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Re: [TrackChasers] 2012 TrackChaser Report #46--Nutts Corner Raceway, NI, UK

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  • RPMGORDY@aol.com
    Guy, Roland dined at Burger King? Mad Belgian, indeed. I will rid him of those bad, new habits in August when the gastronomic challenge will be even greater
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2012

      Roland dined at Burger King? Mad Belgian, indeed. I will rid him of
      those bad, new habits in August when the gastronomic challenge will be even
      greater than the trackchasing one. A preliminary schedule will be sent his
      way after I return from my forthcoming mid-west tour. I just found a MN
      autocross date the night before we head to Winnipeg. It is on the way, after
      all. Safe trackchasing all.


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      On Monday we left Northern Ireland in the UK and headed south to the
      Republic of Ireland. As we made our way to Cork, we stopped and looked at the
      Cliffs of Moher, and drove the Ring of Beara. By Tuesday afternoon, we were
      in Cork, where we would stay for the next five nights. Pam's phonetics
      and linguistics conference at the University College of Cork would start
      Wednesday, with her presentations on Thursday and Friday afternoons.

      With Pam at UCC Wednesday, it was "Boys Night Out" for Roland and Guy. Of
      course we went racing. The only racing was at Nutts Corner, back north in
      the UK. Roland had already been to that track, but he insisted that we
      should go so that I could get to see it as well. You could say we "Went

      The drive was made longer by Dublin traffic, so we made up the lost time
      by stopping at a service area for dinner at Burger King. Now THATS very
      un-Roland-like! We hit on and off hard rains once we reentered the UK, but
      when we got to the track the sun was shining and the cars were practicing.
      The Queen was in NI during the day, but she did not choose to watch her
      subjects race at Nutts Corner. Her loss.

      The four classes on hand were the BriSCA F2 Stock Cars, 2L Hot Rods, 1300
      Saloon Stock Cars, and Junior Rods. We parked outside the track in case it
      started to pour and we decided to take an early leave. Admission was nine
      pounds, and as at all four other tracks, it included a program with the
      order of the race events. As with the other ovals, the four classes raced
      three times each for a total of 12 races.

      The car counts were on the smallish side. There were 11 BriSCA F2's, only
      seven Hot Rods, seven Junior Rods, and the largest car count was in the
      Saloon Stocks, with about 14. I really liked the track itself. It was
      another of the basically flat paved ovals that seem to be the norm here. Of the
      four paved oval tracks I've seen in NI, only Tullyroan was better than
      Nutts Corner for racing, in my opinion. There is not much else there, as the
      rest of the place is pretty spartan. Because of the facilities and car
      count, I'd give the overall show nod to Ballymena over Nutts, but the actual
      track nod to Nutts Corner.

      There was no seating for the fourth straight track, but once again the
      cars could park around the perimeter and people could watch from their
      vehicles if they so chose. As I said, we did not. Rain was a huge possibility,
      and I was hoping it would at least hold off until I finished with my track
      pictures, race video, and got to see all four classes race at least one
      time. And it did.

      We pretty much agreed that we would stay for one complete set of races no
      matter what the weather conditions, but if there was a deluge of rain after
      that, we would take off. During the second round of racing the skies
      opened up, and we opted out. I know, American Wussboy.

      When we went to Aghadowey on Saturday evening, they announced that the
      following week's race was being canceled. Once again, at Nutts Corner, they
      announced that the following race was canceled and if fact they would not be
      racing again until August. I was very lucky on this trip.

      With Nutts Corner in the books, it meant I got to see five of the seven or
      eight active Northern Ireland tracks in less than a week. Can't complain
      about that! Nutts Corner also has a rallycross track that had been
      inactive for awhile but it was apparently active for one race earlier this year.
      The only other track I didn't get to see was the Down Autograss track.
      There is another Autograss club listed on Will's ARR site: Causeway. But I
      couldn't find any information about them being active this year, at least
      with their own track This was my 19th UK track in six visits. As Pam and I
      absolutely love it in the UK, and I really like the racing, I hope there are
      many more visits in the future.

      By the time we got back to Cork, it was raining so hard that we could
      hardly see. I saw storm drains so flooded that the water was gushing out of
      them. The next day on the news, there were numerous reports and video of
      flooding all over County Cork.

      Guy & Pam Smith 2012 Summary

      2012 Events--Guy 46 / Pam 25
      2012 New Tracks--Guy 29 / Pam 23
      2012 Total Tracks--Guy 46 / Pam 25
      2012 Additional Non Classified Tracks--Guy 6 /
      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,447 / Pam 810

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