenberger and I were going to head to Quebec to see the Course de Bazous race at Saint Theodore d'Acton. But then Rick Young found a flyer for a race on Lac William in Saint Ferdinand. I had been to Saint Ferdinand before, and drove right past Lac William on the way to town. At the time I didn't know it, but Will said that they had hosted ice racing on the lake in the past.

      Mike and I considered going to Lac William, but by the flyer we couldn't tell for sure if the racing was wheel-to-wheel, as the picture of the autos only showed one on the track, the UTV's only showed two, and the VTT's do not fit our group definition of auto racing. I found a website of the Resto Bar Lakeside, which was the access point to the lake. I tried emailing Pierre, the co-owner to ask about the races. He responded but didn't know any of the actual details. He gave me a number to call, but my French is much better on paper than over the phone, so I decided against further investigation even though we still didn't know what kind of racing would be taking place at Lac William.

      Just when I had given up on finding definite info, Rick Young came through again by telling me that the RevStar SpeedSTR's had added the show to their schedule. They had planned a three-race winter season, but the first two had been rained out. We had been to the other the week before at Valcourt. The odd thing was that even the SpeedSTR's would be racing on a road course for the first time. They are hoping to start a summer road circuit series for their club. At least we now knew that there would be wheel to wheel racing, so Lac William was a go.

      We left my house after work on Friday, and headed as far as Plattsburgh for the night. On Saturday morning, we were back on the road by 6:30 and made the rest of the drive to Saint Ferdinand. We located the Resto Bar Lakeside, and headed down the road to access the lake. Admission was $10 and we parked right on the lake.

      I was very surprised by the number and quality of cars on hand. There were nearly 30 cars and they were mostly sports cars, not stock cars. I really didn't know what to expect. I started talking to one older gentlemen that appeared to be "with the show". He said this was the third race of a three-race series that included Lavaltrie, Kahnawake, and Lac William. There were also six of the RevStar Tobias SpeedSTR's on hand, down three from the week before. The UTV count was only two or three, and there were a lot of the VTT four wheelers but I didn't pay them much mind.

      On track activity was supposed to start with practice at 9:00 a.m. and racing at 10:30. They had a real nice turnout of spectators, nothing like at Valcourt the week before, but well above average for ice racing. The practice got started late but they got close to being back on schedule for the racing.

      The course was as stated, a road circuit. I'd estimate it at slightly larger than a half mile (but definitely not 5/8th's, haha). Racing was pretty decent. I watched from all along the frontstretch, and into the turns one and two. They had a public address system set up. There was a bar set up on the ice, but to get food you had to walk up the hill to the Lakeside.

      We watched one round of racing before taking a running start and heading back up the hill and off Lac William. How great is it to have a new track in the books early in the day?

      Mike and I would again like to thank Rick Young for both initially telling us about this track and then providing the information we needed to confirm wheel-to-wheel racing. As friends in this group, we can all benefit and enjoy our hobby even more.

      Guy Smith

      Guy & Pam Smith 2013 Summary

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