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2012 TrackChaser Report #39--Parc X Tring, Quebec

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    TrackChasers: On Saturday Pam and I headed north to Canada for another in the Course de Bazous , Autoquad Série Provinciale , or the Autoquad Provincial
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2012

      On Saturday Pam and I headed north to Canada for another in the "Course de Bazous", "Autoquad Série Provinciale", or the Autoquad Provincial Championship Series. It would be my 186th track in Canada, and 56th in Quebec. We left Friday afternoon, stopping in Plattsburgh, NY for a nice dinner at the "99 Restaurant and Pub". I enjoyed an excellent three-course steak dinner that included both soup and dessert for under $13.50 (drink, tip, and tax not included). We continued into Quebec, staying for the night in Drummondville.

      On Saturday we were up early and on the road to Tring-Jonction, the home of the Parc X motocross track. After a mandatory stop at Tim Horton's, we arrived at the track around 10:30. Starting time was listed for 10:00, but as this was my fifth trip to see this group race I have come to know that they don't start on time. I almost immediately ran into fellow group member Mike Knappenberger, who headed to Quebec after a Friday night in New England with another of our group, listserve participant Bruce Spencer.

      This is the fifth time that I have seen this group race, and the car counts just keep getting bigger and bigger. Pam and I first went to Saint Ferdinand in 2009, then to La Guadeloupe in 2010, and Camping du Lac Georges in Val Alain in 2011. Earlier this year, Mike and I went to a new event in the series, in Plessisville. After adding Tring-Jonction to my portfolio, it leaves just Notre-Dame du Bon Conseil as the lone track on the schedule yet to be visited. I'm on the fence about Notre Dame for this year, debating between that and an Ontario Figure-8 race for that August Saturday. Right now I'm leaning towards Notre Dame to complete the set.

      Admission was $15 and a decent crowd was on hand, although not as big as some of the others I've seen at series races in other locations. The car count was huge, and had to be near if not over 150. There are six classes including Four Cylinder, Super Four, Six Cylinder, Eight Cylinder, 4X4, and the "femmes" or woman's class.

      The track was a dirt road course, not that big, I'd guess about half mile in length. There were some nice elevation changes, but there were no jumps. This is not like an off-road truck or buggy track. It is a completely separate track from the motocrosss track, which is adjacent. The main problem is that they did not appear to have a water truck, or at least they did not use it in the almost three hours that we were there. By the time we left, it was no longer very enjoyable as the dust was very bad, making it hard to see the cars in some parts of the track.

      We were prepared to use lawn chairs, but it was not necessary as they did have bleacher seats set up which offered a view of the entire course except one turn that was obstructed by an infield dirt mound. They had their regular series announcer, but as everything was in French, I didn't understand a lot of what he was saying as he talks way faster than my built-in brain translator works. The races are all only five laps in length, and they can start anywhere from 4-12 or so cars. The cars start from a standing start, which does save time as there are no b.s. pace laps. When one heat is running, the next race is lining up just off the track, and is lined up while they clear the track of any disabled cars from the previous race. A snack truck provided us with those excellent Quebec hot dogs

      Races got started about 11:15, which gave us plenty of time to watch many races before heading out. I told Mike that the ACT Late Model series was racing at nearby Saint Croix that night, and he headed there. Pam and I headed back to the US where we stopped for a late dinner at Flannagan's Pub in Shroon Lake, where I enjoyed sweet and sour beef soup, chicken wings, and the crab cake entree.

      Guy & Pam Smith 2012 Summary

      2012 Events--Guy 39 / Pam 20
      2012 New Tracks--Guy 23 / Pam 18
      2012 Total Tracks--Guy 39 / Pam 20
      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,441 / Pam 805

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