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TrackChasing with the "Man of Steel" - part 3

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  • Vanden Eynde Roland
    Hello colleagues, Here s the third and last report of my joint trackchasing trip with Mike. DAY 5: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14 Our last trackchasing day together began
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2012
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      Hello colleagues,

      Here's the third and last report of my joint trackchasing trip with


      Our last trackchasing day together began with a phone call to Aline and
      breakfast in the Wyndham. The plan for the day was to first go to the
      Hallett Motor Racing Circuit road course in OK for some historic races
      by the Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing club and then take in either Brill
      Motor Speedway or I81 Speedway for an afternoon or evening programme.

      On our way to Hallett we passed through Tulsa again. From all the tracks
      we visited this was the only one to be properly signposted. We arrived
      at noon and the Formula V race had just been started. Even though there
      were less than 10 starters, this again was a stunning race. The track
      had a nice fast descent after a long straight and a blind lefthander. As
      a good road course should do, it followed the lay of the sloping land on
      which it was built. I saw some splendid round the outside overtaking
      manoeuvres. For a part of the race Mike was on the telephone in the car.
      When mid race he joined me at my vantage point he had some news. Our
      best shot at a second OK track, Brill, had cancelled, but the people
      from Caney Valley Speedway had phoned him to say that Nevada Speedway,
      MO, not far from Kansas City, had rescheduled their Saturday races to
      Sunday afternoon. A quick look at the map showed the track was ideally
      situated for our early Monday flights out of Kansas City. We were a bit
      reluctant because we would arrive at 4.00 p.m. for a meeting starting at
      1.30 p.m. But when Mike phoned the track, he was told they would more or
      less start the features around 4.00 p.m. Thus we passed through Tulsa
      yet again.

      We made very good progress and when we arrived at Nevada, we could see
      the track from afar, or to be more precise, we could see enormous dust
      clouds. We did arrive in time for the features, but it's been a long
      time since I saw a track as dusty as this one. There were several pile
      ups because the combination of dust and setting sun made visibility very
      precarious for the drivers. The meeting was so badly organised that they
      stopped the Modified feature after two crashes in as many laps and
      started watering the outside of the track. To no avail, for five laps
      further into the race, it was just as dusty as before. After three dusty
      and accident filled features we decided we needed to get some fresher
      air and we got on our way to Kansas City. We tried to dine in a fancy
      restaurant, but had to settle for the Applebee's at Harrisonville.
      Because this was municipal election day in Belgium and voting is
      compulsory in my home country, I had to get a hotel bill on the 14th in
      my name. I opted for the Holiday Inn I had stayed in the first night of
      my journey. Again Mike provided some good advice. He suggested I mention
      my recent stay in this hotel and this got me an immediate $15 reduction
      of the fare.


      At last Mike could take the wheel again for the last two miles or so
      from the Holiday Inn to Hertz. We boarded the rental car shuttle bus and
      said our goodbyes as we entered different parts of the same terminal. It
      had been a splendid trip. Mike is excellent company and he learned me
      many things about travelling and trackchasing the American way. We form
      such a good team that we can't dissolve it after these four days on the
      road. We're already in the planning stage for future joint efforts to
      which I look forward.

      I had a nice breakfast omelette at Kansas City airport before boarding a
      very full plane to JFK. Just like three years ago on my flight from
      Atlanta to JFK, this flight was much longer than anticipated, because of
      JFK traffic congestion. But even so, I still had a 4 hour wait for my
      Brussels flight. Delta Airlines had a very good service and in spite of
      taking off at JFK with a 40 minute delay (no points for guessing the
      reason was traffic congestion at the airport), I arrived in Brussels at
      8.35 a.m. local time on Tuesday. It was cold and damp and I already
      regretted the much nicer weather in Kansas City of some 24 hours
      earlier. In fact, even though we only visited 2 of the tracks I
      pencilled in, this was my most successful trackchasing weekend of 2012
      and one that allowed me to tick off another item on my 2012 wish list:
      get a track in at least one new state of the USA. I can't thank Mike
      enough for all his input. Without him this trip would not only have been
      less nice, but also a lot less productive when it comes to new tracks.
      Good luck with your quest for 100 tracks in 2012, buddy.


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