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2012 TrackChaser Report #84--Bi State Speedway, IN

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    TrackChasers: I had been planning on adding the Indiana tracks to my Hit List for 2014 so I could concentrate more on Kentucky and Tennessee next season, but
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      I had been planning on adding the Indiana tracks to my Hit List for 2014 so I could concentrate more on Kentucky and Tennessee next season, but after arranging to head to the state last weekend with Mike, I realized it was my fifth trip to Indiana this year. I also realized that whether I had the state "officially" on my Hit List or not, the Indiana years were starting anyway. That being the case, it made sense to try to collect information on the TC tracks in the state so when I do go there, I make the most informed decisions on which tracks to attend. The decision to begin researching the active Indiana tracks paid off already.

      I was surprised to learn that at least six Indiana tracks that I had not been to were running last weekend. I did not realize so many tracks were still open this late in the year in that state. With Mike at 99 new tracks for 2012 and with the season, and thus new track opportunities winding down, we decided to try for an unlikely double to get Mike his 100th. The Bi-State Speedway kart track was running their rescheduled “Pumpkinfest” race that had been rained out two weeks earlier. A decent field of Senior Champ Karts was expected. A post on 4Cycle said that their goal was to keep the show moving and to finish by 10:00 p.m. before it got too cold. Being a 33-year veteran of this game, I had complete faith that they would not be able to accomplish this stated goal and that we could still make the Champ Kart feature even if we got there more than an hour later.

      General admission was only $2, but by the time we arrived they were no longer charging admission. The general admission area allows you to pull your car up to the fence and watch from inside and still be able to see the entire track. That was a lucky break, as it was cold, 44 degrees when we got there.

      The dirt oval is pretty big for karts, and thus it’s a fast track. There was one small set of bleachers, only three rows high, in the spectator area and two more similar sets in the pits.

      The reason I thought we would still be able to make the Senior Champ main was that the evening schedule that was posted on 4Cycle showed an hour of practice, then two lap time trials, then 10-lap heats, then 15-lap features for 15 or 16 classes. The Champs were 13th in the running order.

      According to the other posts I had read on 4Cycle, I expected more than the five Senior Champs than turned out for the event. And one of those five failed to start the feature. What time did the Senior Champs run their non-stop 15-lap feature? 11:25 p.m. For their race, I exited the car and headed into the bleachers to videotape. Mike stayed in the car and saw racing at his 100th new track of 2012, and 929th total. We hit the road at 11:30 with several more flat kart features still to run, a late October double in the books. It was 41 degrees.

      Guy & Pam Smith 2012 Summary

      2012 New Tracks--Guy 55 / Pam 47
      2012 Event-- Guy 80 / Pam 48
      2012 Total Tracks-- Guy 84 / Pam 51
      2012 Additional Non TC Tracks--Guy 6 / Pam NA

      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,473 / Pam 834

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