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2012 TrackChaser Report--Rain & Rain

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    TrackChasers: After a fine Saturday afternoon at the Autodrome St.-Valere, Mike Knappenberger and Rick Young headed to the Autodrome Drummondville, where the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2012

      After a fine Saturday afternoon at the Autodrome St.-Valere, Mike Knappenberger and Rick Young headed to the Autodrome Drummondville, where the World of Outlaw Sprint Cars and Modifieds were supposed to be joined by the Slingshots and Karts on the Mini Drome Drummond. At least that's what the schedule said. Pam and I had not been to the Mini Drome Drummond either, but decided we were satisfied with one new track for the day, and passed on the $52 Drummondville admission, and the huge throng of fans that I knew would turn out for the WoO race at the track.

      Instead we headed back to the US and a trip to the Bear Ridge Speedway in Vermont. I had been there way back in 1988 and had not been back since. Since I'm in good shape to reach my goal of 50 new tracks, I decided to go with the track I wanted to see above the new track at Drummondville.

      At Bear Ridge, they had a triple division lineup of top classes that included the SCONE Sprints, USAC DMA Midgets, and the DIRTCar Sportsman-Modifieds, all for a $13 admission. We were only about 20 minutes from the track when it started to rain. It was raining steady when we arrived, but the races were not canceled. They said that if it was still raining at 6:30, they would call it. We stayed outside in our car, along with many others. At 6:25 it stopped raining and they said they were going to run, and that the radar showed they had a 2-4 hour window to get the show in the books. They brought out the grader and scraped the track, then brought out the Modifieds to start running it in.

      At that point I thought we should buy our tickets and head inside, and we did. Five minutes later the rain returned and when it picked up, they had no choice but to cancel the races. The 2-4 hour window lasted about a half hour at most. Although if I had waited five more minutes, I would not have been out the $26, I give all the credit in the world to Bear Ridge for doing everything possible to get the show in the books.

      We headed to a hotel in White River Junction, ordered some wings and a pizza to be delivered to the room, and watched the Olympics. Although it was still a fun evening, I was still bummed that I made the wrong call and didn't go to Drummondville to see the inner track. That is until both Mike and Rick Young told me that they did not have either the Slingshots or Karts racing at all, as advertised on their website. At least Mike made it to Autodrome St.-Eustache, while Rick was headed to Drummondville more for the Outlaws than for the Mini Drome anyway.

      Our Sunday plan was to go to Twin State Speedway in New Hampshire. When I woke up on Sunday morning, I checked the website, and they were rained out as well. So we got an early start for home, hoping to get home in plenty of time for a good walk before another evening of watching Olympics. The rain followed us all day, and arrived at home minutes after we did. I still got a half hour of lap swimming in the books, a much needed workout as I'm not getting enough exercise this summer and it is showing in the ten extra pounds I'm carrying in the gut.

      So the trip only resulted in one race/new track, along with two rainouts. All part of the hobby. Pam's eye surgery this week may keep me home this coming weekend, we will know if everything went OK on Thursday morning.

      Guy Smith

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